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Minnesotans Love Social Media Entertainment!

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When Social Media Meets Entertainment

Social Media and Home Entertainment

Watching an entertainment program on television or following a major sporting event no longer has to be a lonesome, passive activity. The current trend of social media meeting entertainment enables family members to experience a deeper sense of involvement whenever visiting their home entertainment center.

A TV viewer or sports fan no longer has to feel isolated while watching his favorite weekly program or enjoying a televised game. Social media can immediately make you feel connected to other enthusiasts and you can chat about or tweet your comments concerning the current episode of a popular TV show or compare notes about a particular sport figure's most recent performance on the field.

Minneapolis Residents are Engaged Sports Events Watchers

People today who love their home social media entertainment centers are making them an even more fun and interactive experience by using their tablets and smartphones as secondary viewing screens, to connect to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, in addition to being able to change channels and operate other home theater controls such as volume. Being connected to social media while you are actually watching an entertainment event enables you to post comments and share updates with friends and followers at a distance while the action is taking place rather than having to wait until the program is over or until you contact a friend in person at a later time.

The home theater experts at Lelch Audio Video can help you to upgrade your current home entertainment center with exciting new technology that can introduce new equipment such as a Smart TV that includes such social networking features as access to Twitter and Facebook. Our technicians can analyze your current entertainment center layout and capabilities, then recommend affordable upgrades that can transform your old passive home cinema center into an exciting and interactive social media meets entertainment center that keeps you connected to all of your social media contacts in real time as you watch your favorite movies, TV programs and sporting events.

Cindy: Great game!

Michael: Vikings! On a roll!

Cindy: Viks playing? I was talking about my Twins!!! :)

Michael: I'll put it on the other screen. Lelch Audio Video installed 3 screens on my system

Cindy: I <3 the surround sound too! :)

Michael: um...hurry over :) I'll make popcorn

Cindy: k

Many of our customers have told us that they thought they were getting the most out of their home entertainment center until they hired us to install the kind of cutting edge 21st century technology that connects them to social media resources. Now they say that the time they spend watching games, special events, movies and television series are even more enjoyable because they can simultaneously chat with family members, friends and community chat room members across the miles at the same time.

Your Connected Home Entertainment Solution Starts with Lelch Audio Video

If you're ready to advance your home entertainment center to the next level, contact Lelch Audio Video to discover how we can help make your existing home entertainment room social media connected.

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Redefining the Entertainment Room

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Trends Influencing How Entertainment Rooms are Changing

Many people are reluctant to have to dedicate just one space in their home for the purpose of home theater viewing. But there's a shift taking place among homeowners these days as they take a much different approach to how their entertainment room is set up.

[caption id="attachment_2077" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Home Theater Installation Minneapolis Your Entertainment Room does not need to be a dedicated theater room. It can be anywhere in your home. Even your Patio![/caption]

Today's home theater is much more likely to be used as a hybrid space that serves as a multi-purpose room for the entire family, a place where television and movies are watched, video games are played, musical performances are savored and computer-interactive media is engaged in. At Lelch Audio Video, we're hearing more requests to design and install versatile media rooms rather than traditional home theaters.

In order to make this multipurpose room deliver a variety of successful entertainment experiences, it's more important than ever to hire the services of Lelch Audio Video to ensure that the design and installation seamlessly incorporates all of the features necessary for a successful multipurpose media room. These new hybrid spaces need much more than simply a working sound system and viewing screen. They need access to the type of varied content supplied by streaming media devices. Homeowners appreciate the expert advice that professionals like Lelch can offer them so that they invest their money in the right type of servers and equipment that will enable their media room to deliver the most varied entertainment experiences.

Home Theater Experts Minneapolis

Lelch can offer you the expertise you need to transform virtually any space in your home into a multipurpose media room that features more conventional furniture and a wide range of video as well as listening options. Although the room may still be used primarily as a home theater or family room, Lelch's expert knowledge of how to maximize the use of your space and the selection of the right type of equipment and its placement can ensure this room delivers a wider range of casual listening and viewing opportunities for every member of the family.

"Lelch Audio Video designed and installed our family room entertainment system. Now we spend a lot more time in there. It's the FAMILY hang out it always should have been!"
-satisfied Lelch client

Put the "Family" back into Family Room!

During a consultation with one of our professional technicians, we can help you decide exactly which room or available space would be put to the best use as a multipurpose entertainment room. We can also guide you in getting the best value in equipment selection in addition to handling its professional installation so that all systems are coordinated for easy operation. So if you have been resisting the idea of a dedicated home cinema space, talk to the professionals at Lelch Audio Video and refresh your thinking. Entertainment rooms are definitely morphing into more versatile and satisfying multipurpose media rooms in today's homes. Let Lelch Audio Video help you discover how the addition of a hybrid entertainment space can fulfill all of your entertainment needs beyond traditional movie viewing.

