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Early Detection - Early Warning Helps Prevent Crime

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Why Security System's Early Detection Deters Criminals

Early detection of Burglars

Any homeowner who values the safety of his family and the investment he's made in his property should be aware of an unsettling statistic provided by the FBI. By the time 15 seconds has passed on the clock, another home in America has been burglarized. But as a smart homeowner, you don't have to allow your house to become a crime statistic that costs you time, money and stress.

Keys to Crime Prevention:

  • Adequate Lighting
  • Warning Signs and Stickers
  • Motion Activated Lights and Cameras
  • Presence of Video Cameras
  • Loud Alarms
  • Dogs (please note: Lelch can not supply dogs)

Most homes become easy targets of the criminal element for a variety of reasons. More occupants of homes today are away from the house for a major portion of the day and many neighborhoods feature home after home left unattended, with few fellow neighbors around to witness suspicious activity. And the criminal element loves to take the easy route when working, and tend to choose those properties offering them isolation, easy access and no security system in place.

Let the Criminals Know You Know They Are There!

You can stay a step ahead of the criminals in this country by being a proactive homeowner who uses the security expertise provided by companies like Lelch Audio Video to install a custom designed security system to suit your specific needs. Expertly installed security systems serve as an early deterrent against criminal activity and do a number of things to deter criminals from targeting your home and its many valuables.

A security system clearly announces to would-be burglars that the homeowner has taken steps in advance to guard his property. It also alerts criminals that if they want to take their chances and secure unauthorized access to a particular home, they will be recorded and later identified by law enforcement officials to face the consequences. And if there is any group of people who hate having their picture taken more than individuals suffering from a bad hair day, it's burglars, who count on anonymity to do their dirty work in broad daylight.

But you don't have to count solely on the opinion of the security experts at Lelch Audio Video regarding the effectiveness of having a security system in place as the best deterrent against criminal activity. There has been a groundbreaking scientific study done on the topic at Rutgers University. Scientists there who reviewed neighborhood crime statistics over a 48 month period, found that home break-ins consistently decreased the more that home security system installation increased in area homes.

Prepare Your Home Before It's Too Late

It's simple and easy to avoid having your home become easy pickings for criminals looking for a fast buck. Start with a consultation with the security system experts at Lelch Audio Video. You'll discover the many benefits early detection, using a well-designed security system, can offer you to deter criminals from burglarizing or vandalizing your home and property.

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Smartphone Home Control and Monitoring

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Run Your Home More Efficiently Right from Your Smartphone

Until scientists figure out a way that we can physically be in two places at once, the best solution for running your home more easily, efficiently and securely, is to do it from your smartphone from any location.

Smartphone Remote Control Automation

Lelch Audio Video is seeing the popularity of security and surveillance systems run from smartphones skyrocket because not only does it offer homeowners tremendous peace of mind, it's also the easiest way to monitor home activity, decrease your energy costs and change the settings for your home's operating systems at a moment's notice.

  • Control Lights
  • Control HVAC
  • Monitor Security System
  • Lock and Unlock Doors Remotely

Imagine the power and the peace of mind that you would feel by being able to manage your home's security and operational systems with a simple touch of your smartphone. Custom designed home automation systems that can be operated from any smartphone from any location is the smart and cost efficient solution for being able to control such things as HVAC settings, lighting controls, security system activation and even the operation of major appliances in your absence.

Lelch Audio Video knows it's not an easy job to run a household in these stress-filled times, but running your home from your smartphone is the best solution for monitoring the activity in your home and operating a variety of controls, whether you are at your place of employment, are on vacation, or have experienced a change of plans that means you won't be arriving home as early as you had anticipated.

Wouldn't it feel great to put your mind at ease by accessing your home's security network and operational controls through your smartphone within seconds. Homeowners have so much on their minds these days, it's easy to forget whether or not you set the timers on the lights or locked both the front and back doors prior to leaving the house. It's easy to check that all of your security controls are properly set and working as you expect when your security network is connected to your smartphone for simple and easy touch-control.

Smart Phone Monitoring: Easy, Convenient, Efficient...Always With You!

You never have to worry about whether or not your home is secure when you can make a quick audio-visual check of your home using your smartphone. You never have to miss out on important opportunities or stress out because weather conditions or travel plans delay your home arrival because you can control or change settings remotely on everything from thermostats and door locks to lighting timers with smartphone control.

Convenience and Control in the Palm of your Hand

Running your home right from your smartphone saves you time, money and needless worry, making it possible to change settings and guarantee the highest levels of security with just one touch on your smartphone monitor.

