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CCTV Installation Minneapolis

[sc:author ] cctv_installation Closed Circuit Television is a fantastic way for business owners to keep an eye on everything, even when they are away.

CCTV Installation

Many don’t realize how important security is to the future of a business.You just never know when you might be the victim of a crime. This doesn’t always refer to a break-in or vandalism. You may have an employee that is stealing supplies or money. With CCTV installation, you can watch over your inventory or registers. Often without anyone even knowing it!

A CCTV surveillance system is a high-tech digital unit which utilizes camera technology placed in strategic places to watch over a building. These cameras can be placed anywhere, and can even be hidden. Hiding the cameras is useful if you want to catch the crooks red-handed. However, maybe you want to prevent anything from happening. If this is the case, you may want to have your cameras installed in such a way that people are aware that anything they do is being monitored.

Protect Your Stock with CCTV

The best places to have these cameras installed are in warehouses, storerooms, and anywhere money or inventory is stored or changing hands. Then you will have monitors to keep a watchful eye on your business. The 24/7 surveillance gives business owners the peace of mind they need so they can focus on the daily aspects of keeping things running. You don’t want to be so consumed with issues of security that it takes away from your work. These cameras and monitors work around the clock without ever getting tired or missing a beat!

CCTV Can Provide Off Site Video Backup

There’s also another benefit to having CCTV installed at your business. What if there is a fire or water leak? If you have a surveillance system, there is usually a video backup located off site. This can be useful for insurance claims or investigators to determine the cause of the incident. Therefore, even if the cameras and/or monitors are destroyed at the store, you can view what happened at another location.

Minneapolis business owners want to be able to provide a service or industry for their consumers without worrying about sticky handed employees or thieves. The best way for them to put their attention on their customers is by providing them with a 24/7 surveillance system that will capture footage should anything go wrong. The best solution for business owners is CCTV installation, and the only company to call is Lelch Audio Video. They are waiting to give you a free estimate and will have the perfect fit for your business and budget.

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Minneapolis - St Paul Commercial CCTV Installation

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Professional Design and Installation of Commercial CCTV Systems

Security is everyone’s priority regardless of your status. Today, crime is increasing in our homes and around our businesses.

You don’t need to wait until you fall a victim of theft or burglary and start running after your insurance company for compensation because this may not work for you. A wise man will always take appropriate preventive measures in advance. If you are looking to secure that business of yours, then look no more because Lelch Audio Video will help you keep a watchful eye around your business anytime and from anywhere.

Commercial CCTV Protects Your Business 24/7/365

The closed circuit television, CCTV is a high-tech digital surveillance system that uses camera technology to capture events around the area under surveillance. This system will provide your business an excellent deterrent from burglary and vandalism. It works by giving records of all happenings that are captured by the powerful lenses. If you don’t trust anyone, you can at least trust the closed circuit television to guard your business with reliable surveillance both day and night. The CCTV is capable of recording all activities occurring both inside and outside your business premises.

Lelch Audio Video provides peace of mind by ensuring your business is safe and reliably secure. At Lelch, we sell high performing, quality, integrated surveillance and security systems that will help to guard your business honestly. CCTV cameras are efficient and we provide a complete design, sales and service - a turnkey system.

Affordable Custom Commercial CCTV Systems

The CCTV cameras or security systems are available in a flexible array of systems from small entry-level packages to multi-site networked systems. Our highly experienced team of experts take charge of the installation process and provide you with assistance as needed. Our team helps businesses identify and deliver the most suitable commercial CCTV solutions to their needs.

In order to secure your business, you need a reliable 24 hours security system. Lelch Audio Video partners with your business to offer commercial CCTV installation for maximum and reliable security.

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Professional Surveillance System Prevents Employee Warehouse Theft

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Sometimes the Thief in on the Inside!

Commercial Security and Surveillance

Employees can be among a company's most important assets, with the exception of those employees who secretly attempt to take more than just a paycheck on a weekly basis from the business that hires them. It's estimated that as much as 1.5 percent of total annual sales disappears annually from any business' bottom line due to inventory shrinkage, products that are stolen through employee theft or customer shoplifting. Unfortunately, the largest contributor to inventory shrinkage which directly affects a company's profitability, accounting for 44 percent of losses, is caused by dishonest employees.

Maintaining a strict policy regarding employee theft as a firing offense followed up by police and legal action is an important first safeguard. But smart business owners also know that installing a professionally designed surveillance system in the warehouse is a surefire way to not only help to prevent employee pilferage of the company inventory in the first place but also the best way to gather evidence of any criminal activity that is already occurring at your business, allowing goods and products to walk out the door before the cash register even rings.

Being Visible Is Best Deterrent

It's been proven time and time again that the presence of visible security cameras located throughout the warehouse area can deter employees whose ulterior motive in getting hired may have been the theft and resale of your business's products. Security cameras can be monitored live or their footage reviewed on a daily or nightly basis in order to monitor any suspicious behavior that is taking place as sales orders are being processed through the warehouse. When employees know that their behavior and actions are being monitored, it is much less likely that they will take a chance on stealing or shoplifting products or services that don't rightfully belong to them. Because dishonest employees, much like any other criminal, want their stealing to be easy as well as done unnoticed by camera monitors.

