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The Top 5 Uses and Conveniences of Home Technology Integration

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Top 5 Benefits of Home Technology -Uses and Conveniences

Having your home connected to a home automation system enhances your sense of personal security, not to mention all of the convenience aspects a connected home technology solution can perform.

The fact that both of these issues can be accessed via your smartphone, tablet or other technological device is, for many people, almost impossible to believe. Research indicates that 62 percent of consumers appreciate the security aspect because it enables them to keep tabs on their home from another room or from a remote location.

Studies also suggest that users will reap an estimated 30 percent savings on utilities! In our tech-savvy world, it is hard to fathom that even small appliances such as that coffee maker can be programmed to function within the home automation setup.

Given all the accounts in the news regarding Internet hackers, when integrating WI-fi into the home automation system, we can be configure it to prevent these cyber-criminals from accessing your personal data. Home automation can even save the time and effort needed to perform less desirable tasks such as pool or spa maintenance since these tasks can be activated by a finger swipe over a smartphone screen.

Home Entertainment and Home Technology Meet

Not only can live streaming activation add to the enjoyment of music, television and movies to areas inside your home and even on the patio, it can alert you to more serious issues such as approaching weather conditions. Your home automation system can be programmed to trigger voice-alert warnings while you are sleeping or away from home. Live streaming enthusiasts appreciate the capability of a single control unit at their fingertips as they move from one room to another. It is no longer necessary to experience feed interruption associated with turning off a unit in one area and missing something before being able to turn on that TV or stereo in another room.

Home Security Integration

In terms of home security, automation systems currently have the capacity to make your home key-less. It is now possible to create codes for access to your home without the need to use a physical key. Temporary codes can be created to allow a repair person limited access time and to record their entrance and exit time. This code usage can be monitored from a mobile device.

The highly-trained staff of Lelch Audio Video have the expertise to upgrade the wiring of existing homes to facilitate and improve the usage of new age technology. Lelch experts can develop a structured wiring plan based on the home's basic floor plan. Once their task is completed, you will be able to experience the joy of having cable, internet service wherever you desire.

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How Can Your Family Benefit from Home Technology Systems

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Family Benefits of Integrated Home Technology Systems

Home Technology Systems

Today, technology is everywhere. And the ages of the users are getting younger and younger. Tablets and iPads have all kinds of apps, some even for babies! So parents need to be aware of the different home technology systems and the benefits of integrating them.

It is also important to know about network and wi-fi security. Our company can provide the solutions tailor-made for your family.

Minnesota home owners are having security systems installed. One of the newer systems has WiFi connected cameras. One of the benefits of these cameras is that there aren’t cables running all over your house. Another perk is a simple app on your smartphone will enable you to watch everything going on at your house from anywhere you have cell reception or WiFi on your device. How’s that for security?

Other home technology systems that has the attention of families is connected and shared printers, scanners, speakers, and storage/backup drives. This enables everyone to work from whatever computer, tablet, iPad, or other device they have and send it to a single printer. This saves the family money not having to buy peripherals for each individual. Shared and connected storage drives enable for network access to all the devices.

Shared Music Collection and Movies

With these advances in connectivity and technology, comes more ways to access music and video. Now in addition to radio and television, you can stream videos and music on your smartphone or other hand-held device. With the addition of a streaming device connected to the internet, you can download your favorite music or video to watch on your television. There are many choices in streaming devices you can purchase. These boxes can also give you access to television channels you may not have had before. Lelch Audio Video helps you make sense of it all.

Endless Choices in Home Technology Connectivity Solutions

There is no end to the possibilities when it comes to technology. Every day there’s another advancement. Don’t get left behind! Our company can facilitate the needs of any family. We can meet with you to determine what is most important for your home. We offer solutions for design, equipment, and install. We will walk with you every step of the way, from consultation to installation.

For an in home demonstration and custom quote, call us or complete our request form.


What are the Benefits of 4K Home Theater Systems?

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Five Reasons to Choose 4K Home Theater Systems

Regardless of the types of entertainment you enjoy, ultra high definition video resolution can make viewing more realist and enjoyable. 4K is the consumer friendly reference to Ulta High Definition Television (UHDTV).

What is 4K TV? by Sony

In what seems like just a few short years, video resolution has grown exponentially...literally.

We went from 1080 HD video resolution to 2K (over 2000 pixels) to the new standard, 4K, over 4000 pixels of resolutions. Technically, the resolution allows you to see more detail as more dots are squeezed into each inch of display. You may, however, see different references to the exact DPI numbers or pixels per inch.