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Increase Safety and Security with Remote Home Monitoring

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Increased Safety Among Many Benefits of Remote Home Monitoring

It can be frustrating whenever business or social commitments keep you away from the home you enjoy. But your absence from your house doesn't have to compromise your feelings of safety and security.

Remote Home Monitoring

The security experts at Lelch Audio Video recommend remote home monitoring as the perfect way to increase the safety and security of at-home family members as well as your property and valuables even when you can't be physically on site.

  • Monitor for unauthorized entry
  • Check up on your pets
  • Monitor for fire or smoke or leaks
  • Check in on the Nanny
  • Ensure pet sitter is visiting regularly

One of the biggest benefits of using a professionally installed remote home monitoring system is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can stay connected to your home no matter how far away you are actually located. You also enjoy remaining in control of every feature of your home security system and all of the systems that contribute to making your home comfortable.

A Quick Check Of Your Home with Internet Monitoring

A remote monitoring system designed and installed by Lelch Audio Video keeps you in charge, at any hour of the day or night, of such home security features as door and window locks, thermostat settings, indoor and outdoor lighting levels which have proven to be one of the most effective deterrents against break-ins, as well as arming and disarming the security system. Not only can remote home monitoring increase the security in and around your property, it also saves you on energy costs because you can control such things as lighting and temperature within seconds from any location.

With a remote home monitoring system in place, you enjoy a live video feed from all locations throughout your home so you can check in on your children, your pets and the activities of home healthcare workers, babysitters and other service personnel. Remote monitoring makes it possible to know if secured areas such as wine cabinets, gun safes or medicine chests have been compromised without permission. You can feel more connected to elderly family members living in your home as well as supervise your children's activities, knowing exactly when they arrive home or if they leave without permission. You can even allow a delivery person or neighbor to gain access into your home without having to be on the premises by using remote home monitoring.

Surveillance With Alert System

Remote home monitoring also alerts you immediately via e-mail or text message if your security system has been invaded for faster police and security response. Remote home monitoring is the next best thing to being there. It offers you a much more stress-free lifestyle because it dramatically increases the safety and security of your home whether or not you are present.

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Commercial Security and Surveillance

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Protect Commercial Business Assets With Monitored Security

Commercial Security and Surveillance

It is more challenging than ever before for commercial businesses such as retail stores and warehouses to turn a profit. But smart business owners know that monitoring their business for theft, and preventing shrinkage and unauthorized entry, has to be their first priority on a daily basis.

  • Monitor gate entrance
  • Monitor dock activity
  • Reduce warehouse shrinkage
  • Reduce retail theft
  • Monitor area access

That's why having an efficient, professionally installed security and surveillance system in place is one of the best investments commercial businesses can ever make.

Live Monitoring and Recording Prevents Theft

Lelch Security and Surveillance Systems are a smart way to prevent storage warehouses along with retail stores where merchandise is sold from suffering losses due to organized theft, customer shoplifting and employee pilfering. Following a consultation with one of our team members, a business owner knows exactly where his security system weaknesses are located within his property and how a well-designed, cost efficient security and surveillance system can fix it. One of the benefits of using monitored security is that it offers security assistance on a round the clock basis so you as a business owner enjoy complete peace of mind whether you are onsite at the business or not.

Having a security and surveillance system in place performs a number of beneficial services for your commercial enterprise. First, it alerts dishonest employees, customers or criminals casing the neighborhood that you have already taken steps to protect your inventory and sales merchandise. In the event any one individual or team of criminals thinks they can beat the system and steal your merchandise, they risk being recorded on video, making it easier for law enforcement to arrest them and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

Getting Caught is a Thief's Lowest Priority!

A security and surveillance system also makes it easier for law enforcement to assist you during off hours should a break-in occur that requires immediate action. Video cameras both inside and outside your property make it much more difficult for dishonest employees or criminals to operate in secret because the business owner always has access to viewing all areas of their store or warehouse, eliminating those hidden corners thieves are counting on in order to rob you and deplete the profits you work so hard to obtain.

Security and surveillance systems have the added benefit of allowing business owners to control operating systems such as locks and lighting from remote locations and at a moment's notice whenever necessary. The best offense for commercial business owners to prevent losses from theft, shoplifting and pilfering, is a strong defense, the kind that comes from having a custom-designed security and surveillance system professionally installed to meet your specific monitoring needs.

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Whole House Audio

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Full Home Audio System Provides Luxury of Music in Every Room

whole house audio

Why settle for enjoying music in only one room of your house when it is actually more cost efficient than ever before to install a full home audio system that enables every room in your home to be alive with the sounds of music.

