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Golden Valley MN Automated Home Lighting Systems

[sc:buttonstyle] Increase Safety and Security of your Golden Valley home with Custom Automated Home Lighting Systems from Lelch Audio Video!

Golden Valley is a great place to raise a family or enjoy retirement, offering you a blend of urban style with suburban tranquility, along with plenty of community spirit. An increasing number of Golden Valley homeowners who want to sleep well at night are upgrading their security systems by adding an automated home lighting system designed and installed by Lelch Audio Video.

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Smart Golden Valley homeowners turn to Lelch Audio Video because we are experienced professionals at designing the kind of automated home lighting systems that are responsible for not only deterring trespassers and intruders from accessing your home or surrounding property, but also making your home more attractive and safe. While door and window locks, sensors and alarms are all great security features, effective lighting that turns on and off automatically as needed is one of the most effective and affordable ways to secure your home and protect your loved ones and valuables.

After the sun goes down, burglars go on the prowl for homes that look dark and un-lived in so that their criminal activity can go unnoticed. The automated home lighting systems that Lelch Audio Video designs and installs can be seamlessly integrated into your existing home automation system. In addition to providing an extremely effective security feature, automated home lighting provides added safety both inside and outside your home. Well lighted pathways, walkways and stairwells prevent slips, falls and accidents, especially for senior members of the family. And you can avoid costly lawsuits that result from visitors or delivery men slipping and falling over obstacles they can't see in their path simply because your home lighting system is inadequate or worse yet, non-existant.

Automation Provides Peace of Mind

Automated home lighting systems take the pressure off of you to remember whether or not exterior lighting goes on after the sun goes down or interior lights are turned on and off in the homeowner's absence. How many times has your schedule changed and you got home later than you normally would to an uninviting and darkened house? With a custom automated home lighting system, your safety and security is always assured because both interior and exterior lights turn on automatically at their appointed time.

A professionally installed automated home lighting system also increases the value of your home. Automated lighting systems provide very cost efficient ways to light your home using the least amount of energy, so your household saves money. A home that is well lighted is not only a more comfortable place to live and spend time, it also is among the most cost effective ways to deter crime, ensure your safety and offer you the convenience of knowing you don't have to be present to control when and where the lighting is activated in and around your home.

Home Security and Surveillance for Saint Paul Homes


Residents in the Saint Paul MN area trust their home security and surveillance systems to the professionals at Lelch Audio Video. Our Security and Surveillance Systems Offer Great St. Paul Home Protection and peace of mind.

Your home in St. Paul is the place where you raise your family, relax after work, entertain your friends, and spend as much as 50% of your time. It only makes sense that you should always feel safe and secure here. Lelch Audio Video is recognized as the expert service in the St. Paul area to design and install the type of residential and home security system that best suits your specific needs.

When you meet with one of our Lelch Audio Video security consultants, we aren't interested in convincing you to purchase a one-size-fits-all security system that wastes your money and provides features you don't want or need. We carefully analyze the size of your house, its floor plan, and your daily lifestyle and habits in order to custom design a security solution that offers you the most comprehensive protection around the clock.

The customized security and surveillance system we can provide for your St. Paul home gives you access to knowing what is going on inside and around your property at any time of the day or night, along with finger touch control of a number of important operating systems.

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Lelch Audio Video specializes in residential home security systems that are user friendly, professionally engineered and built using only the highest quality, brand name, state of the art monitoring equipment.

The beauty of dealing with an experienced company like Lelch Audio Video when it comes to designing and installing a security and surveillance system for your home is that we get involved in your project right from the initial planning stages. We make knowledgeable recommendations based on your budget as well as your needs, and promise you only the latest, most efficient security software and hardware to ensure that your security and surveillance system operates consistently at peak efficiency.

Lelch Audio Video is among the most highly customer rated security and surveillance system providers in the St. Paul area because of our reputation for creating a security and surveillance package that is unique for your needs.

Special features that can be incorporated into your particular system include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras, motion sensors, panic buttons, wireless key fobs, CCTV home monitoring, structured wiring to connect phone and internet lines, as well as sensors that can immediately detect security door breeches as well as sensing if glass is being broken at door or window access points.

Homeowners in St. Paul can sleep more soundly at night if their residential security and surveillance system has been designed and professionally installed by the experts at Lelch Audio Video. From planning through installation, our team is committed to the design and installation of a high quality system that is easy and efficient to use for enhanced round the clock home security.


Saint Paul Commercial and Retail Electronic Signage


Alert and engage your customers with full color LCD electronic signage for your store or restaurant. Use for menus, welcome messages, schedules of activities and announcements. Eye popping graphics with ease of editing, Lelch Audio Video knows retail electronic signs.

