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Call Today (612) 263-9012   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416
Call Today (612) 263-9012   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

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St. Paul Home Security and Surveillance Systems Deters Crime

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St. Paul Home Security and Surveillance Systems Deters Crime

St. Paul MN Custom Home Security SolutionsAlthough the St. Paul area offers one of the safest and most livable communities in the nation, burglaries have increased by 7.5 percent in the past five years, with theft growing by 2.5 percent. Lelch AV encourages homeowners to consider the many benefits that come from installing the type of professional home security and surveillance system for which our company has gained a stellar reputation. When St. Paul area homeowners ask us whether or not it is worth the investment to professionally install a security and surveillance system in their home, we ask them just how important it is for them to know they are doing everything they can to prevent themselves from becoming a crime victim.

Professional, Custom Home Security Systems

One of the most important advantages to investing in a Lelch AV designed and installed security and surveillance system is the message it sends to potential criminals: any attempts to disrupt our safety are being monitored and reported to the police! Even simple systems using only front and rear door cameras have been known to deter would-be burglars from attempting a break-in. Another big advantage to having a security and surveillance system in place is the connection to local emergency services to sound an alarm should any type of dangerous activity begin to occur.

24 Hour Monitoring and Surveillance - St. Paul Home Security Experts

Security and surveillance systems provide advantages not only while homeowners are away and want to view what is happening at home, but also gives them a decided advantage when they are present on the property. Surveillance cameras immediately pick up whenever anyone approaches the house and enables family members to see exactly who is on their doorstep and whether or not they should be provided access inside for legitimate purposes such as package delivery and appliance repairs.

Expert Evaluation of your Security Needs

Lelch AV also recommends the installation of security and surveillance systems for homeowners who want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a photographic record exists to help police catch any thieves and vandals trespassing on a homeowner's property. For the thousands of St. Paul area homeowners who view their home turf as the ultimate sanctuary, Lelch AV offers its expertise in professional security and surveillance systems to suit every need and budget. Call Lelch today for your personal evaluation. [sc:insertbutton ]

Can I Control Multiple Rooms With One Home Theater System?

Can I Control Multiple Rooms With One Home Theater System?

Q: Can I Control Multiple Rooms With One Home Theater System?

A: Yes, it is definitely possible to set up one central system and have controls to operate and pipe music into other satellite rooms. There are numerous benefits to whole house audio and you'll get more enjoyment and value out of your system when you go this route.

How Can I Maximize Having One Home Theater System By Using It In Several Rooms?

Many homeowners who hire Lelch AV to design and install their home theater system are excited to discover that we can provide them with multi-zone capability.

This means that their main home theater receiver can send signals to speakers or a separate audio system located in another location in the house. This is a very desirable feature to build into a new home theater system or use to upgrade an existing home theater because it offers more versatility to using the system.

One family member, for example, could be enjoying a DVD film night presentation with surround sound in the main home theater room while another family member can insert a music CD into a player in a totally different room at the same time.

The audio visual experts at Lelch AV, with more than two decades of servicing the community in every aspect of home theater design and installation, can help you determine how best to enjoy multi-room audio from a one receiver home theater system.

We recommend receivers with powered outputs in order to power speakers in a second room without having to invest in an additional amplifier. We can also install an in-wall volume control in order to adjust the sound being experienced in the second location.

If your goal is to play two different sources of sound in two different rooms simultaneously, Lelch AV can recommend the best quality dual room/dual source receiver to make this happen.

Multi-Zone Audio Systems add Flexibility, Value and Convenience

You can trust the professional expertise provided by the Lelch AV design team so you can maximize the enjoyment of your home theater experience by incorporating the multi-zone feature into your home theater system.

It's worth considering including multi-zone capability when installing a new home theater system or finding out how Lelch AV can upgrade your current system so that family members with different tastes can enjoy different styles of entertainment in multiple rooms of your home simultaneously.

Expert Multi-Zone Audio System Design and Installation

Let the experts at Lelch AV show you the most simple and affordable way to enjoy multi-room sound controlled by one home theater system. 

How Many Speakers Should My Home Theater Have?

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Q: How Many Speakers Should My Home Theater Have?

Multi Speaker Surround Sound SystemsThis is a matter of individual taste and the experience you want to achieve from your system. Generally, the systems are classified by the total count of speakers plus the sub woofer. For example a 5.1 system will have two multi purpose speakers for the front channel and 2 for the back channel. Then a center channel is added and finally the sub woofer. 4 speakers, plus 1 center channel equals 5. Add the subwoofer and it becomes 5.1 channels.

What Number of Speakers Will Provide Optimum Sound Performance in My Home Theater?

