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Follow the Twins Pennant Chase on your Home Theater System

[sc:buttonstyle ] Home Theater Invites Sports Fans to Cheer Minnesota Twins

We Know you both Love and Hate to go to the Ballgame!

Home Theater Systems for Sports fans

Minneapolis is definitely Twins Territory! But if you're planning to head to the stadium to cheer on your favorite baseball team this season, you better come prepared with more than your enthusiasm. Come prepared with plenty of patience while you stand in line for everything from having security check your backpacks prior to entering the stadium to waiting in line at the concession stand while you miss the first pitch. Come prepared with plenty of cash or better yet a credit card because everything from parking to tickets to enjoying a hot dog and a cold brew comes with a steep price tag.

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And don't forget your sense of humor when that clueless fan stands up in front of you and makes you miss one of the best plays ever. And unless your budget can afford one of those pricey sky boxes, abrupt changes in the weather forecast may mean you have to sit through another inning in a downpour, endure dust and dirt aggravating your allergies, or temperatures that are uncomfortably hotter or colder than originally expected.

How about a Front Row Seat in climate controlled comfort? - Your Home Theater System

Wouldn't you really rather be enjoying all of the Minnesota Twins sports action right from the comfort of your own home in your favorite easy chair? The professionals at Lelch Audio Video can guarantee you the best seats in the house and the ultimate in sports viewing entertainment, whether you are rooting for the Minnesota Twins, the Vikings or the Timberwolves.

Lelch Audio Video has more than two decades of experience designing and installing custom home theatres for Minneapolis area clients who believe the best place to watch the Minnesota Twins or any other sports team is right from the comfort and safety of their own house. We work directly with you to find out what features are most important to you in a home theatre system, in addition to making recommendations based on your budget and space considerations. We incorporate the finest quality home video components into the home theater we design and install for you, including LCD, LED, plasma and projection systems and state of the art surround sound systems.

2K and 4K video systems makes it possible for you to feel like you are right in the center of the action, minus all the annoyances.

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As a true blue Minnesota Twins fan, your best return on investment may be a season ticket to their games, or it may be a new home theater system, expertly crafted and installed by the audio-visual experts from Lelch Audio Video.

Watch all the action in climate-controlled convenience, surrounded by family and friends enjoying all of your favorite food and drink at a fraction of stadium prices. And when this year's baseball season is just a memory, a home theater extends your sports viewing pleasure with other games from other venues across the country and around the world. Contact Lelch Audio Video today for a heart to heart consultation on how we can deliver the home theater system of your dreams that will having you cheering on the Minnesota Twins, minus the traffic, expense, wasted time and assorted inconveniences.

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Reconnecting with Favorite Music Lowers Stress, Improves Mood

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Rediscover the Music you Love - Lelch Audio Video Surround Sound Systems

whole house audio

In these stressful times, one of the best ways to decompress and help improve your mood is listening to your favorite music. Numerous scientific studies have underscored the power of music in our lives to evoke many positive emotions. Listening to our favorite music can transport us back to the most happy times in our lives and each of the significant turning points. Hearing a particular love song can inspire us to feel nostalgic and hopeful. Listening to our favorite music is one of the most beneficial pastimes we can pursue in the privacy of our own home.

Reconnecting with your favorite musical artist or songs that you may have heard for the first time on a transistor radio on the beach or in a car radio while traveling is easier than ever, thanks to the sophisticated home audio systems now available that give more depth and clarity to each nuance of the musical score. Lelch AV can custom design a home audio system that not only fits your budget but also your lifestyle. Installing a home audio system enables you to rediscover favorite music you may have lost for decades, but in a way that sounds fuller and more satisfying than it did when you first heard it on the limited conventional stereo systems of the past.

Whole House Audio and Surround Sound Systems - Wake up your Music!

A new home audio system enables you to broaden your enjoyment of your favorite musical performances that up until now had only been available on old-fashioned vinyl which is no longer playable or has serious distortion issues. Digital downloads make it easy for you to enjoy a never ending library of your favorite music albums and artists with superior, high fidelity sound. Powerful surround sound systems not only enhance the music listening experience, it allows you to notice subtle nuances in the music that enhance your listening pleasure.

