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Bring music to every corner of your home with a whole-home audio installation. Explore our solutions, from hidden in-ceiling speakers to surround sound systems. 

Whole-Home Audio Brings Breathtaking Music to Every Room

Take Your Entertainment to the Next Level with a Lelch Audio Video Home Audio Installation

Whole-Home Audio Brings Breathtaking Music to Every Room

Great music is awe-inspiring. It takes our mind from our everyday affairs and urges us to stop for a moment, listen, relax our shoulders, and breathe. It makes the day-to-day activities in our lives a little sweeter, from enjoying dinner with family and friends, performing life’s many tasks, Friday date night, and barbequing in the great outdoors. 

With a home audio installation by Lelch Audio Video, you can experience sound at its best throughout your home and outdoor spaces. Even better? You select the room and the audio source with one button touch. Even better than better? Your smart home can gently wake you with your ‘Good Morning’ playlist and greet you at the end of a long day with the ‘Chillin’ Out’ playlist streaming through your home as soon as you unlock the door. 

Pretty remarkable. 

If you haven’t yet embraced the possibilities in whole-home audio and home automation, now may be the time. Let’s explore this incredible world of high-fidelity sound and how it’s transforming homes in Minneapolis, MN.

Sonos | Build a Multi-Room System with In-Ceiling Speakers

Play Music Out of Thin Air & Connect the Whole Home

Sonos | Build a Multi-Room System with In-Ceiling Speakers

What if your entire house was a single sound system? With Sonos, it can be! 

Sonos is known for manufacturing high-quality and affordable wireless speakers, like their powerful TV soundbars and portable devices. Sonos speakers easily connect to a single system, so music plays in sync across the house. And if you’re looking for something more minimalistic, Sonos also offers architectural speakers that are installed within the walls and ceiling. 

In-ceiling and in-wall speakers should be installed by a professional, but they can still be integrated into the same Sonos system. Plus, Sonos’s built-in technology calibrates architectural speakers to sound their best. 

Are you interested in a home audio installation with Sonos? Here’s all you need to know for your Minneapolis, MN home. 

Entertain with a Top-Notch Home Audio Installation

Enjoy High-End Media Throughout Your Entire Property

Entertain with a Top-Notch Home Audio Installation

Get ready for any type of celebration or event at your Minneapolis, MN living space with a top-notch home audio installation. With high-end audio available anywhere throughout your home, you can find unique and exciting ways to entertain your guests throughout a day or evening, bringing everyone together through shared media and music.

Want to find out the ways you can elevate your home with audio distribution, and what this solution’s many benefits are? Keep reading on below to learn more.

What’s the Best Surround Sound Solution for Home Audio?

Comparing Soundbars To Surround Sound Speaker Systems

What’s the Best Surround Sound Solution for Home Audio?

A great movie experience is as much about the sound as it is the picture.  When you go to the theater, ask yourself if that giant screen would deliver the same experience if the sound felt like it was coming out of only one speaker in the front. 

At home, the same rules apply.  Even if you have a 120-inch projector screen, without sound to match the picture your experience won’t feel quite right.  The good news is that today options abound for putting movie surround sound in any room in your home.  Those options may range from the surprisingly inexpensive to the incredibly expensive, and sound quality from those systems can also vary from mediocre to excellent.

How do you evaluate the options from the plethora of products out there?  In this post, we want to give you a little help. 

Soundbars have been incredibly popular for home audio installations in the Minneapolis area in the past several years.  They certainly have their advantages, and we will cover that in more detail.  Despite their popularity, it doesn’t mean separate speakers and receivers and amplifiers are going out of style anytime soon.  They have their advantages as well.

Are you ready to take a closer look at whether a soundbar or a full surround system is right for you?  Just keep reading.


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