  • Controlled and powered by your main system
  • Flush ceiling or wall mount speakers
  • Remote Control
  • Bookshelf or floor standing speakers

As a specialist in custom design and installation of whole house multi-room audio systems, Lelch Audio Video is finding an increasing number of customers adding full home audio systems to new construction, or opting for upgrading their current home environment by installing a full home audio system as one of the ultimate entertainment luxuries.

There's no reason to confine the enjoyment of high quality musical performances to just the one room in your home where you have your home entertainment center located. A full home audio system enables you to add music to the list of amenities that make your life at home much more comfortable and enjoyable. Imagine moving from room to room throughout your day and being able to hear your favorite tunes wafting gently through the atmosphere no matter where in the house you are located. There is a growing amount of scientific evidence that proves that exposure to music not only can improve your mood but also improves your health by strengthening the immune system.

With Whole House Audio You Can Dance In Any Room!

I don't know about you but, when I'm working on a home project or cleaning house I want to rock out! I don't want to have to blast the home system to 20 just to hear it throughout the house though. Adding speakers in every room made Whole House Audio a reality for me. -Chuck, Plymouth, MN.

Lelch Audio Video has years of experience creating custom designed and installed full home audio systems that cater to the specific needs of individual homeowners. We can provide you with wired systems that carefully conceal the speakers and wires in every room within ceilings and walls for a seamless musical experience. A wireless system is often the best bet for an existing home because it requires no remodeling to any of the existing walls or other structures. We can also provide you a hybrid system that is a combination of concealed wires and speakers accompanied by other wireless components.

Take the "Chore" out of your Housework with Whole House Audio

We challenge you to remember the last day you went without hearing at least one piece of music that lightened your mood or gave you a boost of energy. Now imagine how delightful it would be to live in a home where every room of the house had the option of enjoying the highest quality sound capabilities, delivering a daily diet of favorite show tunes, soundtracks, rock, pop or classical music. Isn't it time that you treated yourself to the luxury of having music in every room, controlled effortlessly from the panel of a full home audio system. Get the party started with a full home audio system expertly crafted by Lelch Audio Video.

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New Audio and Video Technology Starts at the Annual CES

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Lelch Embraces all that's New in Home Audio and Video!

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is coming up this week. This is the National and Global opportunity for manufacturers and service providers to display and reveal the latest technological breakthroughs coming up for this year.

[caption id="attachment_2459" align="aligncenter" width="685"]Lelch Audio Video Minneapolis Click for CES Videos[/caption]

All the biggest Global players will be there. Microsoft, Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sony...just to name a few. This is the one show where all the geeks and other lovers of technology stay glued to the news stream and look for those nuggets of information that will make the biggest difference in the upcoming 12 months. Sometimes, the technology succeeds and sometimes it's a flop. It's all about innovation though.

Look at the more recent developments coming from CES events. Just about every technology you have heard about was announced there first. Not just audio and video but, obviously those are important to Lelch Audio Video.

Ultra HD TV - 4K Video Resolution

4K video resolutions were released at CES just a few shows ago. Now 4K or Ultra HD TV is the rage. It has the pixel density to display 4 times the density of 1080P. Four times 1080P! 1080P still looks pretty decent but, when you experience Ultra HD, you'll be blown away. You can even stream Ultra HD from Amazon and Netflix now on selected movies. Is your equipment up to date? Lelch Audio Video can help you get there.

This week at CES, they are going to start talking about 8K! Incredible! It won't be long before that is the standard because, that is how our industry progresses. Everything is advancing at an incredible rate and at an incredible pace.

CES also announces many supporting technologies that will be incorporated into our offerings in a number of ways. There will be new apps allowing you to control your lighting, your security system as well as your audio video equipment. There will be new speaker interfaces and ways to distribute sound within your room and your home.

Lelch Audio Video Has You Covered

With all the new stuff being announced, it can be hard to keep track of what you should incorporate into your new home audio or home theater system. That's where Lelch Audio Video comes in. We are technology buffs and stay tuned in to all the new technology. We are early adopters and will help you decide what you need and what you should want to have in your new system.

How can we help?

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Selecting Home Audio System Receivers

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What Do You Look For in Home Audio System Receiver Features?

When selecting home audio equipment, look beyond what you currently use your home system for. Selecting a system with more versatility should be the goal.

Making Sense of the Jargon

3D TV Explained

Should you go with a 5 channel or 7 channel theater receiver? How many watts? Those are the basic questions that come to mind first. Look beyond these to really open up the possibilities.