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Lelch Audio Video can outfit your home so that you can reconnect with your favorite music in any room of the house rather than being limited to your home entertainment center. We can position speakers in a strategic fashion so that they disappear into the background and the music seems to stream magically right out of thin air. Our home audio systems can even connect to outdoor areas so that reconnecting to your favorite music is possible while relaxing or partying on patios, at poolside or other outdoor entertainment areas.

Custom Designed and Installed Home Audio System

We can design and install a home audio system complete with portable or wall-built remotes that make it easy and convenient to access as well as change your musical selections. It's also possible to program different music at different volume levels for every room in your house. Music is often the best prescription for whatever ails you. Lelch Audio Video can help you reconnect with the favorite music, the tunes that evoke good memories and recaptures the joy about the most special times of your life, with a custom designed audio system.

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Professional Corporate Presentation System Impresses Audience, Nails Sales Pitch

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Close More Sales with Professional Presentation System

Commercial Presentation Boardroom Systems

No matter what product or service you are selling in today's marketplace, it's essential that you use every sales resource at your disposal in order to impress your customer. Customers have more choice today than ever before, making them more demanding and discriminating than ever before. Sales presentations need to impress them before they spend their hard-earned money on what your business is selling them. The sales presentation that you make is a reflection of your ability to provide them with the product or service they need. Are you willing to risk that reputation with amateur or unprepared sales pitches that make your customer lose confidence in your ability to serve them?

Any member of your sales force who approaches a prospective customer using an unprepared or lackluster sale pitch is actually working against you much more than the competition is. A salesman who is merely handing out paper informational sheets or other collateral material, supported only with a laptop presentation and no projector, looks and sounds ill-prepared to win any amount of sales orders. People like doing business with people that they feel confident about, and that's one of the most important reasons why your business needs to invest in professional presentation technology.

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Lelch Audio Video can design and install a commercial presentation system that supports your overall sales effort, makes your sales pitch to customers much more impressive and compelling, and helps your sales force more easily nail an increasing amount of substantial sales orders immediately following the presentation. The presentation systems we design and install include the latest audio/video technology for maximum effect. They are not only designed to teach your audience about the benefits of doing business with you, they also are capable of interacting with your audience, inspiring them to take action and make the decision to buy from you.

By using a professional presentation system, your sales efforts are enhanced through the use of high definition slides and high fidelity audio and video capabilities, expertly designed to feature flush mount speakers and large high-definition flat screen monitors for easy viewing. Interactive whiteboards are capable of displaying live video to create more spontaneous presentations and enable audiences at several different locations to participate in the sales presentation at the same time. Lelch AV technicians can incorporate any major operating system into your presentation system including Windows® and Mac®.

Today's competitive business environment requires a professional corporate presentation system. The best system is one that not only impresses your audience, but is effective enough to nail the sale. Contact Lelch AV about becoming your sales partner in designing and installing a presentation system that puts your company in the best light and puts your customers in a confident buying mood!

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Professional Surveillance System Prevents Employee Warehouse Theft

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Sometimes the Thief in on the Inside!

Commercial Security and Surveillance

Employees can be among a company's most important assets, with the exception of those employees who secretly attempt to take more than just a paycheck on a weekly basis from the business that hires them. It's estimated that as much as 1.5 percent of total annual sales disappears annually from any business' bottom line due to inventory shrinkage, products that are stolen through employee theft or customer shoplifting. Unfortunately, the largest contributor to inventory shrinkage which directly affects a company's profitability, accounting for 44 percent of losses, is caused by dishonest employees.

Maintaining a strict policy regarding employee theft as a firing offense followed up by police and legal action is an important first safeguard. But smart business owners also know that installing a professionally designed surveillance system in the warehouse is a surefire way to not only help to prevent employee pilferage of the company inventory in the first place but also the best way to gather evidence of any criminal activity that is already occurring at your business, allowing goods and products to walk out the door before the cash register even rings.

Being Visible Is Best Deterrent

It's been proven time and time again that the presence of visible security cameras located throughout the warehouse area can deter employees whose ulterior motive in getting hired may have been the theft and resale of your business's products. Security cameras can be monitored live or their footage reviewed on a daily or nightly basis in order to monitor any suspicious behavior that is taking place as sales orders are being processed through the warehouse. When employees know that their behavior and actions are being monitored, it is much less likely that they will take a chance on stealing or shoplifting products or services that don't rightfully belong to them. Because dishonest employees, much like any other criminal, want their stealing to be easy as well as done unnoticed by camera monitors.

