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Are In-Ceiling Speakers Worth the Investment?

Blog-Are-In-Ceiling-Speakers-Worth-the-InvestmentHow to Get the Most Out of Your Home Audio System

One of the benefits of a professionally installed home audio solution is being able to hide away clunky AV equipment. We can place all of your source components in a closet and install the wires and speakers behind walls so that they blend into your home décor. These speakers are usually round, made to resemble light fixtures already on your ceiling, so they do not stand out. In this blog, we take a deeper look at these type of speakers to see if they’re the right fit for your Edina, Minnesota home. SEE MORE: Benefits of a Professional Sound System Installation Open Up Space within Your Home Aside from enhancing your home’s style, in-ceiling speakers within your home audio system also allow you to free up vital space. Since they don’t take up any room, they let you bring music everywhere. Even areas where limited space makes it impossible to bring in traditional speakers. With all the wiring tucked away, you're also not stuck with jumbles of cables that become an eyesore and a tripping hazard. Spread Out Speakers for a Uniform Sound Since in-ceiling speakers can't be moved around like floor-standing speakers, it's important to get the proper layout in place from the start. On the other hand, their camouflaged design allows you to install many fixtures in a small space. You can have plenty of speakers to spread out the sound, instead of having the audio emanating all from one area. Most in-ceiling speakers are made to disperse sound, rather than send it in a particular direction. As a result, there won't be a noticeable rise or fall in audio as people walk around the room. If you want to make sound go in a certain direction, companies like Sonance include options to tilt speakers at a certain angle. Complement With Other Speakers There are a few drawbacks when it comes to ceiling speakers. Having audio come from above is great to fill a room with music, but by itself, may not be suited for other applications. While Dolby Atmos surround sound now includes speakers above the viewer, you'll still need in-wall or standing speakers in your home theater to fill get sound from the front, sides and back. If you want your home audio to include a two-channel system, we still recommend going with signature floor-standing speakers. The two-channel system relies on its unique setup with two speakers directly in front of the listener, something you can’t get from your in-ceiling speakers. Prepare Your Home for Future Installments If you’re investing in in-ceiling speakers, you want to prime your system for growth. To avoid future invasive installations, make sure cables are already available in your ceiling to add speakers in the future. You can also prep spaces in your drywall for future installations. This way all a professional has to do to install additional speakers is hook up the equipment and put the drywall back in place. Add a Convenient Control Option Since it's hidden from view, you’re going to need to set up a way to change the volume and source for your speaker. There's no option of just twisting a nob or pressing a button. Through a comprehensive home audio system, we make it easy to choose music from your media library, CD player or even turntable and have it play on your speakers. Depending on your preferences, you can control your speaker using a smartphone, touchpad, tablet or remote. In-ceiling speakers offer a lot of benefits when it comes to whole home audio, but you’re going to need a professional installation to get the most out of them. Contact Lelch AV to set up a consultation and find out the best way to bring this technology into your home.

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