What’s available? Well, if you like internet radio for example, does the system have wifi or does it have a network cable port. The answer should be: Both. Wifi will give you the bandwidth you need for most options. You can stream Pandora, Rdio or Spotify easily over wireless. Wireless also works fine for most Netflix or Hulu movies. You may want to use a network cable though for connections between components like a hard disk movie library of if you plan on streaming 3D or 4K high definition movies. Bandwidth beyond what current wireless specs are capable of are better suited for some of these options.

Since the technology offerings for media are moving so quickly (think vinyl to 8 track to cassette to cd on audio), you don’t want to get too embedded with one technology and especially if that technology has been around for awhile. Saying, for example, that all you want is the DVD or Blueray playing feature will eventually limit what you can do with your system. The format media comes on is moving forward always. Buy the latest 4K and 3D capabilities and you’re assured that you’ll be safe for several years. Something else will come out over the next 3 years. You can bet on it.

Look For Maximum Versatility

Look for systems with plenty of HDMI inputs. You’ll need those for connecting devices. Google’s Chromecast, for example, is an HDMI Wireless connection device that opens up streaming from other devices like tablets, smartphones and other compatible entertainment appliances. Consider if the system has built in Apple AirPlay as well if your family is more Apple product centric. Some of the latest Android smart phones may also support MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) that uses a micro USB to HDMI cable to a special port labeled MHL allowing you to stream media to the TV and offers control of the phone from your remote control as well as keeps the phone charged and awake.

Keep in mind that all theater systems do not offer support for phonographs as a standard option. If you have a collection of vinyl that you want to play, you’ll want to ask about support for playing records. You may need a phono pre-amp component if the system does not support it natively. You don’t want to find out too late that you’ll need another piece of equipment.

What Does Lelch Audio Video Recommend?

The receivers we recommend at Lelch Audio Video are always the latest equipment available from the top tier vendors. Manufacturers like Yamaha, Marantz, Denon and Sony, to name a few. We lead with full compatibility with 3D, 4K video technologies as well as wireless, Bluetooth, Airplay, etc. You can count on us to know the latest technology and recommend equipment that you’ll be satisfied with for years to come.

For a no charge, no obligation in-home meeting with one of our professional home audio consultants, give us a call or click the quote button to complete a request form.

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Home Cinema Installation

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Home Cinema Installation Rivals Finest Entertainment Venues in Minneapolis

Minneapolis boasts entertainment venues to suit every taste, from art museums and rock clubs to independent movie houses and the finest in live theater.

Home cinema systems minneapolis

But often the most comfortable place to enjoy entertainment is your very own Minneapolis home when you invest in professional Home Cinema Installation from Lelch Audio Video. Lelch has been the premiere expert at designing and installing home-based entertainment systems that go beyond plugging in disjointed pieces of home theater system equipment.

Lelch AV is bringing the concept of Home Cinema to Minneapolis area homeowners as the best way to enjoy a range of entertainment venues right in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Home Cinema Dedicated Theater Rooms

Transforming a dedicated room in your house into a professional grade Home Cinema offers you the best return on your entertainment investment. If you count up all the ticket fees you pay for entertainment related activities happening outside your home and include travel and parking expenses, you will be amazed at just how affordable professional Home Cinema installation can be.

Where Do You Feel the Safest?

If asked where, throughout the city, people feel the most safe and comfortable, the majority of people would answer right in their own home, where everything they need is either right at their fingertips or just a few steps away. Having a Home Cinema installed means you can enjoy all of your favorite entertainment activities in the most secure environment possible, without dealing with the hassles of rude neighbors or noisy fellow movie and concert-goers.

All Access Entertainment - What You Want to Watch!

Home Cinema installation also enables you to enjoy sporting events, new or classic movie releases, favorite television shows, musical performances and video games in the most comfortable environment possible. Every Lelch AV designed Home Cinema installation includes the expertise to tastefully furnish the room in addition to providing the latest state of the art hardware and equipment technology.

Not Just Top Quality Equipment...Professional Design and Installation Services

And Home Cinema installation provided by the experts at Lelch Audio Video is among the best ways to provide an activity hub right in the secure comfort of your own home that provides wonderful family memories for years to come. Contact the friendly professionals at Lelch AV to discuss how to transform your current Home Theater System into a full-fledged Home Cinema Installation.

Home Cinema installation offers you the best value for your entertainment dollar in a secure and comfortable environment that promotes fun times and hours of enjoyment watching live or taped big screen entertainment events with friends and family members. If you consider your home is your castle, adding Home Cinema installation will serve as a royal way to treat family members and guests to the ultimate entertainment experience.


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Watch this video from one of our respected Home Cinema Receiver Brands, Denon.