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Multi-Screen Entertainment and Theater Systems


Popular Uses for Multiple Screen Systems

What did your parents or grandparents call their home entertainment center? Most likely, the living room, where all of the seating was arranged to face one rather small television set, providing live or taped performances that had to be viewed in real time. But the home entertainment center of today is a far cry from that limited option of television as entertainment. And more and more families are opting to use dual and multiple screens to increase their enjoyment of the time they spend being engaged by a variety of different entertainment media at home.

Custom multi screen theater systems

When Lelch Audio Video is called in to consult on the design and installation of a new home entertainment center, we are alerting our customers to the growing trend of using a multiple screen system in that space. In fact, having a multiple screen home theater is one of the hottest trends in home theater design these days. An increasing number of our customers are becoming receptive to the idea of designing new home entertainment centers with a multiple screen system or upgrading their current center, simply in the interest of promoting family harmony.

With a multiple screen system in place, families no longer have any disagreements over what to watch on the one big screen. While dad is enjoying watching his favorite pro am golf tourney on one screen, the kids can be playing video games on another, and mom can still tune in to her favorite soap opera or catch up on a breaking news story on Cable News Network. You can enjoy a lot more entertainment options when you incorporate a multiple screen system into your home entertainment center.

Two or more flat panel television screens can be installed on the same wall. The flat panel TV that is used most for everyday casual viewing can have the option of being covered by a larger front-projection screen whenever movies or special sporting events want to be viewed. Lelch can also design your center to feature a variety of different screens, each on different walls of the room so families members and friends will never have to be restricted again to just one entertainment option. And by using multiple screens, the same breaking news story can be viewed on several different stations to compare news coverage, a feature that also comes in very handy on election night.

For more Home Theater Systems Info, Visit: Home Theater installation services

Using the expert design and installation services of Lelch Audio Video, your multiple screen system will be totally coordinated for efficiency, yet able to act independently to provide the widest variety of entertainment options. Why limit yourself to just one program or form of entertainment, when investing in a multiple screen system gives your family variety, versatility, and the convenience of enjoying individual media experiences, all in the same room.



Saint Cloud Families Enjoy Home Theater Systems


More Saint Cloud families enjoy Home Theater Systems designed and installed by Lelch Audio Video that any other provider. Professionalism and attention to detail is what stands out in every crew member!

One of the top entertainment choices for families in the Saint Cloud area is enjoying a film together. But whether the movie is a recent release or a classic from Hollywood's Golden Age, the experience of watching a movie in the comfort and safety of your very own home theater is far superior to what your family can experience in your neighborhood movie theater.

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It's not surprising that more and more families are consulting with the custom home theater experts at Lelch Audio Video to discuss having a home theater system designed and installed right in the comfort and privacy of their house.

More Family Time - St. Cloud Home Theater System Customer's Top Priority

One of the main reasons why a home theater system may be right for your family is the quality of viewing enjoyment. Remember the last time you gathered your spouse and kids to make a trip to the local Saint Cloud movie theater? You probably had to drive there, allow extra time for traffic, and then locate a safe place to pay to park your car. You had to coordinate a time to enjoy the movie that coincided with the theater's schedule rather than when it was convenient for your family to watch the film. And how many times have you arrived at your local theater to discover long lines and price increase on tickets and concession items, or been disappointed because the showing you were planning on attending had already been sold out?

A home theater system designed and installed by Lelch Audio Video enables you to watch movies and other video events with your family members without the time and expense of traveling elsewhere and having to spend a large portion of your entertainment budget on tickets that only entitle you to see one film, one time. Having a home theater system right in your own home means you never have to put up with loud or unruly strangers who interrupt your viewing enjoyment. The experienced technical experts at Lelch Audio Video can recommend the finest brands of high quality equipment to outfit your home theater system, creating crystal clear audio and video features that are exactly tuned to complement the size and space of your custom designed and installed theater system.

A home theater system also allows every member of your family the versatility of being able to watch not only classic films and current releases on a moment's notice, but also to enjoy watching sports events as well as playing video games together.

A home theater system from Lelch Audio Video is one of the smartest investments you can make if your family enjoys watching films, TV shows and sports events together, minus the cost, hassle or inconvenience associated with purchasing tickets at local theater venues.