Installed Digital Signage Solutions

Retail store and restaurant owners in the Saint Paul area know how challenging it can be to capture the attention of today's customer, given the highly competitive business environment. Traditional retail signage that may have served its purpose in the 20th century can't compete with the quality of digital signage that Lelch Audio Video can custom design and install to help commercial businesses get noticed fast. If your business hasn't considered switching over to an LCD electronic retail signage system, you owe it to yourself to schedule a consultation with the experts at Lelch Audio Video. Our team can help you learn the full scope of benefits that accompany advertising your services to customers using the latest state of the art sign technology.

Lelch has already helped a wide range of Saint Paul business owners, including hospitals, restaurants, retail stores and supermarkets, achieve better recognition and improved sales by designing and installing custom electronic signage to create more appealing advertising messages that get results. Because our technicians take the time to understand your business and its marketing needs, we can custom design a comprehensive digital signage system that is guaranteed to help you reach your target audience.

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One of the biggest benefits of using custom electronic signage and digital menu boards to market the products and services offered by your business is its versatility. The digital signage system that Lelch Audio Video creates and installs at your business location enables you to showcase advertisements created from any combination of images, texts and videos. Multiple advertisements can be programmed to run on the same display and can also be programmed to appear at specific times of the day or night.The bottom line is that you have complete control over what is displayed on your signage. You can change the message and graphics whenever you desire to focus on special events, promotions and limited time offerings.

Electronic signage installed by Lelch Audio Video can be designed to feature high quality scrolling message boards, crystal clear plasma display panels, and liquid crystal displays. The result is in-store as well as billboard advertising capable of projecting full-motion video, text and sound. Restaurant businesses in particular find that using custom electronic signage as menu boards not only draws more customers but also influences their purchasing decisions right at the point of purchase. Digital signage enables any business to target and change their advertising message more quickly and efficiently than is possible with old-fashioned static signage.

Saint Paul business owners who want to thrive and prosper in the 21st century are those who know how to build the most effective brand. Custom designed and installed digital signage from Lelch Audio Video offers your business the biggest and best return on investment, along with the most creative, instant and versatile way to reach your customer with effective advertising.

For a professional consultation, call Lelch at (612) 353 5087 or click our button to complete the request form.


Smart Bloomington Homeowners Insist on Qualified Home Automation Installers


Discerning residents of Bloomington, MN know not to trust just anyone with their Home Automation design and installation. They call Lelch Audio Video, the experts in home systems automation, lighting, and alarm installations.

Making the decision to upgrade your living experience with home automation installation is one of the best investments you can make as a Bloomington homeowner. Among the many benefits of home automation is the convenience of being able to control the lighting, temperature and security systems from one location as well as remotely when you are traveling.

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Home automation systems make your house more energy efficient, saving your household budget money that is better spent elsewhere. A home automation system offers you peace of mind because you no longer have to rely on your memory to adjust the lighting, security, heating and cooling and entry systems located throughout your home and property.

Bloomington homeowners have their choice of home automation installers, but why risk hiring an unlicensed service with minimal expertise and shoddy work provided by subcontrators when you can rely on the experienced professionals at locally owned and operated Lelch Audio Video. Hundreds of homeowners in the Bloomington area have already experienced the quality service provided by our Lelch team of qualified home automation experts.

Home safety and security isn't merely our business, it's our passion. From the initial consultation with you that helps to craft the exact home automation system that will meet your specific needs, our design and installation team ensures that the final result will be one fully integrated system designed to coordinate everything from residential security and lighting to music streaming and home theater viewing.

As our lives in the 21st century get more complicated and complex, it's nice to know that by installing a quality home automation system, you can make your home work smarter rather than having to control every operating system yourself.

When you hire Lelch Audio Video to plan and execute installation of your home automation system, you also receive a number of guarantees from us.

We guarantee that our licensed and insured staff has the requisite amount of expertise to install a professional-grade automation system that will be convenient to use, energy efficient and an enhancement to your security.

We also guarantee we will install a home automation system that even the most technologically challenged person living in your home will be able to understand. We guarantee installing a system that is convenient and easy to use, a one-stop remote control for everything from home theater and music to climate control, motorized shades and curtain, lighting, surveillance and security. And we guarantee the quality of our workmanship and the quality of equipment we use. Our reputation at Lelch Audio Video depends upon your satisfaction.

Discover why so many Bloomington homeowners in the past have experienced satisfying results by hiring Lelch Audio Video to design and install a custom home automation system.


The Professional Art of TV Placement in Home Theaters

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Professional Television Mounting and Installation

Mounting a TV on a wall is not always as straightforward as it sounds. It takes experience and training as well as an extra set of strong hands!