Whether employee warehouse theft is an ongoing or occasional problem, having filmed evidence of what is taking place protects the company's legal rights. Not only can company security officers confront the offender with the evidence of theft that has been discovered, this evidence can back up the company's decision to terminate the employee as well as file criminal charges if necessary.

Stop Theft and Raise Profits

Today's business environment is more competitive than ever and profit margins are slimmer than before. Investing in a professional warehouse security surveillance system designed and installed by Lelch AV is a crime deterrent that quickly pays for itself. Not only does a professional surveillance system prevent your profits from slipping away, it also helps uncover theft activity quickly so that the perpetrators can be stopped cold from doing further damage.

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Enjoy the Ultimate Sports Experience With Home Theater Viewing

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Did You Enjoy the Superbowl and Winter Olympics This Year?

home cinema

Any true sports fan who counts up the time, money and energy they've spent attending sports events at locations away from home can attest to the growing expense coupled with a decreasing sense of satisfaction, thanks to traffic, crowds, noise and ticket prices. Enjoying the game at the stadium can deplete both your finances as well as your energy!

But imagine how great it would feel if you could enjoy the game in an atmosphere that made you feel like you were right in the center of the action, with all the comforts of being at home. Investing in a professionally installed home theater system, capable of providing you with the ultimate in sound, color and picture clarity, is the smartest way to enjoy any sports viewing experience without the hassle or discomfort of having to travel anywhere.

It's Like Being There...Only More Comfortable!

Imagine the fun and excitement of being guaranteed a comfortable front row, climate-controlled seat for every televised sporting event, from Winter and Summer Olympic Games to annual Superbowl festivities and your choice of weekly sports action, ranging from horse racing and soccer to basketball and ice hockey. Systems designed featuring a high-definition television (HDTV) with oversized screen and accompanied by a surround sound system makes you feel like you are smack in the middle of the action throughout every suspenseful moment of the game.

No matter what your favorite sports event, viewing it on your own home cinema system is like having a private sports box where you can invite family members and friends to join you for an unforgettable good time. There is no comparison between watching a sporting event on a regular TV screen with standard stereo speakers and enjoying a superior sports experience with a home theater system.

Personalized, Customized and Yours!

Among the many advantages of a custom-designed home cinema system for sports entertainment is your enjoyment of the sharpest, clearest, most colorful high definite picture capturing every aspect of game action. Systems can incorporate high definition, high fidelity 3-D HDTVs for a "you are there" experience, as well as projection systems that transmit pictures to cover an entire wall. The quality of the surround sound system of a home theater system makes you feel like you are immersed in the center of the action and you hear every call or conversation distinctly and clearly.

Home cinema systems can also be designed to enable the sports enthusiast to play sports video games at home in addition to enjoying all the cable channel and pay per view opportunities for sports viewing provided by your local cable or satellite access vendor. Why not get the most from your sports viewing experience by enjoying all of the action right from your own home theater. Lelch AV can design a home cinema system that fits your budget without cramping your style when it comes to enjoying the widest range of sports experiences live or on video.

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A Smart Home Welcomes You With Safety, Lighting and Comfort


Imagine pulling up to the driveway of your home after dark, after a long, tiring day at the office, after returning from a vacation break, or after making a run to the local supermarket to replenish food and supplies. You have to stumble out of the car with your briefcase, packages or luggage in order to open the garage door. You jump nervously because you think you heard a noise coming from the bushes but can't determine if someone or something is there because there's not a bit of starlight or moonlight to give you a clue. Lucky for you, it only turns out to be the neighbor's cat and not a burglar!

Early Detection - Early Warning Helps Prevent Crime

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Why Security System's Early Detection Deters Criminals

Early detection of Burglars

Any homeowner who values the safety of his family and the investment he's made in his property should be aware of an unsettling statistic provided by the FBI. By the time 15 seconds has passed on the clock, another home in America has been burglarized. But as a smart homeowner, you don't have to allow your house to become a crime statistic that costs you time, money and stress.

