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Family Movie Night with Home Theater System Eagan MN


Family Movie Night with Home Theater System Eagan MN

Eagan Home Theater Systems

More and More Families are finding Family Night "OUT" is better "At Home"

A family movie night is a fun way to reconnect after a long week. Unfortunately, going to the movie theater is not what it used to be. The cost of tickets and concessions for a family of four can easily reach $50 or more. You also have to contend with traffic getting there and theaters that are noisy and crowded.
  • No Crowds
  • No Tickets
  • No Parking
  • No Traffic
  • Full Control of Volume
  • Full Control of Pause/Play/Rewind!!
Most movies theaters today are multiplexes, which means there are as many as 20 different movies showing at the same time. With the availability of home theater systems, watching a movie at home is the only way to go. You can recline in a lounge chair, lie on the floor or even stand up if you want to. Best of all, you can stop the action to use the restroom, talk or make another bowl of popcorn. There is no one there to tell you to sit down or be quiet.

Exceptionally Deep, Rich Audio and Video

The visual and auditory displays of a home theater system are superior to anything you can find on television or at your local movie theater. The sounds are deep and rich, which makes you feel more connected to the characters in the movie. The crisp and clear graphics only add to the sense of realism. With a home theater system, your senses are heightened to the point that you experience the movie rather than just watch it. Some people put off installing a home theater system because they are intimidated by its technology. Fortunately, manufacturers have made it easy for even the most technology-resistant person to enjoy a family movie night from the comfort of their own home. Touch control remotes make it simple to adjust the sound and picture quality to your own preferences. Kids who have grown up with technology normally have no problem managing a home theater system. They may even be able to teach it to their parents. You can also consult the easy-to-understand instructions to master touch control technology in a matter of minutes.

Lelch Makes it Easy to get Professional Home Theater for your Eagan Home

Not only do you get the professional help selecting and designing your system you get a complete installation and a training session from our professionals! Nothing is left to chance. Call Lelch Audio Video to find out what we can do for you. [sc:insertbutton]

Creating the Home Theater System Design of Your Dreams


Creating the Home Theater System Design of Your Dreams

Bloomington Home Theater by Lech Audio Video

If you and your family have been dreaming of having your very own quality home theater, it's time to put those dreams into action with the help of Lelch AV, the Bloomington and Minneapolis area's premiere custom designer and installer of the best quality home audio and theater systems available in the marketplace.

Personalized Design Services in your Bloomington Home

The experts at Lelch AV offer a highly personalized method of creating a unique home theater system designed to meet your specific needs because our team members work with you every step of the way, from assessing what components you require to actually performing the professional installation of all necessary equipment so that the home theater you wind up with satisfies your needs as well as your desires. We work with our clients on the size, shape and design of their home theater, determining the number of optimum seats and if traditional theater seating or more intimate couch seating is best suited to this space. We check the space requirements necessary for all of the equipment you need to provide the features you want and also ensure that proper ventilation is provided. We help you select the best quality equipment based on the type of entertainment you enjoy most, ranging from movies and DVDs to television events and audio musical concerts.

Simplified Controls for your Home Theater System

Lelch AV can design a simple one button control system as well as unified remote control that can perform multiple commands in sequence for your viewing and listening pleasure. With our home theater system design assistance, the ambiance of the room lighting will be perfect, and we can recommend ways to make the speakers and other pieces of equipment be virtually undetectable or at least blend into the room's overall design theme. The home theater system design experts at Lelch AV take your budgetary concerns into consideration and offer you the best value on quality home theater equipment for your investment. And every system we help you design offers equally superior audio as well as visual performance. The quality home theater of your dreams we can install for you makes it safe, comfortable and convenient to entertain yourself at home without facing unruly crowds, inconvenient schedules and traffic.

Bloomington Homes Deserve a Great Home Theater System

Haven't you delayed your dream long enough? Contact Lelch AV today for a complimentary consultation that can help your home theater system design plans take flight. [sc:insertbutton] [sc:author]

Home Theater Video System Features Numerous Advantages


Home Theater Video System Features Numerous Advantages

Eden Prairie Home Theater Systems

If crowds, noise, expensive parking fees and traffic aren't your idea of a good time, Lelch AV suggests you consider transforming a favorite room in your home into your very own home theater by installing one of the home theater video systems our company can customize specifically to suit your needs. A home theater system designed and professionally installed in your Eden Prarie home by Lelch AV can not only increase your family's enjoyment of quality time together, it can also serve as a great way to entertain friends without the stress or hassle of travelling to a public location that offers none of the safety, convenience and comfort of being at home.

