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Custom Speaker Design, Layout and Installation

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Custom Speaker Installation and Design - Optimize Your Home Surround Sound

There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money to create the perfect home entertainment systems, only to find gaps in the sound quality.

custom speaker design

You can have the best equipment money can buy, but improper installation and haphazard placement of the speakers will deliver poor results. The experts at Lelch Audio Video can help you create the optimal home theater for your family.

Where Would You Like Your Speakers? Lelch Audio Video - Custom Speaker Installation

When it comes to the speakers for the wall and ceiling, there are a couple of fantastic options. You can choose the traditional surface mount speakers or you may opt for the in-wall flush mount installation. The flush mount speakers are actually placed into the wall, making the speaker cover flush mounted on the sheetrock. Many clients prefer this option due to the esthetic value they bring. But either style can deliver beautiful sound quality. Because these speakers are mounted on or in the wall or ceiling, the installation is a little more involved. There will be cutting of wallboard to wire and install. Some clients may not be able to use in-wall speakers in their homes and may choose floor standing speakers or shelf speaker placement.

Custom Speaker Design with Floor Standing and/or Shelf Speakers

Floor standing or bookshelf speakers may be the best option for your home. The floor speakers are typically the largest style of speakers, and offer excellent quality and clarity of sound. They can also be the most efficient of the choices. However, the bookshelf speakers may be the right alternative for your home. They come in a wider variety of sizes and can be placed on a shelf or on a stand. But these may not deliver the low bass tones, and an additional sub woofer may be needed. Both of these free-standing speakers do not usually require change to the structure of the home, and therefore may be right for you.

Engineered Customer Speaker Layout by the Experts at Lelch Audio Video

Lelch Audio Video has expert sound engineers that will design, advise brands, and install the systems. They will work with the floor plan of your home to create the perfect entertainment mecca. Whatever products you choose, you can be assured that Lelch engineers will install them professionally. You just can’t make a better decision than Lelch Audio Video for all your home theater needs.

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Minneapolis Home Security Design and Installation

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Home Security Minneapolis - Protecting Your Home

If you have ever had your home broken into, you can confirm that the tangible objects are not the only things that are lost. The violation rips away your sense of security and peace of mind. And for those who were present when the intruder came in, the terror typically takes a lot longer to overcome.

Enjoy this home security video from YouTube

A security system can empower homeowners and enable them to take back their peace and comfort. There are many components of the typical unit, and Lelch Audio Video helps homeowners design and customize the system to fit their home and lifestyle.

Individual Security Components - What Makes Up a Typical System

One category of components are the input devices. This would include window and door sensors, glass break sensors, and motion detectors. The sensors and detectors trigger the alarm system when a break in occurs. There are also 24 hour input devices that will work whether the security unit is activated or not. These such devices would be fire/smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and water leak sensors.

Next is your output devices. Sirens and strobe indicators would be the typical output devices. These components scare off intruders as well as alerting the homeowners, neighbors, and first responders that something is wrong. The strobe lights are particularly important for the hearing impaired, while the horns and sirens can warn those with vision challenges.

Arming and Disarming Your Security System

The alarm panel and the keypad cannot be forgotten. The alarm panel is the brains of the operation. It contains the main circuit board, the power supply and battery backup, the phone line connection, (wireless/cellular monitoring also available) all packed neatly inside a secure metal box. The keypad is used to arm/disarm the unit, perform diagnostic and programming tasks, and it will advise you where the alarm was tripped.

A home security system will not only make your family more secure inside your house, but it can also buy you valuable time when an escape is necessary. Having an early warning of a fire or other problem, will enable you to gather the family and pets and make a safe departure. This is possibly the most important component of the entire unit!

Secure Your Stuff and More Importantly, Your Pets and Family Members

The safety of your family is something that should not be compromised. Possessions can be replaced, even the priceless heirlooms and pictures, but people cannot. Having a home security system can protect those you love and even the treasures inside your house. Peace of mind is easy to obtain, however once stolen it is difficult to recover. Get an alarm system on your home before you need it. You will be glad you did.