In more than two decades of designing and installing high quality home theater systems, Lelch AV understands it's not necessarily the number of speakers that improves your sound performance as it is the home theater speaker placement and the quality of the speaker itself. A homeowner can invest in multiple expensive speakers without enjoying optimum sound performance if they are not compatible with the size and configuration of the home theater space in addition to not being strategically positioned within that space. One of the main reasons why homeowners who want to invest in a home theater system or want to upgrade their current home theater space using new and improved speakers choose Lelch AV is to enjoy their expert guidance and professional installation and avoid running the risk of wasting their time and money with an amateur do-it-yourself job. Speakers can vary widely by style and price and it's only after a professional consultation that Lelch AV technicians can recommend not only the right number of speakers but also the right speaker style and the best placement to enhance the homeowner's listening pleasure.

What Makes Up a Surround Sound System?

A classic positioning of five speakers positioned in the home theater at left, center and right, supported by two surround speakers and a subwoofer works well for many home theater situations. Some theater configurations can accommodate an upgrade to 7.1 channels incorporating two additional surround speakers if there is space available behind the seating location. Recent industry advancements have also introduced nine and 11-channel systems to fill the room with high quality sound. For some customers, a single speaker sound bar is the right solution.

Designing your Sound System for your Room - Acoustics and Size

When designing home theater systems, Lelch AV always takes into account the quality and performance of the speakers being used rather than simply increasing the number of speakers to make the theater seem more impressive. We always advise our clients that it's much better to invest in two high quality speakers rather than 5 economical units which will offer disappointing sound quality. In addition to advising customers on the right number of speakers needed to deliver the sound performance they deserve, the Lelch AV technical team can recommend the best category of speaker style, ranging from on-wall speakers, satellite speakers designed to sit on a bookshelf, or more elaborate speakers designed to be hidden in recessed walls or ceilings. Don't forget that Lelch serves the entire Minneapolis MN Metro Area with an array of theater, lighting, home automation and security design and installation services. We offer free consultations. Call today. [sc:insertbutton ]

How Many Watts Should My Home Theater Have?

Find Out What it Really Takes to Get High-Performance Surround Sound

How Many Watts Should My Home Theater Have?

Q: How Many Watts Should My Home Theater Have?

A: Higher wattage output, when matched with the appropriate speakers generally mean more sound clarity and the capability for more volume while remaining clear. Lelch Audio Video experts can help design your system for optimal performance.

Why The Right Number of Watts in Your Home Theater is Important to the Quality of Sound You Experience

One of the advantages of hiring the professionals at Lelch AV to design and install a complete home theater system for you is that we understand the importance of selecting just the right amount of watts that will deliver optimum performance of high quality sound from the audio system. But the experts at Lelch AV understand that the right number of speaker watts isn't one magic number that suits all situations in order to deliver high quality audio without distortion. We also take the sensitivity of the speakers selected for the theater in addition to something called THD, or total harmonic distortion. Our years of experience add up all three in order to guarantee that your sound system delivers when it comes to loudness, power as well as sensitivity.

Recommendations Derived from Many Years Experience and Training

When Lelch AV recommends a sound system designed to suit the size and space of your home theater, we take the power of watts, the measure of electrical power, into consideration so that the output of your amplifier does not exceed the maximum that can be handled by your loudspeakers. We recommend and install an amplifier that delivers just the right amount of power over long periods as it does in short bursts called peak periods. Our technicians also guarantee that we will install a loudspeaker featuring sufficient nominal power over both the long range as well as peak periods without incurring any damage to the speaker system itself or to your hearing.

Some Technical Details About Speaker and Amplification...

Lelch AV also takes the measure of loudness in decibels that your speakers can deliver into consideration when recommending the number of watts optimum for your home theater, because this can impact your listening pleasure, especially at very high volumes. We usually recommend that home theater customers invest in speakers with a sensitivity range between 85 and 91 decibels rather than anything under 85 which results in sub-standard sound performance. The more efficient the speaker, the less watts needed to enjoy big volume, so more watts isn't necessarily the most desirable option. Investing in quality speakers that can deliver the best sound without using too much power is more important.

Trust Lelch AV to choose quality equipment using the proper amount of watts to deliver home theater sound that blows you away rather than blow out your hearing! Reach out to us by calling (612) 353-5087 or fill out our online contact form. 