TV Installation Professionals

Homeowners who want to get the most viewing enjoyment out of the television screen that serves as the focal point of their designated home theater space know that proper placement of the TV screen and speakers is an art form. Do it yourself TV placement can result not only in eye and muscle strain for viewers but also create safety issues if the television screen isn't securely fastened to resist falling or tilting.

Since TV placement is an art form best practiced by professionals, why not invest in hiring the most experienced television installers available in the Minneapolis metropolitan area? The technicians at Lelch Audio Video have more than two decades experience as home TV installation experts, ensuring that customers will get full enjoyment out of the television system they have selected for watching videos, television programming, musical performances, sports competitions and much more.

Professional Installation for the Best Performing System

There are numerous benefits that homeowners enjoy when they rely on Lelch Audio Video to handle the installation of their home TV. First, our technicians are sticklers for details and handle the project all the way from the initial assessment of exactly what position in the room is ideal for screen placement, through the careful unpacking and set-up of the flat screen TV, finishing up with the expert connection of all accessories and components such as DVD and Blu-Ray players, Cable Box, XBOX and Wii.

But Lelch Audio Video doesn't consider a TV installation project finished once we secure all the connections. We also ensure that all connecting wires are securely positioned to be as well-hidden as possible to avoid trips and falls in addition to providing orientation to our customer to help them understand the proper operation of their newly installed TV system.

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Our TV installation services are very versatile. We have experience in correctly positioning wall-mounted TV units with the ultimate safety in mind. Our technicians are experts at insuring that wall mounted TVs are properly anchored so that such features as tilting or swiveling can be accomplished without compromising viewer safety.

TV Installations of all Types and Locations

If your television requires installation atop a table or inside a cabinet, we have proven expertise in connecting all cables and wires so they are the properly specified sizes in addition to keeping everything untangled and as unobtrusive as possible. We also handle installation of any auxiliary speaker placement in a variety of positions, from wall or surface mount to ceiling mount or flush against the wall. Because our technicians are all CEDIA certified, the result is a professional, clean TV installation that includes the proper routing of all speaker wires.

We know you are excited about getting your new home TV installed, but leave the heavy lifting to the professionals at Lelch Audio Video. Our professional Home TV Installation Service gives you peace of mind that your screen will be securely mounted, properly positioned for maximum eye level comfort, and include all of the necessary speaker connections and secure wiring to provide you with countless hours of home theater entertainment.

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Investing in the Best Professional Home Theater System Installation Services

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Expert installation is part art, part science. Experience and solid training is the key to professional installation.

For Best Results, Rely on Experts to Install your Home Theater System

Custome Home System Installation

Smart Minneapolis area homeowners know that any upgrade they make to their homes provides an important improvement to the quality of their lives. So it makes good sense that when you are considering the installation of a home theater system, you insist on obtaining the best professional design and installation services to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

Lelch Audio Video has earned a stellar reputation for providing area homeowners with a team of well-trained and knowledgeable AV experts who have years of experience designing and installing home theater systems for all different size configurations and specific homeowner needs. When you hire the experts at Lelch to design and install the home theater system of your dreams, you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with hiring a company that has earned the coveted CEDIA certification.

Professional Certification by CEDIA Exemplifies Expert Installers

How does our CEDIA certification work on your behalf when we design and install a home theater system for your entertainment pleasure? CEDIA certfication means you are hiring a team of experienced professionals who will not only offer the best advice and recommendations regarding what components to include in your new home theater system but who are also professionals who listen closely to your input, so that your wants and needs are incorporated into the comprehensive design solution, guaranteeing your ultimate satisfaction with the final results.

Our CEDIA certification means you are hiring not just workers to install a collection of home theater components, but professionals who are dedicated craftsmen who know how to design and install a completely integrated home theater system that offers you the best picture and sound quality in addition to the most versatility.

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Many companies can provide you with subcontractors who come to your home to plug in a wide-screen TV with matching speakers. But the CEDIA certified professionals from Lelch Audio Video guarantee you have a reliable team of well-trained technicians who are with you every step of the way, from the initial consultation to determine your home theater system needs through choosing quality, brand name components incorporated into the system's design, all the way to the final installation that is tested in order to meet your ultimate approval for ease of use.

Training, Certification and Experience Makes the Difference

Lelch Certifications

The professional home theater system installation services provided by Lelch Audio Video includes the broad technical expertise needed to handle component installation as well as troubleshooting. This depth of expertise guarantees that your investment results in the design and installation of the highest performance home entertainment experience that will provide thousands of hours of viewing and listening enjoyment in the years ahead.

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Why Opt for Comprehensive Home Entertainment System Design Services

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A Comprehensive Design makes a world of difference in Home Entertainment Systems. An analysis of how you'll use it; what you'll be watching; game systems integration; audio. All important considerations when designing your home entertainment system.

How Will You Use Your Home Entertainment System?