Movie Night Out...Now at Home!

Every night can turn out to be movie night when Lelch AV installs one of its home theater video systems that rivals and often surpasses the big screen experience you get at a local movie theater. A home theater is also a great way to enjoy quality family time watching award-winning commercial film productions as well as home-made movies or selected shows from your favorite TV series of days gone by.

Home Theater Systems Eden Prarie...for Movies, Sports and More!

There is also no need to fight the crowds at your local sports bar on game day because a home theater system gives you the best seat in the house for watching the action of your favorite professional sports teams, thanks to a quality high-definition television screen complemented with superior surround sound and speakers. Expertly designed home video theater systems can turn your rec room or living room into a video game parlor. Games played on a high quality home theater system elevates the challenges involved in game playing to new heights. And because home theater video systems involve the use of big viewing screens and the incomparable quality provided by a surround sound system, there is simply no way to feel more fully immersed in game participation than playing in a custom designed home theater.

Professional Installation - Professional Advice - No Hassles

There are many technical advantages that come when you decide to have Lelch AV design and install a home theater system. We advise you on every piece of equipment in order to insure the finest quality high definition picture on your screen, flawless sound that captures every whisper and sound from all points of the room, in addition to recommending all of the necessary gadgets beyond the screen, sound system and speakers that will help your home theater video system rival even the best professional entertainment venues. The movie, music and game playing experience every homeowner deserves can be located right in their own home thanks to the expertise provided by Lelch AV. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation regarding what home theater video system components we would recommend to suit your family's needs as well as your budget. [sc:insertbutton] [sc:author]

Home Automation Systems Offer Convenience, Security

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Home Automation Systems Offer Convenience, Security - Serving the Plymouth, Maple Grove Area

When customers ask what upgrades they can make to their home environment to help it be more comfortable, convenient and secure, Lelch AV recommends that they consider home automation systems. Home automation really moves any home into the 21st century. Imagine the savings in time and money you could enjoy by being able to control a wide range of home operating systems and appliances right from your cell phone when you are away or from one centralized location when you are at home. Maple Grove / Plymouth area home owners know that home automation convenience is one of the top reasons why clients hire Lelch AV to design and install a complete home automation system to make every aspect of running a home simple, easy and economical. Lelch AV is the number one source for home automation systems design and installation, customized to make it as simple as pushing a button to access or control any number of home appliances and systems that add to the quality, comfort, and safety of your life. In addition to accessing your Plymouth - Maple Grove home security system, changing codes and setting timers, home automation convenience enables you to turn appliances on and off, control heating and cooling systems to make the climate as comfortable as possible, in addition to video monitoring of the activity inside your home and around your property direct from your current location.

Two Places at Once...Home Automation is the next best thing!

Since we have not quite figured out how to be in two places at once, using home automation enables you the home automation convenience of accessing interior and exterior controls on a remote basis when you can't spare the time or energy to travel home in person. Home automation systems give you the convenience of not having to get out of a warm bed in order to control the lighting in your home. You can be on one level of the house on the phone and control an appliance on an entirely different level without taking one step. Home automation convenience also extends to controlling your home security system without having to physically be at home. Another great benefit to using Lelch AV's experienced staff to design and install a home automation system is the energy savings that result from giving you quick access to your heating and air conditioning thermostat as well as all major appliances. Remote control of these not only allows your household to use energy resources more efficiently, you can adjust settings at a moment's notice in order to lower your energy costs more efficiently.

Home Automation Provides Peace of Mind

Lelch AV home automation systems also guarantee homeowners the benefit of enjoying true peace of mind because the wireless security system feature enables you to remotely check on any household activity even if you are situated miles away. Home automation is fast becoming the number one preferred way for Maple Grove and Plymouth homeowners to save time, money, energy and at the same time increase their ability to keep their loved ones and property monitored and safe from harm. [sc:insertbutton ]

Security in the Palm of Your Hand With Intrusion and Monitoring Systems


Security in the Palm of Your Hand With Intrusion and Monitoring Systems

Issues regarding home security and safety are issues that affect households of every size and income in the Brooklyn Park / Minneapolis area. Home Security and Surveillance Brooklyn Park - Minneapolis
  • Home Monitoring
  • Video Monitoring
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Motion Detection
  • Remote Monitoring
Home monitoring systems featuring intrusion alarms designed and installed by Lelch AV are the perfect solution for providing homeowners with tangible security because a home alarm system provides that added layer of protection that makes homeowners, their family members and valuables less of a target for unsavory criminals.