Nature shows on PBS, sports, movies, cartoons (I mean animated feature films), and/or any type of gaming or shows are going to look fantastic when you upgrade to 4K.

Here are 5 benefits to upgrading to the latest 4K home theater systems with UHDTV:

  1. The Best HD Resolution Available: The high-definition feature is making a tremendous impact throughout the entire television industry. Since the last decade, it has all been about the 1080p high-definition resolution display. However, the 4K home theater televisions have changed high-definition forever and have added a new way to experience home theater systems. Choosing a 4K home theater system will give you the best resolution that is currently available in the market. The 2160p high-definition picture display will surely change the ways you watch movies for many years to come.
  2. Streaming Media in Quality Audio: Although your standard high-definition TVs can stream movies off the Internet, the 4K televisions can stream these movies with 5.1 channel surround sound audio. It is important to remember that this feature will depend on the speed of your connection. You are certain to notice the different in sound when you switch to the 4K home theater system.
  3. 4K is the Future: Even though you may not find much content that is currently available for 4K high-definition, you will be set for the future of 4K televisions. Since many movie studios and TV shows are shooting their films with 4K technology, you can rest easy knowing that the future of television is the 4K high-definition. You may be able to find some of your favorite TV shows that are currently testing out the future of 4K technology, so you are able to enjoy these shows with the best picture display available in the market.
  4. Online Streaming With 4K Standards: Although you are able to get high-definition quality with Blu-ray movies on 1080p TVs, you can't get the full 1080p high-definition feature when you are streaming movies online. However, the 4K UHDTV televisions can be an excellent setup for your new 4K home theater systems because you will be able to get the full 2160p high-definition resolution on movies that you stream on the Internet. It is important to note that you need to have a 4K-capable receiver and a 4K-capable LCD TV to get the full effect.
  5. An Unforgettable Experience: Another great reason to invest in a 4K home theater system is that you will have the best technology in televisions for many years. You will be able to enjoy your movies just as you have always wanted.

4K Ultra High Definition Upscaling...

There is a lot of talk out there that you need to have media that is developed or offered in 4K in order to enjoy your system. That could not be further from the truth. Even standard definition, HD, and 2K video will look stunning and more realistic on a 4K home theater due to the component chips that can emulate and upscale video to near 4K quality. So, get our your old DVD and Blue-Ray discs and watch your favorites all over again. You'll might see something this time that you missed the last time you watched it!

So, Should you run out and buy some 4K equipment and slap in your rack?

No! A great system is comprised of 3 crucial parts. First there is the hardware necessary. Next, you need professional installation services. However, if the system is not designed and matched properly to begin with, you'll end up with a sub-par yet expensive set of components.

That's were we come in! Lelch Audio Video has the expert staff members needed to design a complete solution to your UHDTV 4K home theater systems and provide all the equipment plus the professional installation. Oh, did I mention that consultations are free? Just click the "contact us" button or give us a call. It could not be easier to get started.


Enjoy this video from Sony talking about their 65" 4K UHDTV television.

Comfort and Convenience with Home Automation Systems

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The Comfort and Convenience of Home Automation Systems by Lelch Audio Video

home automation system controller

In this age of technology, many people are enjoying the benefits of a having a home automation system capable of monitoring both the interior and exterior of their residence that can be fingertip activated regardless of where they are.

  • Monitor Video Feeds
  • Control Appliances
  • Get Latchkey Alerts
  • Remotely Lock/Unlock Entry Points
  • Automate Lighting and HVAC to Save Money

Home automation systems have the capability of integrating the usage of security and home efficiency units currently in place as well as adding new ones. Just as smart phones and other mobile devices can be used to compartmentalize and organize your personal life, they can do likewise for your home For example, heating and air-conditioning systems can be easily activated from your mobile device via a home app.

State-of-the-art home automation systems can be set to alert you via a text message relative to issues occurring in and around your home. With one of these systems, it is possible to view surveillance camera footage and receive motion detector alerts that enable you to quickly institute appropriate action, including the capacity to activate an emergency assistance call to a neighbor, or family member, and even to law enforcement or local fire and rescue personnel.

Peace of Mind with Home Automation Systems

Wherever you are: in another room; at work; running errands; or on vacation, as long as your mobile device has service, you can be virtually at home in a heartbeat. In terms of personal security and peace of mind, not only can home automation systems allow you to see who is at the door, these systems can unlock the door at your command.

Statistics indicate that approximately 1.5 million homes were equipped with home automation systems in 2012. This figure is anticipated to reach eight million by 2017.