Home Entertainment Systems

How often has a friend or relative bragged about their home entertainment system, only to have it turn out to be a do-it-yourself installed wide screen television set accompanied by massive speakers. Not very impressive, or versatile. If your dreams for having a home theater system are bigger than merely watching movies on a wide-screen with improved sound capability, you owe it to yourself to consult with the experts at Lelch Audio Video about designing a complete entertainment system for the entire family's full enjoyment.

Lelch Audio Video is the most trusted resource for the professional design and installation of comprehensive home entertainment systems throughout the Minneapolis metropolitan area. And we know that making a decision to design and install the perfect home theater to meet your family's expectations represents a major investment. But every member of your family is guaranteed a higher return on this investment when you hire Lelch Audio Video's trained and experienced technicians to deliver an entertainment system that is so much more than simply a home movie theater.

How Do You Know Who To Trust in Home Entertainment?

Lelch Audio Video is famous for taking your home theater design beyond the pleasure of superior video viewing. We design and install a comprehensive home theater system to suit your budget, your needs and your space configuration so that your system also delivers the versatility of entertaining you with many additional features. These include home gaming, high definition music that can be connected to other rooms in your house, and the fun of such options as karaoke systems perfect for party entertainment.

From the initial consultation, our design staff makes sure that Lelch Audio Video makes you a partner in the design of your new home entertainment system by taking your dreams, needs and priorities into consideration. We help you make the right decisions in every step of the design process, from choosing the right space in your home to transform into a complete entertainment center to selecting the optimal sound speakers, the best layout to accommodate both viewing and listening pleasure, along with programming such amenities as remote control systems. We also instruct you in how to use every aspect of your new comprehensive home entertainment system in order to enjoy the many aspects it offers beyond viewing videos or TV programming.

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The Real Value Of Lelch Audio Video is Our Service!

The home theater system that Lelch Audio Video designs and installs for your family is guaranteed to include a full range of comprehensive features and capabilities for the best return on your entertainment investment.

Award-winning movies and documentaries, musical theater performances, and the fun of home gaming competition and karaoke party entertainment are all part of the full home theater experience when you trust Lelch Audio Video to custom design and install a comprehensive home entertainment system delivering the most versatility.

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Professional Installation Ensures Minneapolis Home Security Integration

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Locking Up Simply Won't Do Anymore! - Home Security Systems by Lelch Audio Video

Security is not just a matter of Convenience anymore! home security systems minneapolis

Almost one out of every four crimes in America involves a home burglary in which personal property is damaged or stolen. Thieves manage to make off with an average of $2,000 in goods every time they gain unlawful access into a home. One of the most powerful ways to prevent your house from becoming a crime scene is to have an effective home security system in place.

Unfortunately, too many homeowners are penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to their home security needs, thinking they'll save a few dollars and install a do it yourself system that doesn't integrate with existing home automation or lighting systems and doesn't mesh with their monitoring service.

Are You Safe? Are your belongings safe?

How much is your peace of mind worth, or the safety of your family members, pets and cherished possessions? Lelch Audio Video has been the trusted resource for home security installation and integration for more than 20 years in the Minneapolis area, providing homeowners and homes of all shapes, sizes and budgets with the most comprehensive security protection.

The security and surveillance systems we design and install to deter criminals and keep your loved ones and property safe serve as your own personal security guards, on the job round the clock, 24 hours a day, holidays and weekends included. Compared with a do-it-yourself security alarm system, Lelch Audio Video professionally installed home security systems are designed to give you the most versatility in knowing what is going on in and around your home even when you are attending to business or other social matters miles away.

Custom, Professional Home Security Systems - Designed and Installed

The home security system Lelch Audio Video installs is customized to suit your needs and fully integrated with a monitoring service that can keep track of specifics, such as the time your children arrive home from school as well as assist elderly household members who may require emergency assistance following a fall or other accident. Our home security system is so well integrated into your existing home systems and lifestyle that you can enjoy the convenience of locking or unlocking doors and windows directly from your cellphone or view real time activities happening throughout your home utilizing TV cameras installed inside your residence that can be accessed from your computer or laptop.

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Lelch Audio Video prides itself on offering you the services of experienced technicians who can evaluate your current security and surveillance capabilities, then recommend, design and install a home security system that seamlessly meshes phone, internet and audio/visual access. We can also install sensors that provide alerts for smoke and carbon monoxide, as well as panic buttons for children and seniors. You and your family deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home security system offers you the fullest degree of protection and surveillance at all times.

Don't settle for cheap patchwork security systems that readily fail and won't provide you with monitoring capability. Ask the experts at Lelch Audio Video for their recommendations for professionally installing an integrated home security system that will prevent you from becoming the next crime statistic in Minneapolis.

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