Brooklyn Park Turns to Lelch Audio Video for their Security System Needs

Home monitoring systems are among the fastest growing segment of Lelch AV's security design services for area homeowners and there is a very good reason why. Home monitoring systems are the most cost efficient way to guard your property against break-in and theft in addition to providing one-touch control over everything at your house, from adjusting your air conditioning or heating thermostat to turning your lights and appliances on or off and locking or unlocking doors and windows. A home alarm system professionally installed by the expert technicians from Lelch AV even lets you remotely activate your door locks by passcode so that you can determine who is allowed access to your home in your absence, in addition to remotely programming your appliances in order to make them as energy efficient and cost saving as possible. And thanks to strategically placed intrusion alarms, should the worst case scenario happen and a criminal breaks into your home, a customized alarm response immediately goes into action to handle the emergency even if business or pleasure has you traveling thousands of miles away from home. Since it's not physically possible to watch over your property yourself on a round the clock basis, a professionally installed home alarm system complete with intruder alarms is the next best thing to being a superhuman superhero who is protecting your loved ones and personal possessions on a 24/7 basis. Intrusion alarms are among the most effective security devices available today to deter burglars and other criminals from sticking around after they have broken through a door or managed to smash a window. Thousands of Minneapolis homeowners have trusted their security to Lelch AV. Isn't this the right time for your Brooklyn Park family to consider having our experts design and install the perfect home monitoring system for your property? Call us today to discuss your perfect, custom designed system. [sc:insertbutton]

Home Theaters Benefit from Quality Surround Sound Systems


Home Theaters Benefit from Quality Surround Sound Systems

Boon and Coon Rapids Residents Rock On with Lelch Audio Video

Boon Coon Rapids Surround Sound SystemsHow many nights out of the last seven did you or a member of your family sit down to enjoy a movie or listen to music in your home's entertainment center? Do you and your family find yourselves spending more and more time in your own home theater?
  • Crisp Clean Sound
  • Volume with Extreme Clarity
  • Bass you can Feel
  • Highs and Mid-ranges that are Pitch Perfect
  • Hear Your Music at Greater Depth
Just imagine how much more enjoyable your at-home entertainment experience would be with a quality sound system installation that rivals what you can experience in some of the world's finest public theatres, opera houses and music halls. All without leaving your Boon / Coon Rapids area homes!

Professionally Designed and Installed Home Surround Sound

Lelch AV can help to increase your home theater listening pleasure by designing and installing surround sound systems that rival professional sound systems. Everyone has had the experience of missing a key piece of dialogue in a film or TV show because of inferior sound quality. But by investing in a quality sound system installation for your Coon Rapids home, your listening pleasure increases by a thousand percent whether you are listening to pure music or hearing conversation. Lelch AV is your Minneapolis area trusted resource for designing and installing in-home surround sound systems guaranteed to improve the quality of the home theater system experience.

Helpful Professionals - Exceptional Service

With assistance from our great team of technical experts, homeowners are guided to create the kind of surround sound systems that not only meets their needs but also suits their budget. With an astonishing array of equipment available, we can help you select the best value when it comes to the television set, DVD/Blu-ray player, speakers, subwoofer, cables, remote control and other components necessary for the highest quality sound system installation. But we won't leave you hanging there, left to your own devices. Lelch AV also offers professional installation services for surround sound systems to guarantee that all of the intricate wiring and technical connections are properly implemented to deliver a superior sound system previously enjoyed only at professional entertainment venues.

Get Started Now - It's Easy!

Our professional specialty is creating the perfect acoustic experience for your home theater. A signature of every Lelch AV installation project is the handling of every detail to ensure that speaker size and positioning as well as the choice of equipment and wiring all work in concert to deliver flawless surround sound. Contact the experts at Lelch AV and listen to the many benefits that a quality surround sound system can add to your current home theater environment. [sc:insertbutton]

Customized Home Security and Surveillance Systems from Lelch AV


Customized Home Security and Surveillance Systems from Lelch AV

Home Security Installation in Woodbury MN

The best way that any homeowner in the Woodbury and Minneapolis metropolitan area can enjoy peace of mind in a 21st century filled with daily news of home break-ins and home-related crimes, is to invest in the kind of customized home security systems and home surveillance systems that Lelch AV offers. Our clients are looking for the ultimate in home safety. They want a home security system as well as home surveillance system and believe that they are no longer a luxury but a necessity. A system that guarantees safety and protection of families personally along with their valued possessions whether or not they are at home, and no matter the time of day or year.