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St Paul Home Security Design and Installation Professionals

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St. Paul Home Security - Professional Design and Installation

Your home should be a place of safety and refuge. Your place of residence should be the one place in the world where nothing bad can ever happen. Sadly, that is not a reality and one must take measures to ensure the protection of your home and all that resides within. A security system is one way to maintain your family’s peace of mind. Most units are customizable to exactly what you need and can afford.

Please enjoy these security tips from State Farm

Early Warning of Impending Disaster

The first alert of a smoke alarm or water leak indicator can mean the world to a homeowner. Having a smoke alert will give you extra time to gather your family and pets and escape safely. Just a few more minutes could be lifesaving! Early indicators can also save you money. Imagine coming home and discovering your home completely flooded because your water heater broke. A water leak sensor could have saved you from costly repair bills, as it would have let you know that there was a malfunction in the home thereby allowing you to get the water shut off quickly.

Burglars and Prowlers Don't Want to be Announced!

Homes should also have a siren or strobe light as part of the security unit. Most intruders won’t stick around with a lot of noise and lights calling unusual attention to a residence. Most families will sleep sounder knowing that measures have been taken to keep them safe inside, and also because they will be alerted should anything or anyone tamper with the house.

Possessions can be replaced, but the lives of your family members cannot. However, there are some tangible treasures that you don’t want to have to replace. Antiques, pictures, jewelry, and other priceless memorabilia should be protected as well. It doesn’t diminish the value of the people around you, but these things shouldn’t be overlooked. Having a security system can protect everything from family heirlooms to the family goldfish.

Modern Alarm Systems have many Integrated Components

There are many components of the typical alarm unit. Some previously mentioned are smoke/fire detectors, water leak indicators, sirens, and strobe lights. Other devices you might want to consider are door and window sensors, glass break sensors, motion detectors, main panel, and the keypad. Some of the features will work even if the unit is not activated, such as the fire detectors and water leak alerts.

Call Lelch Audio Video - We'll Help Increase Safety and Security of your Home

The safety and welfare of your home and family is something that just cannot be taken lightly. A high quality burglar alarm system will help homeowners sleep a little easier each night. You can rest assured that a home security system will protect everything within or around your residence.

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Home Security and Surveillance Systems

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Residential Security and Surveillance

home security systems minneapolis

With crime and vandalism increasing, many homeowners are safeguarding their homes. Arming their houses with the latest advancements in home security and alarm systems is one way families are feeling safer.

The GE Simon XTi Wireless Security Kit is the perfect solution for many homes, and Lelch Audio Video is currently offering a special on the installation of this unit. Their Smart Touch package is $299, and is the best value for many families.

The Simon XTi kit is the leading wireless system in the industry. This coupled with the state of the art monitoring service from NextAlarm, and you will sleep easier at night. This system is not only uncomplicated to install, but it is very uncomplicated. The unit can also be accessed from anywhere. Simply log on to your account from your computer or smartphone, and you have access to the entire system, including arming or disarming, alerts, and so much more.

Simple, Wireless Security Systems

GE’s Simon XTi system offers burglary and fire protection, carbon monoxide warnings, water leak detection, and temperature freeze alerts. There is a back up power supply to keep things secure should there be a power failure. The display contains a microphone for live communication with personnel at the monitoring station. Knowing that they can speak with a live person in real time in an emergency is one of the top features for many homeowners. The unit is also ABN compatible, thus eliminating the need for a home phone line. Complete protection can be achieved with a broadband connection.

Having a home security system will increase the value of your home as well. Potential buyers appreciate these units as a feature on prospective homes. Alarm systems can also save you money. Many insurance companies offer discounts on homeowners’ policies for those having security units. Check with your insurance company to see if some of these savings may be applicable to you. The savings offered may just offset the cost of the unit.

Should You Risk DIY or Have A Pro Install?

Homeowners are choosing the Simon XTi Wireless Kit because it offers premier security features, and Lelch Audio Video is the leading installation company in the Minneapolis area. Their technicians will design, install, and even test your unit. They will also make sure you know how to arm and disarm your system, as well as educate you on all the features available.