Golden Valley MN Automated Home Lighting Systems

[sc:buttonstyle] Increase Safety and Security of your Golden Valley home with Custom Automated Home Lighting Systems from Lelch Audio Video!

Golden Valley is a great place to raise a family or enjoy retirement, offering you a blend of urban style with suburban tranquility, along with plenty of community spirit. An increasing number of Golden Valley homeowners who want to sleep well at night are upgrading their security systems by adding an automated home lighting system designed and installed by Lelch Audio Video.

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Smart Golden Valley homeowners turn to Lelch Audio Video because we are experienced professionals at designing the kind of automated home lighting systems that are responsible for not only deterring trespassers and intruders from accessing your home or surrounding property, but also making your home more attractive and safe. While door and window locks, sensors and alarms are all great security features, effective lighting that turns on and off automatically as needed is one of the most effective and affordable ways to secure your home and protect your loved ones and valuables.

After the sun goes down, burglars go on the prowl for homes that look dark and un-lived in so that their criminal activity can go unnoticed. The automated home lighting systems that Lelch Audio Video designs and installs can be seamlessly integrated into your existing home automation system. In addition to providing an extremely effective security feature, automated home lighting provides added safety both inside and outside your home. Well lighted pathways, walkways and stairwells prevent slips, falls and accidents, especially for senior members of the family. And you can avoid costly lawsuits that result from visitors or delivery men slipping and falling over obstacles they can't see in their path simply because your home lighting system is inadequate or worse yet, non-existant.

Automation Provides Peace of Mind

Automated home lighting systems take the pressure off of you to remember whether or not exterior lighting goes on after the sun goes down or interior lights are turned on and off in the homeowner's absence. How many times has your schedule changed and you got home later than you normally would to an uninviting and darkened house? With a custom automated home lighting system, your safety and security is always assured because both interior and exterior lights turn on automatically at their appointed time.

A professionally installed automated home lighting system also increases the value of your home. Automated lighting systems provide very cost efficient ways to light your home using the least amount of energy, so your household saves money. A home that is well lighted is not only a more comfortable place to live and spend time, it also is among the most cost effective ways to deter crime, ensure your safety and offer you the convenience of knowing you don't have to be present to control when and where the lighting is activated in and around your home.

Home Security and Surveillance for Saint Paul Homes


Residents in the Saint Paul MN area trust their home security and surveillance systems to the professionals at Lelch Audio Video. Our Security and Surveillance Systems Offer Great St. Paul Home Protection and peace of mind.

Your home in St. Paul is the place where you raise your family, relax after work, entertain your friends, and spend as much as 50% of your time. It only makes sense that you should always feel safe and secure here. Lelch Audio Video is recognized as the expert service in the St. Paul area to design and install the type of residential and home security system that best suits your specific needs.

When you meet with one of our Lelch Audio Video security consultants, we aren't interested in convincing you to purchase a one-size-fits-all security system that wastes your money and provides features you don't want or need. We carefully analyze the size of your house, its floor plan, and your daily lifestyle and habits in order to custom design a security solution that offers you the most comprehensive protection around the clock.

The customized security and surveillance system we can provide for your St. Paul home gives you access to knowing what is going on inside and around your property at any time of the day or night, along with finger touch control of a number of important operating systems.

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Lelch Audio Video specializes in residential home security systems that are user friendly, professionally engineered and built using only the highest quality, brand name, state of the art monitoring equipment.

The beauty of dealing with an experienced company like Lelch Audio Video when it comes to designing and installing a security and surveillance system for your home is that we get involved in your project right from the initial planning stages. We make knowledgeable recommendations based on your budget as well as your needs, and promise you only the latest, most efficient security software and hardware to ensure that your security and surveillance system operates consistently at peak efficiency.

Lelch Audio Video is among the most highly customer rated security and surveillance system providers in the St. Paul area because of our reputation for creating a security and surveillance package that is unique for your needs.

Special features that can be incorporated into your particular system include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras, motion sensors, panic buttons, wireless key fobs, CCTV home monitoring, structured wiring to connect phone and internet lines, as well as sensors that can immediately detect security door breeches as well as sensing if glass is being broken at door or window access points.

Homeowners in St. Paul can sleep more soundly at night if their residential security and surveillance system has been designed and professionally installed by the experts at Lelch Audio Video. From planning through installation, our team is committed to the design and installation of a high quality system that is easy and efficient to use for enhanced round the clock home security.


Saint Paul Commercial and Retail Electronic Signage


Alert and engage your customers with full color LCD electronic signage for your store or restaurant. Use for menus, welcome messages, schedules of activities and announcements. Eye popping graphics with ease of editing, Lelch Audio Video knows retail electronic signs.

