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Home Automation Products

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Not long ago, the thought of home automation was nothing more than wishful thinking or something straight out of a science fiction movie.

Home Automation Products - For You

Well today that dream has become a reality! Lights can be turned on and off from remote locations. The front door can be locked while you’re laying in your bed upstairs. The options are endless! Having this kind of control of your house is not just for the rich and famous either. This is for you.

Many homeowners are having home theater systems installed. With a home automation system, you can start your movie, dim the lights, and turn on your surround sound with the press of a button. It’s like being at the movie theater without the sticky floors and obnoxious patrons over which you have no control. You will have the best seat in the house!

Home Automation Products Set the Perfect Mood

Smart lighting will give you options to set the perfect mood in the house. If you are entertaining, you can adjust your lights according to the vibe you want your party to have. Dim the lights for an intimate setting, or you can even create lighting scenes for other occasions. There are no limits to what this technology can do!

Temperature control is a huge advantage to home automation. There are programmable thermostats out there, but you have to remember to set them before you leave the house. Well, now you can adjust the climate of your home without even being there! With the app, you can make any necessary changes from your smart phone. This can make a huge difference on your energy bills!

Keep Your Family Safe With Home Automation Products

And let’s not forget the security features of a smart home. You can get notifications sent to your phone every time someone comes in or out of the house. Security cameras can be accessed from your phone or computer. Lighting can be scheduled and alternated.

Home automation products are not just for celebrities or the Jetsons. Anyone can make their life a more secure and little easier by having one of these great units installed in their home. The professionals at Lelch Audio Video have all the latest and greatest products available to turn your home into a smart home. Don’t sit in the stone age! Give us a call today for a free consultation!

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Home Theater Minneapolis MN

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There’s just nothing better than spending time with family and friends. And what better way to do that than in your very own home theater!

Home Theater

How do you get the theater experience in your home? That’s easy! There are some simple ways to transform any room into the entertainment hub of your house. One easy way to upgrade the main viewing area of your home is a large flat screen television. There are many different options such as LED, plasma, and even curved screen. You may opt for a unit that sits on or in a cabinet, or you may choose a wall mount. And the sizes of screens are almost limitless! There are also screens that descend from the ceiling that give you more of that movie theater feel. For some families, the addition of a new television is just what they need.

Create a home theater with a big screen TV

Maybe just adding a larger screen is not enough for your family. For those that desire a little more of a theater experience, you may want to install surround sound. Again, the options here are vast. There are small speakers that can be strategically placed around the room, either mounted on the wall or on shelves. These speakers can be flush mounted in the wall, or attached to the outer surface. Larger floor speakers can also be placed to add more emphasis on the lower, bass tones.

For added sound, install some speakers in your home theater

For some families, a larger television and the addition of some speakers is just the changes needed to transform their living space into a fantastic home theater. But some want to go bigger! Maybe you have an extra room or attic/basement space that you want to turn into a media room. You can get theater style seating, projection screen, in-wall speakers, and media projector that connects to internet that will give you limitless viewing options! The sky's the limit! It’s all about you and what fits your needs!

Creating a home theater is an amazing way to transform any living area. Not only will an entertainment system add to your family time, but can even increase the value of your home. This is an unexpected blessing for many Minneapolis homeowners. Whether you just want a new television or the whole enchilada, the professionals at Lelch Audio Video can transform any room into a fantastic home theater. Give us a call and request a free quote today!

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Lighting Control Minneapolis

[sc:author ] Lighting Control

Life gets busier every day. You rush out the door every morning to go to work. About halfway there one day, as you’re stuck in traffic, you wonder if you turned off the lights when you left. You have no way to know until you get home. Or do you? If you have lighting control on your home in Minneapolis, you can access your system from your smartphone and turn off any lights you may have left on. This will save you time and money.

Lighting Control

Minneapolis homeowners can save time by having lighting control on their security system. No longer do you have to take time off of work to run home to make sure everything is turned off. From any smartphone or other internet connection, you can check the status of anything in your home. You don’t even have to remember to set a timer to have your lights turn on before you get home. You can do that before you leave work. What if you have a vacation coming up and you don’t know any of your neighbors? Don’t fret! You can turn lights on and off from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Your house will have the appearance of someone at home thus keeping burglars at bay.

Control Your Lighting to Cut Costs

As of January 2014, 75 percent of American adults have a smart phone and would like the option to control things in their house by using the internet or an app.

How can lighting control save you money? That’s a good question. If you do walk out the door in the morning and you have left the lights on, this will burn quite a bit of electricity until you return. Having the ability to turn those lights off without coming home, will save on those energy bills. And let’s not forget the unnecessary expense of gas to drive back to the house. What if you want to have your sidewalk lit up at dark, but you are going to be gone most of the day, and not return until late? Another dilemma resolved with a simple app on your phone.