Convenience selections can be initiated at a pre-set time to perform tasks such as turning lights on and off or closing window coverings with no physical effort required on your part. No longer is there a need to return home to ensure that an appliance is off.

Given the number of working parents who are away from home during the day, a home automation system enables them to keep abreast of the activities of children or perhaps senior citizen family members who are at home alone. These latchkey systems can also be set to perform tasks for them in your absence.

Home Automation Systems Save Money

Home automation systems are beneficial because of their ability to conserve energy and reduce utility bills. It is even possible to schedule a home visitation by a repair person, unlock the appropriate entrance and monitor their activity in and around your home via your mobile device.

Contact Your Local Home Automation Systems Expert Today!

[caption id="attachment_2893" align="alignright" width="429"]Authorized Cotrol 4 Dealer Home Automation Lelch Audio Video is proud to be a Control 4 Authorized Dealer[/caption]

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Lelch Audio Video is a highly-recommended whole-house automation system vendor ready to install a system designed to meet your personal preferences. Lelch is also staffed by experts who possess retrofit expertise and experience to service existing homes. A visit to our website offers consultation appointments and discounts for new customers as well as the opportunity to read reviews posted by extremely satisfied clients.


What to Look for in Home Audio Video Receivers

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A Comparison of Two Popular Denon Home Audio Video Receivers

We know! On your recent visit to the big box store either the sales person was speaking Greek to you and firing off all kinds of confusing jargon or the sales person does not know the first thing about home audio video receivers. Oh, plus the high pressure to make a sale!

Minneapolis Home Audio Video Receivers

A lot of innocent mistakes can be made when matching up equipment for your needs - present and future needs.

Now, you can relax. When you work with us, we will help you understand all the jargon and help you avoid the three common mistakes made.

Three Common Home Audio Video Receiver Mistakes

1. One mistake that is commonly made when choosing home audio and video equipment is miss-matching output power watts to speakers. This often results in too much power driving low end speakers. Sound quality will suffer on all fronts. The bass will sound empty and the high and mid-range will sound flat. You will not be satisfied with a system like that and we, quite frankly, would not let you out the door without fully disclosing what your possible results will be.

2. Next up is not adding enough speakers to your system. Each channel on a audio video receiver has a specific purpose. Skip a few channels and maybe the system will sound okay and maybe it won’t but, if you really listen closely, you’re going to be missing out on some punch and depth. Sometimes, you can get away with this while you are budgeting for some additional speakers to complete your set. The systems we design are custom tailored to your media room and to your listening preferences. Full, rich sound that fills the space. Sound that you can not only hear but, feel as well.

3. The third mistake commonly made is not fully thinking about how you will use your system. Once you are all set up and enjoying your system and you decide that you wanted or needed multi-room capability or 9 channels…it’s too late. That can be a costly mistake. We can help you think about the possible scenarios so that you choose the best possible solution for your needs.

Denon is one of the leading brands in top of the line audio video receivers available on the market. They have several models available ranging from the least expensive 2 channel system up to powerful and flexible 9 channel systems. This comparison will be based on the features and uses you can get out of a middle of the road 5.1 channel systems and the top end 9.2 channel audio video receiver.

A Comparison of Two Denon Home Audio Video Receivers

Denon currently has specifications available for five systems with 5.1 channel surround sound. We will talk about the audio and video capabilities of the AVR-E300 unit. This unit is a very affordable basic 5.1 channel system that has more power and more features than many of the “boxed theater systems".

Denon’s current specifications for 9 channel is the AVR-4520CI. There is quite a leap in price between the 2 but, we’ll show you when and why you might consider scaling up from the 5.1 and 7.2 channel systems.

Denon AVR-E300 vs. AVR-4520CI - Audio Video Receiver Comparison

Size/Weight6"H x 17.1"W x 13"D/18 lbs7.7"H x 17.1"W x 16.7"D/36.4lbs
Watts per Channel175150
Sound EnhancementAudyssey BronzeAudyssey MultEQ XT32
HDMI Inputs5 (4rear/1front)7 (6rear/1front)
HDMI Outputs13
Network PortYesYes
Multi-Room ZonesSingle Only4 Rooms/Zones
Front Panel USBYesYes
4K Video CapableNoYes
Remote IncludedYesYes
Mfr Warranty2 years3 years


Plan Ahead. Choose System Right For You. Get Help From Lelch Audio Video Minneapolis

As you can see, the specifications on home A/V receivers can vary widely. Look for features you know you will want. For example, besides having 9.2 channels vs. 5.1 channels, the AVR-4520CI has the ability to multicast...up to 4 rooms as a time. It can also take and broadcast from two different sources at once meaning that you could hook up two DVD players and watch one movie on the main system and a different movie in another room.