When you are ready to secure your home, family, and future, call Lelch Audio Video and choose the Smart Touch package. Your peace of mind depends on it.

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Mounting Your Large Screen TV

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Large Screen TV Mounting

You have dreamed about watching the game on a screen that makes you feel like you’re really there, and that dream is almost a reality.

Mounting a Large Screen TV

You have planned, budgeted, and saved, and now it’s time to purchase that large flat-screen television. You have already decided that Lelch Audio Video is the best option for your needs, because you know they not only have a huge selection, but they will install your unit with professionalism.

Do You Risk DIY? Or Hire THE Pros?

Maybe you got an awesome deal on a television on Black Friday or in an after Christmas Sale, and now it just sits in your home waiting for installation. The big-box super-store where you made your purchase does not offer installation, so what do you do? Do you rustle up some of your buddies and attempt the project yourself? That could be a serious disaster. If not properly secured and installed, your screen could fall, causing serious damage to the unit or someone. You definitely do not want that. Lelch Audio Video can handle it for you, even if you purchase the equipment from another store. Now, how’s that for service?

With Lelch Audio Video, the installation of your flat-screen television will be done safely and with accuracy. Their technicians have the knowledge and expertise to mount your equipment in the way that best fits the structure of your home. They will also make sure the esthetics of your home are not compromised with visible wires and plugs. Proper installation will not only ensure safety and security of the unit, but it can also increase the value of your home. Should you decide at a later time to sell your home, just the setup for a large television will be a perk for potential buyers.

We Know TV Mounting Hardware and Flat Screen Mounting Procedures

Lelch AV has access to the best techniques and mounting brackets in the industry. They will work with you to find the perfect placement of your television for optimal viewing pleasure. Whether it’s a party for the big game or family movie night, you will be glad you trusted the installation of your TV to the experts at Lelch. There is just not a better company in the Minneapolis area.

Ready to purchase that giant screen? Call Lelch Audio Video. They will walk you through the entire process, from purchase to installation. Their expert technicians will make sure that your home is still beautiful and safe, just enhanced with an awesome screen to watch your favorite programs on.

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Home Theater Systems with Networked Media

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Adding Networked Media to your Home Theater Systems

home theater systems

These days, many families are improving the technology of their homes. Home theater systems, smart homes, and security systems are just a few of the ways that our residences are becoming more automated and media driven.

We have numerous avenues of accessing programs and broadcasts for viewing, such a cable, satellite, and even internet. And while all these advances are amazing, it can send a homeowner into technology overload if not properly educated on the options available.

Get Your Home Theater Systems Components To Communicate

Adding high quality smart TVs, networked gaming consoles, and streaming devices to a home’s media center means the introduction to the wide variety provided by the internet. The World Wide Web is becoming the leading source of entertainment for most people. With this advancement in technology, many are interfacing all of their media devices to work together. This means your smartphone can talk to your television, and your computer can send information to your home theater system. You can stream movies and programs to your smart TV from your phone. You can also access your social media venues from your television. Streaming programs to your TV from the internet gives you access to much more variety than before.

As with any upgrade on your home, you need to know that installation of media centers will increase it’s value. Homeowners know that enlarging the value of the dwelling is a great investment. The real estate market is more favorable for those who have added technology systems to their home. Potential buyers are drawn to houses which have media/security devices and systems that are included, much like traditional appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers. This return on investment is why many homeowners are upgrading their houses.

As Complexity Grows, Rely on Experts in Home Theater Systems

Of course, any advancement of this kind means you will need professional help. Lelch Audio Video is Minneapolis’ premier home theater installation company. They will not only help you find the system that fits your home and lifestyle the best, but they will walk you all the way through the installation process. But what good does it do you to have all this amazing technology put in, if you have no idea how to access it? The professionals at Lelch will never leave you in the dark. They will make sure you know how to use every aspect of your system.