Whether employee warehouse theft is an ongoing or occasional problem, having filmed evidence of what is taking place protects the company's legal rights. Not only can company security officers confront the offender with the evidence of theft that has been discovered, this evidence can back up the company's decision to terminate the employee as well as file criminal charges if necessary.

Stop Theft and Raise Profits

Today's business environment is more competitive than ever and profit margins are slimmer than before. Investing in a professional warehouse security surveillance system designed and installed by Lelch AV is a crime deterrent that quickly pays for itself. Not only does a professional surveillance system prevent your profits from slipping away, it also helps uncover theft activity quickly so that the perpetrators can be stopped cold from doing further damage.

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Commercial Security and Surveillance

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Protect Commercial Business Assets With Monitored Security

Commercial Security and Surveillance

It is more challenging than ever before for commercial businesses such as retail stores and warehouses to turn a profit. But smart business owners know that monitoring their business for theft, and preventing shrinkage and unauthorized entry, has to be their first priority on a daily basis.

  • Monitor gate entrance
  • Monitor dock activity
  • Reduce warehouse shrinkage
  • Reduce retail theft
  • Monitor area access

That's why having an efficient, professionally installed security and surveillance system in place is one of the best investments commercial businesses can ever make.

Live Monitoring and Recording Prevents Theft

Lelch Security and Surveillance Systems are a smart way to prevent storage warehouses along with retail stores where merchandise is sold from suffering losses due to organized theft, customer shoplifting and employee pilfering. Following a consultation with one of our team members, a business owner knows exactly where his security system weaknesses are located within his property and how a well-designed, cost efficient security and surveillance system can fix it. One of the benefits of using monitored security is that it offers security assistance on a round the clock basis so you as a business owner enjoy complete peace of mind whether you are onsite at the business or not.

Having a security and surveillance system in place performs a number of beneficial services for your commercial enterprise. First, it alerts dishonest employees, customers or criminals casing the neighborhood that you have already taken steps to protect your inventory and sales merchandise. In the event any one individual or team of criminals thinks they can beat the system and steal your merchandise, they risk being recorded on video, making it easier for law enforcement to arrest them and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

Getting Caught is a Thief's Lowest Priority!

A security and surveillance system also makes it easier for law enforcement to assist you during off hours should a break-in occur that requires immediate action. Video cameras both inside and outside your property make it much more difficult for dishonest employees or criminals to operate in secret because the business owner always has access to viewing all areas of their store or warehouse, eliminating those hidden corners thieves are counting on in order to rob you and deplete the profits you work so hard to obtain.

Security and surveillance systems have the added benefit of allowing business owners to control operating systems such as locks and lighting from remote locations and at a moment's notice whenever necessary. The best offense for commercial business owners to prevent losses from theft, shoplifting and pilfering, is a strong defense, the kind that comes from having a custom-designed security and surveillance system professionally installed to meet your specific monitoring needs.

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Commercial Security Systems Installed

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Custom Installed Commercial Security Systems Prevent Loss

Is the security system for your business up to date? Does it provide your company with the most effective means of protection as well as loss prevention in the most cost effective manner? An increasing number of smart business owners today are taking steps to upgrade their commercial security systems in order to better meet the needs of their business.

But before they spend a dime on increased security, they consult with the experts at Lelch Audio Video. We have years of experience in designing commercial security and surveillance systems for a wide range of businesses, from hospitals and health clubs to restaurants and retail stores.

The most important reasons companies invest in the commercial security and surveillance system services provided by Lelch is its ability to consistently deliver the most reliable and high quality video surveillance products. Lelch proudly partners with vendors representing some of the most respected leading value-driven brands in the professional security industry. Lelch technicians regularly incorporate NUVICO products into its custom designed security systems because of its track record of offering a full line of DVRs and security cameras featuring state of the art dependable design combined with cost effectiveness.

Advanced IP Surveillance Video Systems Installed

NUVICO's HD NVRs offer highly advanced IP video surveillance capabilities, accommodating real time monitoring of activity located anywhere on the business property. These devices also provide centralized monitoring to prevent theft, unauthorized entry as well as supervise factory or warehouse floor and receiving dock activities. NUVICO's HD Internet Protocol(IP) cameras provide the most effective way to send and receive surveillance data via computer networks and the Internet. Employees who work in an environment protected by NUVICO's state of the art security and surveillance products feel safer, more productive and have better self esteem knowing they work for a business that values their safety and security.

Custom installed commercial security and surveillance systems also help business owners prevent theft of products and equipment which averages as high as 2 percent annually for most companies. Fast response to crime reporting is another decided advantage of investing in custom installed commercial security and surveillance systems. A film record of any criminal activity can assist the police in catching the perpetrators and restoring stolen property. And many business owners are pleased to discover that their insurance premiums cost less when they have the foresight to outfit their commercial space with the kind of reliable custom installed security and surveillance system Lelch Audio Video can provide using superior NUVICO products.

Get A Quote for Complete Installation of IP Camera Surveillance Systems

There is no better time than the present to enjoy an impressive ROI by upgrading your current security system. Lelch Audio Video has the expertise and state of the art surveillance and security products ready to ensure your business has a commercial security system installed that offers the custom features that best enhance your productivity, profitability as well as security.


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