If you wanted only 1080P video resolution and 5.1 channels of surround sound and you have no plans to expand your home theater in the future, then maybe the entry level Denon AVR-E300 will satisfy your audio video needs.

Don't forget that Lelch Audio Video does in-home consultations all around the Twin Cities area. Call us today or book your appointment online.

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Minneapolis Home Theater Speakers

[sc:buttonstyle] [sc:author] Minneapolis Home Theater SpeakersIn home theater systems, there are a dizzying array of speaker options available. How do you make sense of all the jargon? Lelch Audio Video installs Minneapolis home theater speaker systems and are the go-to experts for design of your system.

Curious about Great Sound Systems? Ask Lelch Audio Video!

We get a ton of questions here at Lelch about speaker systems. How many do I need? Should I go 5.1 or 7.1 or soundbar? How do I know when to use which configuration? What matches my system? We really could go on and on with the sample questions we get about theater speakers. Afterall, we've been at this for over 10 years! Let's start with the most common speaker configurations being installed today. For small media rooms or family rooms, the minimum theater system layouts are the soundbar and the 2.1 systems. Soundbars are long cabinets with all speakers in one box. Sound is projected straight out from the soundbar so you really don't get a "surround sound" effect due to having no rear speakers behind you. This may be fine for casual movie and TV watching in a small bedroom or small media room. Some of the upper end sound bars do sound pretty good and may be all you need in an apartment. Add a sub woofer to the sound bar and you just made a 2.1 theater system. "2" for the left and right channels in the sound bar and ".1" for the subwoofer. You just improve range and depth of your sound but, still have only addressed the front channels. By the way, a channel usually contains more than one speaker. A channel is most often a broad range speaker for the mid-range sound and a tweeter for the highs.

How Many Theater Speakers in Surround Sound

In order to obtain "surround sound" typical of most "theater in a box systems", you need to go with a 5.1 channel system. There will be 5 speakers plus one sub woofer for bass. The other 5 speakers will be two front speakers for left and right channel, a center channel speaker and two rear speakers for the left and right channel. The sound system will be much fuller and richer (able to reach good levels of highs and lows) and will be able to surround you in sound - you'll start to hear characters and objects in your movies in 3D sound. Cars or bullets will now sound like the passed by you! The problem with 5.1 channel theater-in-a-box systems though is of course quality. When you buy an entire AV monitor and 6 speakers for a few hundred dollars, the system will not have much range and the noise criteria (NC) will be quite high. There will be audible hissing in the background. 5.1 systems were used in Dolby, Dolby ProLogic, DTS and SDSS systems dating back to Dolby's introduction in 1976. As old as it is, 5.1 is still a pretty common set-up. Next up is the 7.1 channel system, or 8 channel audio systems. Most Blue Ray and HD DVD systems added the capability to drive 8 channels of sound. You still have one bass speaker and one front center channel but now you have two front channel speakers, two side channel speakers and two rear channel speakers. With a 7.1 system, you really can hear sound effects that can circle around you and can be quite dramatic! Again, a pre-configured box home cinema system is going to be low on quality and have an NC rating around 25 to 30 (audible hissing). In comparison, a THX system in the theaters has to have an NC rating of 22 or lower to be certified. With a high quality custom system you can obtain an NC10 which has background noise levels of 10 decibels...basically a quiet whisper!

What's Next in Home Theater Speakers?

The sound scientists are at it again! Dolby's next standard currently being released is the Dolby Atmos System. To achieve Atmos sound quality you'll need additional speakers mounted above you in the ceiling. You can still use your Blue Ray player but, you'll need to connect to a Dolby Atmos capable AV Receiver. One speaker layout being recommended is a 7.2.4 standard. This is the typical 7.1 channel surround sound system as in above with another subwoofer and 4 (two front and two rear) ceiling mounted speakers added.

Lelch Audio Video Home Theater Speaker Design and Installation

Our design experts at Lelch Audio Video can design the perfect system for your environment. Whether it a big home cinema dedicated room or a family room setup, let us take a look at your space and talk about your desired outcome. We can help you get the theater surround sound system you've been dreaming about. [sc:insertbutton ]

Surround Sound System Installation Minneapolis

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Trending Usage of Floorstanding, Sound Bar Speakers

Sound is one of the most important components for enjoying a superior home entertainment center experience.

surround sound system installation  minneapolis

If the sound system being used overwhelms the space dedicated for your home entertainment center, it becomes difficult to distinctly hear all of the nuances of music or dialogue. Likewise, if a sound system doesn't meet high fidelity standards, dialogue can become muffled, making you miss important parts of the action or score. If it's been a while since you evaluated the quality of your current home entertainment sound system, it might be a good time to consult with the experts at Lelch Audio Video to determine if you could benefit from a sound system upgrade.