So when you are ready to upgrade your home media system, give the technicians at Lelch Audio Video a call or click our "contact us" button below and complete a request form.

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Multiple Screens for Home Theater Systems

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Multiple Screens for Home Theater Systems

Home entertainment has come a long way over the last century. Once upon a time, families gathered around transistor radios to hear news, programs, and music. Then came the introduction of televisions in the homes. At one time, only the wealthy families had a television in their home.

Installing Home Theater Multiple Screen Systems

Today, there is a TV in practically every room of most houses. Many homes are even having home theater systems installed, with the ability to view several screens at once! Family entertainment has never had so many options.

There is a growing trend in this industry. Now, many are choosing to have two or more flat screen televisions installed together in a media room. Why more than one screen? Some do not want to be limited to a single selection of programming. Sports fans can follow more than one game without having to follow a score ticker or flip between channels. Or even have a music channel playing in the background while watching the weather or news. Another option for the multiple screens is to have a flat screen mounted for regular viewing, and a larger front-projection screen that comes down for movies and sporting events. The sky's the limit!

Multiple Screens Help Keep Families Close By

Families can spend more time together with these media systems. From family movie night to social gatherings and sports parties, your home will be the place to be. But these home theater systems will not only give families endless hours of entertainment, but they can increase the value of your home. Should you decide to sell your home, the real estate market will open wider for those who have invested in electronics, specifically if those devices come with the home. Since not all homes are going to have these media centers, the ones that do will become more appealing to prospective buyers.

Making Sense Of All The Jargon - Putting It All Together

In order to get the maximum benefit from one of these home theater systems, you will want to hire a top notch company. Lelch Audio Video is exactly the company you should call. Their professional technicians will help you choose the perfect media system for your home and will walk you through the entire process. The highly skilled installers at Lelch will give your house the best home theater experience that you could ask for. There just isn’t a better installation company in the Minneapolis area. Call Lelch Audio Video for all your home entertainment needs.


Minneapolis Smart Home Control Systems

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Your Minneapolis Smart Home

It’s one of those mornings. You’re running late, trying to get everyone fed and out the door, and on your way to work it hits you. “Did I turn off the stove? Is my curling iron still plugged in? Did I lock the front door?”

You could turn around and go back home to check, which would make you even later. Well, now you don’t have to worry! Technology has taken us beyond home computers that take up a large desk, cell phones that you carry in a bag, and VCRs that still blink 12:00. Now you can control your entire house with your cell phone. From anywhere you have service, you can lock doors, turn on lights, adjust your thermostat, and the list goes on. We give you, the smart home.

Complete Home Automation

You can have complete home automation with the help of Control4 and Lelch Audio Video. Integrate lighting, climate control, security systems, video, music, even your hand-held devices, to give your home the specialized touch you need. You can push a button to turn your living room into a home theater. If you go on vacation, you can set your home to function just as if someone was there. You can even check doors and windows from a mobile device. You can unlock the house for children or maintenance people without having to leave work. Control4 gives you the security and peace of mind that every homeowner deserves.

Total Control AND Energy Savings!

You can even save energy with Control4. Set your thermostat to be at a certain temperature when you arrive home from work. Home automation allows you to have your home at just the right climate all day long. You can even receive text alerts when the system detects a problem at home, such as a water leak. This increases the efficiency of your home (and you), thereby reducing your utility bills. Which means money back in your pocket.

Time for Expert Advice?

Lelch Audio Video is an authorized Control4 dealer. The experts at Lelch will help you find the solutions that fit your home and budget. They will guide you with the planning and design of your automated home. It is of utmost importance to have a qualified individual to create the perfect whole house smart home system. Lelch is just the company to call. Our professionals are expertly trained in specialized fields to ensure they are the top of their game. You do not get a “jack of all trades, master of none” at Lelch Audio Video. Each technician is skilled in a particular area and keeps up with all the changes, advancements, and knowledge of his/her respected field. Lelch specialists will give you the home system that will have you resting comfortably. Call Lelch Audio Video today for a consultation to have the Control4 system installed in your home. [sc:insertbutton]