Installed Digital Signage Solutions

Retail store and restaurant owners in the Saint Paul area know how challenging it can be to capture the attention of today's customer, given the highly competitive business environment. Traditional retail signage that may have served its purpose in the 20th century can't compete with the quality of digital signage that Lelch Audio Video can custom design and install to help commercial businesses get noticed fast. If your business hasn't considered switching over to an LCD electronic retail signage system, you owe it to yourself to schedule a consultation with the experts at Lelch Audio Video. Our team can help you learn the full scope of benefits that accompany advertising your services to customers using the latest state of the art sign technology.

Lelch has already helped a wide range of Saint Paul business owners, including hospitals, restaurants, retail stores and supermarkets, achieve better recognition and improved sales by designing and installing custom electronic signage to create more appealing advertising messages that get results. Because our technicians take the time to understand your business and its marketing needs, we can custom design a comprehensive digital signage system that is guaranteed to help you reach your target audience.

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One of the biggest benefits of using custom electronic signage and digital menu boards to market the products and services offered by your business is its versatility. The digital signage system that Lelch Audio Video creates and installs at your business location enables you to showcase advertisements created from any combination of images, texts and videos. Multiple advertisements can be programmed to run on the same display and can also be programmed to appear at specific times of the day or night.The bottom line is that you have complete control over what is displayed on your signage. You can change the message and graphics whenever you desire to focus on special events, promotions and limited time offerings.

Electronic signage installed by Lelch Audio Video can be designed to feature high quality scrolling message boards, crystal clear plasma display panels, and liquid crystal displays. The result is in-store as well as billboard advertising capable of projecting full-motion video, text and sound. Restaurant businesses in particular find that using custom electronic signage as menu boards not only draws more customers but also influences their purchasing decisions right at the point of purchase. Digital signage enables any business to target and change their advertising message more quickly and efficiently than is possible with old-fashioned static signage.

Saint Paul business owners who want to thrive and prosper in the 21st century are those who know how to build the most effective brand. Custom designed and installed digital signage from Lelch Audio Video offers your business the biggest and best return on investment, along with the most creative, instant and versatile way to reach your customer with effective advertising.

For a professional consultation, call Lelch at (612) 353 5087 or click our button to complete the request form.


Smart Bloomington Homeowners Insist on Qualified Home Automation Installers


Discerning residents of Bloomington, MN know not to trust just anyone with their Home Automation design and installation. They call Lelch Audio Video, the experts in home systems automation, lighting, and alarm installations.

Making the decision to upgrade your living experience with home automation installation is one of the best investments you can make as a Bloomington homeowner. Among the many benefits of home automation is the convenience of being able to control the lighting, temperature and security systems from one location as well as remotely when you are traveling.

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Home automation systems make your house more energy efficient, saving your household budget money that is better spent elsewhere. A home automation system offers you peace of mind because you no longer have to rely on your memory to adjust the lighting, security, heating and cooling and entry systems located throughout your home and property.

Bloomington homeowners have their choice of home automation installers, but why risk hiring an unlicensed service with minimal expertise and shoddy work provided by subcontrators when you can rely on the experienced professionals at locally owned and operated Lelch Audio Video. Hundreds of homeowners in the Bloomington area have already experienced the quality service provided by our Lelch team of qualified home automation experts.

Home safety and security isn't merely our business, it's our passion. From the initial consultation with you that helps to craft the exact home automation system that will meet your specific needs, our design and installation team ensures that the final result will be one fully integrated system designed to coordinate everything from residential security and lighting to music streaming and home theater viewing.

As our lives in the 21st century get more complicated and complex, it's nice to know that by installing a quality home automation system, you can make your home work smarter rather than having to control every operating system yourself.

When you hire Lelch Audio Video to plan and execute installation of your home automation system, you also receive a number of guarantees from us.

We guarantee that our licensed and insured staff has the requisite amount of expertise to install a professional-grade automation system that will be convenient to use, energy efficient and an enhancement to your security.

We also guarantee we will install a home automation system that even the most technologically challenged person living in your home will be able to understand. We guarantee installing a system that is convenient and easy to use, a one-stop remote control for everything from home theater and music to climate control, motorized shades and curtain, lighting, surveillance and security. And we guarantee the quality of our workmanship and the quality of equipment we use. Our reputation at Lelch Audio Video depends upon your satisfaction.

Discover why so many Bloomington homeowners in the past have experienced satisfying results by hiring Lelch Audio Video to design and install a custom home automation system.