Woodbury Home Security and Surveillance Systems

Lelch Audio Video is the expert that area families can rely on to provide years of experience when designing and installing a customized home security and surveillance system with the right features to suit a homeowner's particular needs. The home security systems we design and install represent the latest 21st century technology, resulting in the finest home alarm system the homeowner can invest his money in. With our expert guidance, homeowners receive home security systems that include the most important elements for their safety and comfort, such as cameras, motion sensors, easy to operate control panels and glass break alarms.

Home Surveillance Systems for Woodbury / Minneapolis area Homes

The cameras we recommend and install offer high definition resolution that not only deter intruders but also provide valuable and usable data to catch criminals. We can also incorporate a DVR Hard Drive for recording suspicious activity on a round the clock basis. Lelch AV can design your home surveillance systems to feature remote viewing capability that can be directed to a mobile device, computer or television screen at your location away from home. We can offer you a system that includes infrared detection for night vision as a much less expensive alternative to increasing outdoor lighting. And all of our audio and visual security systems can feature motion activation as a money-saving feature because cameras do not need to be automatically recording on a 24/7 basis. Lelch AV recognizes that your home is your castle, but you don't have to spend a king's ransom on the design and installation of home surveillance systems when you hire our expertise to make your house and the surrounding property enjoy the highest levels of safety and security. Having the foresight to have a quality security and surveillance system in place sends a message to criminals that you are being proactive when it comes to your safety and security. Lelch AV wants to partner with you in designing home security and home surveillance systems that fit your budget, contain all of the features necessary to ensure your safety, and includes durable quality, state of the art surveillance equipment.

Rest Easy - Your Home Security System adds Peace of Mind

If recent crime statistics and noises in the night are keeping you awake, it's a good idea to call Lelch AV to discuss the many options available to you in customized design and installation of home security and surveillance systems that help you get a good night's sleep. [sc:insertbutton]

A Look at the History of Television

A Look at the History of Television

Modern television history began in the late 1940s with the establishment of the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) , the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) and the DuMont Television Network. Early television shows consisted of 15 minute programs that provided news, short comedy/musical skits and children's entertainment that could be viewed on small television screens about five square inches in size. Considered the "Golden Age of Television", the 1950s are mostly remembered for its classic television shows and the invention of the "console" TV set that eventually became a piece of desired furniture in over half of the living rooms in the U.S. Shows like "The Milton Berle Show", "Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour (a radio show that found success on television) and "The Colgate Comedy Hour" had millions of families sitting around their TV sets nightly to laugh at the antics of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis and "Uncle Miltie". In fact, you can still catch a few timeless 1950s sitcoms still playing the rerun circuit today on your Direct TV system, such as "I Love Lucy", "Leave It To Beaver" and "Father's Knows Best". Many families purchased their first color television set in the 1960s and watched an eclectic variety of programming "in living color". It was the time of silly comedies and we all reluctantly hated to admit that we enjoyed watching those crazy castaways on "Gilligan's Island", the spooky shenanigans of Fred Munster and his family and Dr. Smith frantically crying for "help!" as Will and the Robot rushed to his rescue on "Lost in Space". More serious and realistic in nature, television programming in the 1970s tended to reflect the different attitudes regarding the social upheavals occuring at the time--civil rights, women's rights, the Vietnam War and the counterculture. "All In the Family", "The Jeffersons", "Good Times" and "Maude" were shows that handled controversial subject matter never before seen on television. Emerging from the hit, 1970 film M*A*S*H was the show of the same name, which dealt with the horrors of the Korean War in an intelligent, insightful yet hilarious manner. The popularity of cable television programming in the 1980s caused an explosion in innovative shows that further defined the history of television as a constantly evolving, unpredicatable entity rich in cultural relevance and new perspectives. The 80s are also best remembered as the decade of the music video and MTV, the first television program totally dedicated to music videos. Family shows made a comeback as well, with such classics as "The Cosby Show", "Family Ties" and "Diff'rent Strokes" giving us oft-repeated taglines like "Whatchoo talkin' bout, Willis?" and "Look at me when you're lying to me." Watching television has become America’s favorite pastime, enhanced by 21st century technology that includes the ability to record multiple shows simultaneously so that you can watch them later at your convenience with DVR services offered Direct TV.  If you don’t have DirecTV yet visit for special rates for first time subscriptions and the opportunity to pick up HBO for three months free. Never miss out on being a first-hand witness of television’s history-making shows and events by subscribing to Direct TV and taking advantage of the all the great deals they offer on packages that include all your favorite comedy, sports and reality TV shows.