Peace of Mind with Lighting Control

Homeowners in Minneapolis will find that lighting control will give them so much more freedom and reduce worry. Having the ability to turn lights on and off from any location is incredible. The savings of time and money will enhance anyone’s life. Keep the criminals away from your valuables by giving your home the appearance of someone home, even when you’re away. How do you get such a luxury? By calling the professionals at Lelch Audio Video, that’s how. Call today and request a free quote.

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CCTV Installation Minneapolis

[sc:author ] cctv_installation Closed Circuit Television is a fantastic way for business owners to keep an eye on everything, even when they are away.

CCTV Installation

Many don’t realize how important security is to the future of a business.You just never know when you might be the victim of a crime. This doesn’t always refer to a break-in or vandalism. You may have an employee that is stealing supplies or money. With CCTV installation, you can watch over your inventory or registers. Often without anyone even knowing it!

A CCTV surveillance system is a high-tech digital unit which utilizes camera technology placed in strategic places to watch over a building. These cameras can be placed anywhere, and can even be hidden. Hiding the cameras is useful if you want to catch the crooks red-handed. However, maybe you want to prevent anything from happening. If this is the case, you may want to have your cameras installed in such a way that people are aware that anything they do is being monitored.

Protect Your Stock with CCTV

The best places to have these cameras installed are in warehouses, storerooms, and anywhere money or inventory is stored or changing hands. Then you will have monitors to keep a watchful eye on your business. The 24/7 surveillance gives business owners the peace of mind they need so they can focus on the daily aspects of keeping things running. You don’t want to be so consumed with issues of security that it takes away from your work. These cameras and monitors work around the clock without ever getting tired or missing a beat!

CCTV Can Provide Off Site Video Backup

There’s also another benefit to having CCTV installed at your business. What if there is a fire or water leak? If you have a surveillance system, there is usually a video backup located off site. This can be useful for insurance claims or investigators to determine the cause of the incident. Therefore, even if the cameras and/or monitors are destroyed at the store, you can view what happened at another location.

Minneapolis business owners want to be able to provide a service or industry for their consumers without worrying about sticky handed employees or thieves. The best way for them to put their attention on their customers is by providing them with a 24/7 surveillance system that will capture footage should anything go wrong. The best solution for business owners is CCTV installation, and the only company to call is Lelch Audio Video. They are waiting to give you a free estimate and will have the perfect fit for your business and budget.

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Business Security System

[sc:author ] business security system

You started with a desire in your heart for your own business.

Then that desire turned into a passion and through blood, sweat, and tears you grew that passion into a business. What a tragedy it would be if someone came in and took it all away simply because you lacked a security system! Don’t fall victim to vandalism or theft. The professionals at Lelch Audio Video can find the security solutions perfect for your business.

Business Security

No one likes a thief. You work hard for everything you have, and for someone to come in and take it away, is just inexcusable. From the random theft to the employee that slips money or inventory in their pockets when no one is around, you need to be protected. There are many ways to secure your business and assets, and a security system is one of the best options. Window and door sensors will also sound an alarm if any glass breakage or forcible entry is discovered.

Vandalism is described as an “action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property.” You don’t want anyone coming to your business to destroy everything you’ve worked so hard for in just a matter of minutes. Properly placed lighting with sensors can detect when someone with less than desirable intentions is on your property. Illumination of those dark corners can ward off those intruders. The installation technicians at Lelch can install whatever your office needs.

Business Security Systems Stop Thieves in Their Tracks

Video surveillance is vital for a security system as well, especially for businesses that keep a hefty amount of inventory on hand. Keep an eye on your assets with cameras strategically installed by a Lelch technician. An internet connection will ensure that you are fully aware of what’s happening at work, as you can look in on your business anytime you desire. You can even have alert notifications sent to your phone or other smart device if anything unusual is detected.

Protect Your Livlihood With A Business Security System

Business owners have to be proactive to protect everything they’ve worked for. Sticky-handed employees, thieves, and vandals can ruin years of hard work and take a prosperous company down in very little time. Don’t let this happen to you. Lelch has systems that can be tailor fit to any business, large or small. Our installation experts will get your office secured in no time. Give the professionals at Lelch Audio Video a call today and protect your business.

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Home Theater Installers

[sc:author ] home theater installer

So you want to watch a movie, but you don’t feel like going to the local multiplex.

Homeowners are finding the convenience and luxury of home theater systems to be quite appealing. Not only can these units increase the resale value of your home, it can also improve family time. You can sit back in your cozy recliner, enjoy your favorite snacks or even a meal, and watch a movie without leaving your house. You no longer have to deal with overpriced tickets, sticky floors, and crowds of people just to have that theater experience. The professionals at Lelch Audio Video are waiting for your call to get your media room set up.