Keys to Crime Prevention:

  • Adequate Lighting
  • Warning Signs and Stickers
  • Motion Activated Lights and Cameras
  • Presence of Video Cameras
  • Loud Alarms
  • Dogs (please note: Lelch can not supply dogs)

Most homes become easy targets of the criminal element for a variety of reasons. More occupants of homes today are away from the house for a major portion of the day and many neighborhoods feature home after home left unattended, with few fellow neighbors around to witness suspicious activity. And the criminal element loves to take the easy route when working, and tend to choose those properties offering them isolation, easy access and no security system in place.

Let the Criminals Know You Know They Are There!

You can stay a step ahead of the criminals in this country by being a proactive homeowner who uses the security expertise provided by companies like Lelch Audio Video to install a custom designed security system to suit your specific needs. Expertly installed security systems serve as an early deterrent against criminal activity and do a number of things to deter criminals from targeting your home and its many valuables.

A security system clearly announces to would-be burglars that the homeowner has taken steps in advance to guard his property. It also alerts criminals that if they want to take their chances and secure unauthorized access to a particular home, they will be recorded and later identified by law enforcement officials to face the consequences. And if there is any group of people who hate having their picture taken more than individuals suffering from a bad hair day, it's burglars, who count on anonymity to do their dirty work in broad daylight.

But you don't have to count solely on the opinion of the security experts at Lelch Audio Video regarding the effectiveness of having a security system in place as the best deterrent against criminal activity. There has been a groundbreaking scientific study done on the topic at Rutgers University. Scientists there who reviewed neighborhood crime statistics over a 48 month period, found that home break-ins consistently decreased the more that home security system installation increased in area homes.

Prepare Your Home Before It's Too Late

It's simple and easy to avoid having your home become easy pickings for criminals looking for a fast buck. Start with a consultation with the security system experts at Lelch Audio Video. You'll discover the many benefits early detection, using a well-designed security system, can offer you to deter criminals from burglarizing or vandalizing your home and property.

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Smartphone Home Control and Monitoring

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Run Your Home More Efficiently Right from Your Smartphone

Until scientists figure out a way that we can physically be in two places at once, the best solution for running your home more easily, efficiently and securely, is to do it from your smartphone from any location.

Smartphone Remote Control Automation

Lelch Audio Video is seeing the popularity of security and surveillance systems run from smartphones skyrocket because not only does it offer homeowners tremendous peace of mind, it's also the easiest way to monitor home activity, decrease your energy costs and change the settings for your home's operating systems at a moment's notice.

  • Control Lights
  • Control HVAC
  • Monitor Security System
  • Lock and Unlock Doors Remotely

Imagine the power and the peace of mind that you would feel by being able to manage your home's security and operational systems with a simple touch of your smartphone. Custom designed home automation systems that can be operated from any smartphone from any location is the smart and cost efficient solution for being able to control such things as HVAC settings, lighting controls, security system activation and even the operation of major appliances in your absence.

Lelch Audio Video knows it's not an easy job to run a household in these stress-filled times, but running your home from your smartphone is the best solution for monitoring the activity in your home and operating a variety of controls, whether you are at your place of employment, are on vacation, or have experienced a change of plans that means you won't be arriving home as early as you had anticipated.

Wouldn't it feel great to put your mind at ease by accessing your home's security network and operational controls through your smartphone within seconds. Homeowners have so much on their minds these days, it's easy to forget whether or not you set the timers on the lights or locked both the front and back doors prior to leaving the house. It's easy to check that all of your security controls are properly set and working as you expect when your security network is connected to your smartphone for simple and easy touch-control.

Smart Phone Monitoring: Easy, Convenient, Efficient...Always With You!

You never have to worry about whether or not your home is secure when you can make a quick audio-visual check of your home using your smartphone. You never have to miss out on important opportunities or stress out because weather conditions or travel plans delay your home arrival because you can control or change settings remotely on everything from thermostats and door locks to lighting timers with smartphone control.

Convenience and Control in the Palm of your Hand

Running your home right from your smartphone saves you time, money and needless worry, making it possible to change settings and guarantee the highest levels of security with just one touch on your smartphone monitor.

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