Automatic Lighting Improves Home Security And Safety


Increase Home Security and Safety with Automatic Lighting for your Woodbury and Minneapolis area home

automatic security lighting minneapolis Darkness and shadows are best friends to a thief. This is especially true when it comes time for criminals to target which darkened homes and properties look like easy targets because no one will notice their activities. Wouldn't it feel great to know that you and your family enjoy increased safety and security from becoming a crime statistic in Woodbury simply because you had the foresight to have Lelch AV design and install a state of the art automatic lighting system?
  • Lighting your home makes it LESS thieves!
  • Automatic Lights helps your home look more appealing
  • Increases safety for when you return or have to go out at night
  • Convenient programming for you way you live
  • Expert installation by professionals
Lelch AV has been a trusted advisor on security systems to Woodbury homeowners for more than two decades. And even though we know that Woodbury homeowners take pride in making their community one of the safest and most pleasant neighborhoods to live in the Minneapolis metropolitan area, you simply can't argue with the reality of recent statistics. According to the Uniform Crime Report for the Minneapolis area, overall crime is up almost 1.5 percent and violent crime has escalated by more than 4 percent. One of the smartest upgrades any Woodbury homeowner can make to his property to keep it as safe and secure as possible is to have automatic lighting controls professionally designed and installed by Lelch AV.

Professional Design and Installation - Automated Home Lighting

Woodbury automatic lighting systems designed and installed by professional Lelch AV technicians provide homeowners with numerous benefits. The first of these is the peace of mind that comes from knowing you've done the one thing that most law enforcement officials say is the most effective deterrent to home break-ins, having a property that is well lighted on an automatic basis at any hour of the day or night. Woodbury automatic lighting also takes tremendous stress off of homeowners, who no longer have to worry about coming home to a dark house after nightfall or whether or not they have forgotten to set lighting timers when they plan to be out for the evening. Woodbury homeowners often enjoy savings on their insurance premium rates thanks to having an automatic lighting system installed for enhanced safety and security because stairways, pathways and walkways that are well illuminated greatly decrease the possibility that anyone will stumble and fall, creating injuries that lead to lawsuits.

Automation Saves Energy Too!

An automatic lighting system also helps Woodbury homeowners save on their energy bills because interior as well as exterior lighting is precisely timed to go on and off at exactly the right moment it's needed without wasting one kilowatt. Homeowners who want Woodbury, currently ranked 44% safer than other U.S. cities, to retain its status as one of the safest and most pleasant areas to live in Minneapolis, consult with the experts at Lelch AV when they want to upgrade their properties with automatic lighting systems guaranteed to improve both safety and security. [sc:insertbutton]

Secure Home Lighting and Automation Woodbury


Secure Home Lighting and Automation Woodbury

secure home lighting and automation woodburyEvery homeowner wants the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their loved ones and hard-earned possessions are safe and sound whether or not they are physically watching over their property.
  • Automate Interior and Exterior Lights
  • Program Multi on/off Times
  • Increase Safety
  • Increase Feeling of Security
  • Increase Peace of Mind
Home security lighting is one of the best defenses that homeowners can take to make their home environment crime-resistant. Lelch AV is recognized as one of the most trusted sources in the Minneapolis area for providing secure home lighting and automation systems to suit every budget. Our experienced technical team can custom design an automatic home lighting system that is low maintenance for the homeowner yet highly efficient at preventing criminals from making their homes a target for theft, vandalism and other crimes. And each of our security lighting systems is designed using the highest quality, most durable and technologically advanced equipment available.

Better Lighting Proven to Reduce Crime

Time and again, outdoor security lighting has proven to be the most effective way for homeowners to protect themselves from becoming a crime victim. A property that is well lit immediately deters burglars from even considering invading that home. Thieves love a dark environment and the darker the better to remain undetected. But a high quality, Lelch AV designed and installed automatic home lighting system ensures that there is adequate lighting surrounding all areas of a property at any hour of the day or night. This is especially important after dusk when dark corners and hidden alcoves look most appealing to those with crime on their minds. Home security lighting also greatly reduces the risk that your home, garage and surrounding property will become the victim of vandalism. Lelch AV offers you years of experience on the best ways to strategically place outdoor home security lighting so that all entry points in and out of your home have adequate lighting and that there are no hidden corners where vandals can hide out while performing various acts of mischief that prove costly as well as emotionally upsetting.