Home Theater

Finding the components for a home theater system is not that difficult. Many electronic and even discount stores carry speakers, televisions, and the DIY wiring essentials. But just because these things are readily available, that doesn’t mean this is the right option. The design consultants at Lelch can get you the basics like the screen, speakers, and wiring, as well as theater seating and other awesome options that you won’t find at your local stores. We have design associates that will help you find the perfect home theater system to fit your home, family, and budget.

The Best Home Theater Installers in Minnesota

Once you select what you need to upgrade your entertainment area, you will need to have it professionally installed. Well, since you purchased your system from Lelch, we can install it too! Lelch Audio Video has the best home theater installers in Minnesota. Every technician is specially trained to install every component of your project. We will ensure that your screen and each and every speaker are perfectly positioned for the ultimate theater experience. You will not have ugly wires hanging all over the place or have to redecorate to cover them up. The installers at Lelch will have everything wired and put in like it was done before sheetrock was hung.

Our Home Theater Installers Will Teach You All You Need To Know

Lelch Audio Video is the perfect choice for you. Our home theater installers will make sure that every component you select for your house is accurately put in. We also educate homeowners on the basic operating functions of their system. There is no other option that will deliver the quality and precision that the professionals at Lelch can. From consultation to installation, we will walk with you every step of the way. You will not be disappointed choosing Lelch Audio Video for your home theater solutions.

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Home Theater Speakers

[sc:author ] home theater speakers

Setting up a home theater is a great way to bring your family together.

Not only can these systems increase the value of your home should you decide to sell it one day, but they can improve the quality of your family time. What is better than the whole family gathering to watch a great movie, your favorite team, or other special program? But just buying a bigger television or projector and screen is not going to give you the ultimate home theater experience. Speakers are a large part of that atmosphere, and the professionals at Lelch Audio Video are here to set you up with exactly what you want and need.

Home Theater Speaker Solutions

Home theater speakers come in all shapes and sizes, and you can be assured that Lelch has them all. We will measure your media room to ensure that your home is properly fitted with the perfect solutions. Whether you need wall mount or floor units, the installers will create an amazing theater experience for your family and friends. We are specially trained to maximize the acoustics in any room by positioning the speakers just right. Any one can just hang a few speakers around a room and plug them into a theater system, but only the professionals at Lelch Audio Video will transform a boring living area into a dynamic theater experience right in your home!

Home Theater Speakers Designed to Fit Your Room

Not every room will require the same types of equipment, and the pros at Lelch know exactly what you need. If your home theater system will be the main attraction in your room of choice, the installers will most likely use larger speakers. However, if it will be just an added bonus, smaller ones will be fitted. Wall mount speakers are used around the room for surround sound, while the floor units are typically placed up front. Our technicians will consider every aspect and design a perfect theater for your house.

Are You Ready to Start Enjoying Home Theater Speakers?

Our installers are experts at acoustics and design, and will strategically place every component of your system. Home theater speakers are an essential part of the perfect media room. Lelch Audio Video has the design and install experts to give you an unmatchable viewing experience. With a vast selection of speakers and other theater options, there is really no better choice for your unit. The associates at Lelch will walk with customers throughout the entire experience, from consult to install. Give us a call today!

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Minneapolis Home Theater Installation

[sc:author ] home theater installation

Minnesota homeowners are finding that the addition of a home theater system to be a valuable investment.

Having the luxury of laying back in the comfort of your own home to watch your favorite movie, game, or program is very appealing. You don’t even have to wear shoes to your next premier event! Our professionals at Lelch Audio Video can help you achieve that perfect theater atmosphere and add value to your home.

Our design technicians are specially trained to help homeowners get exactly what they want and need in home theater installation for their homes. We work with you to design the ideal environment for all your viewing pleasures. Our designers are specially trained, certified and very knowledgeable about the top rated systems, and can help you find the most bang for your buck. We also have packaged theater systems that can fit any family and any budget.

Professional Home Theater Installation

Once you have selected the home theater system that best works for your family, our installers will make sure that everything gets positioned just right. The technicians are experts in acoustics and the proper placement of equipment for ultimate performance. They will also ensure that there is no mess left behind. Not having to pick a different company for the installation of your home theater is priceless. At Lelch Audio Video, we make sure that every employee is skilled and fully experienced in the systems offered.

Now that you have your perfect theater design in place, all that is left is knowing how to use it. There’s nothing worse than a sales associate talking you into the best of the best in technology, having everything put in, and then not understanding how any of it operates! The installation experts at Lelch Audio Video will make sure that their customers are trained in the basic operations of the system.

Ready for Your Custom Home Theater Installation?

From start to finish, you can see that the perfect choice for your home theater needs is Lelch Audio Video. Our associates will find the system that fits your house just right and precisely install it. We will train you to use your theater system.

Remember, you will not only add to the resale value of your house, but the quality of your family time will definitely increase. Ready for the next step? Click and complete our request form or pick up the phone. We are here to help.

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