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Commercial Business Digital Signage

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Digital Signage from Lelch Audio Video

Installed Digital Signage Solutions

Commercial digital signage is everywhere you go these days, and while you don’t stop to think about it, it has made life and business a whole lot easier for us all.

    Benefits of Digital Signage
  • Clarity - Crystal clear text and graphics
  • Dynamic - Easy to program menu changes, prices and promotional items
  • Space Saving - Allows multiple messages or special promotions to rotate
  • Cost Effective - Return on Investment thru labor savings and accuracy of pricing
  • Restaurant and Retail Store Displays
  • Corporate Messaging

Flexible Digital Signage is Everywhere

Commercial digital signage are the interchangeable LED freeway signs, airport signs, digitally changing billboards and monitors, digital menus, and other advertisements you see. Today, these signs are driving the new era of businesses and sales. The world of marketing and advertising has gone digital all over the world. They are used in a wide array of venues from transcontinental train stations, to professional sports arenas that display ads on their JumboTron screens throughout the games.

Companies like Lelch Audio Video, put you right in the mix of it all. We provide you the technology and expertise to broaden your marketing presence. Commercial digital signage from Lelch Audio Video will amp up your business to increase sales and reputation. More customers and clients will find you in more places at one time than ever before. At home, people get up to go to the fridge during commercial breaks, change channels, or just ignore half of the advertisements. Television is a hard medium to get into to compete for ad space and pay the high costs. Commercial digital advertising works for you 24/7 with no channel changes, no time slots, and more visibility.

Digital Signage is Accurate and Flexible - Saves Labor and Time

Through text, pictures, and even video, Lelch can help advertise your business. Commercial digital signage expands your reach in ways you never thought about before. Traditional billboards now get bypassed without much of a look, but digital commercial signage in traffic and in the right locations, demand the attention of passengers and drivers while they drive by. Your ads are much more likely to be remembered this way. The experts at Lelch can help you drive traffic to your business with installation of a high quality sign.

Commercial digital signage is not only used for advertising but also directional purposes and warning systems. Are you that busy hospital trying to direct people to the new, expanded cancer wing? Are you a road construction professional that needs to remind drivers to “merge left” for the next few weeks while the new exit and overpass are constructed? Commercial digital signage is everywhere and it has a lot of uses to suit your growing business needs. Give the professionals at Lelch Audio Video a call to install your commercial digital signs.

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Saint Paul Commercial and Retail Electronic Signage


Alert and engage your customers with full color LCD electronic signage for your store or restaurant. Use for menus, welcome messages, schedules of activities and announcements. Eye popping graphics with ease of editing, Lelch Audio Video knows retail electronic signs.

Installed Digital Signage Solutions

Retail store and restaurant owners in the Saint Paul area know how challenging it can be to capture the attention of today's customer, given the highly competitive business environment. Traditional retail signage that may have served its purpose in the 20th century can't compete with the quality of digital signage that Lelch Audio Video can custom design and install to help commercial businesses get noticed fast. If your business hasn't considered switching over to an LCD electronic retail signage system, you owe it to yourself to schedule a consultation with the experts at Lelch Audio Video. Our team can help you learn the full scope of benefits that accompany advertising your services to customers using the latest state of the art sign technology.

Lelch has already helped a wide range of Saint Paul business owners, including hospitals, restaurants, retail stores and supermarkets, achieve better recognition and improved sales by designing and installing custom electronic signage to create more appealing advertising messages that get results. Because our technicians take the time to understand your business and its marketing needs, we can custom design a comprehensive digital signage system that is guaranteed to help you reach your target audience.

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One of the biggest benefits of using custom electronic signage and digital menu boards to market the products and services offered by your business is its versatility. The digital signage system that Lelch Audio Video creates and installs at your business location enables you to showcase advertisements created from any combination of images, texts and videos. Multiple advertisements can be programmed to run on the same display and can also be programmed to appear at specific times of the day or night.The bottom line is that you have complete control over what is displayed on your signage. You can change the message and graphics whenever you desire to focus on special events, promotions and limited time offerings.

Electronic signage installed by Lelch Audio Video can be designed to feature high quality scrolling message boards, crystal clear plasma display panels, and liquid crystal displays. The result is in-store as well as billboard advertising capable of projecting full-motion video, text and sound. Restaurant businesses in particular find that using custom electronic signage as menu boards not only draws more customers but also influences their purchasing decisions right at the point of purchase. Digital signage enables any business to target and change their advertising message more quickly and efficiently than is possible with old-fashioned static signage.

Saint Paul business owners who want to thrive and prosper in the 21st century are those who know how to build the most effective brand. Custom designed and installed digital signage from Lelch Audio Video offers your business the biggest and best return on investment, along with the most creative, instant and versatile way to reach your customer with effective advertising.

For a professional consultation, call Lelch at (612) 353 5087 or click our button to complete the request form.


Commercial and Retail Electronic Sign Installation


Custom Designed, Installed Retail Signage Systems Get Message Across

Retail operators in the 21st century, especially restaurant owners, are more challenged than ever when it comes to getting customers to notice their signage. The sheer volume of signage alone makes it more difficult than ever to stand apart from the crowd.

Installed Digital Signage Solutions

But smart business owners who want to effectively get their message across rely on Lelch AV to provide them with the perfect solution for delivering their advertising message to their target audience. Lelch AV is the number one choice for custom designed and installed, stage of the art digital signage for retail facilities of all sizes and categories, ranging from fashion and home improvement stores to white tablecloth restaurants and neighborhood cafes.

Digital advertising that is professionally designed and installed by the experts at Lelch AV is one of the most effective ways to spend your business advertising dollar. Lelch digital retail signage services can create a unique advertising billboard that combines the right text, videos and images to create an advertisement that is not only memorable but one that also inspires customers to buy.

Among the many benefits of choosing large flat screen LCD digital retail signage is that business owners can choose to run different messages on the same display, programmed to run at the optimal time of day to reach a specific audience. Digital signage also makes it possible for retail operations to increase their revenue by selling advertising space on their signage to vendors and brands that complement their own brand and advertising message.

The ability to change your message on a moment's notice makes the custom designed digital signage installed by Lelch much more effective because it offers a message that is always up to date. The digital signage we design is never a cookie-cutter application but is custom tailored to each retail operation's specific needs. Our signage systems can be installed in indoor as well as outdoor applications to increase saturation of your message and appeal to several different audiences at the same time. Restaurants and retail stores can easily advertise special offerings, deals offered for a limited time span, special flash sales, sale prices, signature menu items and promotions or special events.

Increase Revenue per Customer with Digital Messaging

Digital signage has proven to be instrumental in increasing point of sale purchases by customers. Colorful, well-executed retail signage never gets boring and customers look forward to seeing the exciting new messages and graphics, videos and flash animations that are presented using our patent signage technology. Hundreds of satisfied retail customers have told us that our digital signage services offers them a way to give prospective customers a live map to encourage their patronage in addition to setting them apart from the competition. You don't have to get lost in the jungle of advertising messages out there!

Get Started with your Digital Signage Design and Installation Now

Contact Lelch AV to schedule a consultation with one of our digital signage service experts to discover the attractive return on investment that results from your decision to switch to our custom designed and professionally installed retail signage systems.


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