Lelch Audio Video is seeing a definite trend in having more and more clients transforming the sound quality of their home entertainment centers by switching to floorstanding and sound bar speakers. Although in-wall speakers make sense for small spaces and their ability to hide sound systems within the wall, more and more customers are incorporating the best quality floorstanding and bookshelf speakers into the décor of their entertainment center because these types of speakers simply produce the best and clearest audio. When Lelch designs a sound system upgrade for a client, we often recommend incorporating a digital-to-audio converter in order to fully capture the fine quality of digital music files.

Surround Sound Speaker Options - Minneapolis Residents Trust their Home Audio to Lelch Audio Video

Lelch is also getting more requests about soundbar speakers and we're happy to recommend and install what we consider to be the best brand name soundbars whose performance matches or exceeds other full-range speakers. And as soundbar speaker design has advanced over the past few years, they are no longer limited to being attached to the ceiling or walls of the room you have dedicated as your home entertainment center. They not only look great incorporated into the décor of the room, they also offer you a lot more flexibility in that they can easily be moved or relocated as necessary, something you can't do with the old style fixed, in-wall speakers.

"On real stressful days at work, I'll escape for a couple of hours into my media room. Our surround sound system installation by Lelch Audio Video is a real stress eraser!"
-satisfied Lelch client

The listening pleasure that adds emotional impact to your home entertainment center deserves a sound system that offers you superior performance, an attractive appearance, in addition to flexibility.

Time for a Surround Sound Installation or Upgrade for YOUR Home Audio?

Upgrading your sound system to incorporate the latest model quality floorstanding and sound bar speakers might just be the best investment you could make this year for the room where you spend the most time at home. At Lelch Audio Video, we're always ready to help your home entertainment center keep up with the latest technological trends in sound so that your sound system consistently offers you the best quality performance.

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Networked Entertainment Systems

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Streaming and Networked Entertainment Systems - Because Digital Cable is NOT Enough!

Streaming Entertainment Options

Bothered by High Cable Bills? Or just need more entertainment?

If your good mood quickly soured the last time you opened your cable or dish network bill, you may be seriously considering cutting your ties to cable in favor of streaming media. The quality of the home entertainment experience you enjoy, however, is directly tied to the quality and reliability of the source of your entertainment content. If you want to enjoy a full array of streaming media content, including Hulu, Netflix, Vudu and YouTube, it's essential that you install a system that seamlessly integrates with all of them.

In the face of a growing trend toward abandoning cable services and opting for streaming and networked entertainment systems, getting professional expertise from a home entertainment center expert such as Lelch Audio Video is crucial. If you want your network to consistently deliver high quality streaming content, the input about its design, installation and upgrade provided by Lelch Audio Video is essential.

It's estimated that at least one out of every four homes will feature an internet-connected Blu-Ray player this year. And that's not counting how many homeowners will also opt for smart TVs, dedicated streaming devices, and networked gaming consoles, all of which must be carefully coordinated with other aspects of their streaming and networked entertainment system.

Experienced Technicians and Consultants Makes a Difference

The experienced technicians at Lelch Audio Video can help get better value for your entertainment dollar by cutting the cord to cable services in order to begin enjoying much more variety using streaming and network resources. We'll recommend reliable name brand Ethernet connections and routers and professionally install them so not to overload or compromise your networking system.Streaming Media Offers Almost Endless Choice!

Switching from cable to (or augmenting cable with) a streaming and networked entertainment system requires a smart gameplan, one that the experts at Lelch Audio Video can offer. Because we work day in and day out on developing, designing and installing network media programs, we can see the bigger picture than the average homeowner. We also keep on top of what new mediums are entering the marketplace, so we can advise you of which technological advances in this area are worth your consideration and your investment.

A professionally installed home network guarantees that you and your family can enjoy the widest array of streaming video, online gaming programming and music selections possible, right in the comfort, privacy and convenience of your home entertainment center. Whether you are installing a completely new home media center or want to upgrade your current features, it pays you to talk to Lelch Audio Video first regarding the benefits of professionally designed and installed multimedia networked entertainment systems.

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