Woodbury Home Lighting Automation Increases Safety

Investing in a Lelch AV designed and installed automatic home lighting system can help to reduce the cost of insuring your property in addition to preventing accidents because a pathway, walkway or set of stairs contained an obstruction that couldn't be detected in the dark. Trust Lelch AV to provide you with the most convenient, affordable, easy to operate and secure way to keep the lights on around your property when most needed to deter criminal action whether or not you can physically be at home. [sc:insertbutton]

Your Best Resource for Professional TV Installation in Woodbury


Demand Professional TV Installation in Woodbury

Few experiences can surpass the exciting enjoyment of a watching a film, concert event or sports challenge on the big screen. Lelch AV, the premiere provider of home theater and home audio/video systems in the greater Minneapolis area, offers customers professional TV installation in Woodbury so they can enjoy the same big Professional Woodbury TV Installationscreen entertainment experience right in the privacy and comfort of their own home.
  • Trouble-free Installation
  • Professional, Experienced TV Mounting
  • Expert Wiring
  • Expert Room Acoustics Consulting
  • Complete Demonstration and Instructions
Imagine the thrill of being able to view your favorite forms of entertainment on a TV screen that has been professionally installed right in your own home theater space to provide the ultimate in viewing enjoyment. Lelch AV has years of experience offering professional TV installation service and flat screen TV mounting. Most of the high quality televisions available on the market today require the expertise in mounting and placement that the technicians at Lelch AV can provide. Customers who feel they are all thumbs or technologically challenged especially love the product guidance and assistance they receive from the friendly installers at Lelch AV! In order to operate at maximum efficiency, flat screen TVs must be positioned correctly in addition to being properly secured to avoid damage or accidents. Hiring Lelch AV to professionally install your TV eliminates problems and hassles so you get to sit down faster, relax and enjoy the show.

Serving Woodbury with Professional TV Installation Services

Our professional TV installation service offers a wide spectrum of services, from the initial on-site consultation to determine what equipment is best for the size and scope of your home theater, to the actual unpacking and set up of your flat screen TV. Expert Lelch AV technicians ensure that after securing your flat screen TV mounting in the most appropriate location, all connecting components such as cable, XBOX, Blu-Ray, Wii and PS3 are properly attached in addition to designing a wire management system that prevents trips and falls and keeps cords and wires out of sight. Lelch AV offers customers several levels of flat screen TV mounting to suit every budget, from basic installation services all the way to the ultimate professional on-wall TV installation and surround sound set-up that includes mounting the speakers and connecting them to an audio receiver. Woodbury residents who want a professional in-home theater going experience can save time, money and frustration by hiring the experts at Lelch AV to coordinate all the details of their professional TV installation. Every flat screen TV mounting project comes with our unconditional guarantee of satisfaction, lifetime warranty and a customer orientation session to ensure that you get the most out of your new viewing system. Don't risk damaging your equipment by attempting a self install. Call the professionals at Lelch Audio Video. [sc:insertbutton]

Why Invest in Professional Conference Room Presentation Systems


Why Invest in Professional Conference Room Presentation Systems

Minneapolis Boardrooms Just Got a Whole Lot More Entertaining!

corporate av presentation systemCompanies who want to provide information during a conference room presentation that is vibrant and compelling to their audience insist on delivering their message using presentation systems that employ superior video and audio capabilities.
  • Keep Attendees Awake
  • Impress Visitors
  • Make Great First Impression
  • Make Meetings Come Alive
  • Eye Popping Color
  • Quality, Professional Sound System
  • Connection and Control Options
  • Complete Design and Installation
Since you never get a second chance to make a great first impression, doesn't it make sense to invest in the kind of professional conference room audio and video systems that Lelch AV has been providing to Minneapolis area businesses and special event companies for years.

Minneapolis Leader in Corporate Installations of AV Systems

Commercial audio video installation and design is our specialty at Lelch AV. It's just one of the presentation technology services we offer, designed to help your business put its best foot forward by producing presentation systems that present information and images to your customers in a bold and exciting manner. The level of professional conference room audio and video that Lelch AV can design and install for your specific needs uses the most advanced interactive technologies in order to ensure the most effective message delivery as its end result. The experts at Lelch AV offer years of experience partnering with businesses to develop comprehensive presentation systems that guarantee that the messages and information they want to present in conference room settings comes across as professional, clear and on point. Prior to performing any commercial audio video installation, our design experts are listening closely to what business owners want and need most in order to effectively make a connection with their conference attendees. From our initial consultation with our clients all the way through to the commercial audio video installation process, Lelch AV is committed to helping your organization create a presentation environment that delivers the highest quality in both audio and video. We can help you select from among a wide range of equipment proven to deliver the best results from top brand names in the conferencing business. Our professional conference room audio and video design and installation projects include the right choice and positioning of projection displays, video walls, touch screens and Plasma/LCD,LED displays to result in a dynamic audio/visual presentation system.

Plenty of Options - The System Your Company Needs

Our Presentation Technology services are available for a wide range of presentation needs, ranging from classrooms and boardrooms to more elaborate corporate meetings and major conferences. Lelch AV is your trusted source for designing and installing professional conference audio and video systems that will leave your target audience feeling amazed, impressed and enthusiastic about the information you have presented to them. Schedule your first consultation today with the professionals at Lelch Audio Video. [sc:insertbutton]