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Automated Home Lighting

[sc:author ] Automated_Home_Lighting Technology has expanded our lives in so many ways. These days it seems everything has its own mind. Our phones, cars, and even our homes can be labeled as “smart”. There are many aspect of smart homes, one of which is automated home lighting. This great feature affords many advantages to homeowners, such as convenience, energy savings, and security.

Automated Home Lighting

Our society depends on convenience for just about everything. We have fast food, express lanes, and self-serve everything. Life moves at such a fast pace these days, it’s often tough to keep up. Technology has given us many advances that help us, such as automated lighting. With just a touch of your smart phone or other mobile device, you can control the lights in your home from anywhere around the globe. As long as you have an internet connection, you can take care of the lights your kids forgot to turn off when they left. You can even set timers to take care of everything for you. Convenience is the name of the game!

Save Money with Automated Home Lighting

Taking care of the environment is an essential part of securing a future for the generations to come. Restricting the growth of energy consumption is one way to help lessen our carbon footprint. Having automatic lighting on your home can increase your energy savings by decreasing the amount it takes to operate the home. Setting your lights on timers and having access to turn things off remotely will lower your utility bills. More money in the bank--what homeowner can’t get behind that?

Automated Home Lighting Provides Added Protection for Your Home

Increased security is another fantastic benefit of automated home lighting. Burglars will case homes before their attack to find the weaknesses. They often watch to find out when you will be away at work or even on vacation. Traditionally, you might ask one of your neighbors to stop by the house during your time away to take care of mail, newspapers, plants, and pets. Some would hire a house sitter to give potential intruders an appearance that the home is occupied. Automated home lighting gives you greater options for keeping your home secure. You can set lights in dark corners of the home’s exterior that will come on at certain times. You can also set your interior lamps to turn on to deter invasion.

Your family’s convenience, efficiency, and security is one of your greatest priorities, and Lelch Audio Video has all your automated home lighting solutions. We offer some of the best products in the industry and all our installers are highly trained and experienced. When you are ready to take your home to the next level in technology, give the pros at Lelch Audio Video a call. We are here for you!

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Home Automation Products

[sc:author ] Home_Automation_Products

Not long ago, the thought of home automation was nothing more than wishful thinking or something straight out of a science fiction movie.

Home Automation Products - For You

Well today that dream has become a reality! Lights can be turned on and off from remote locations. The front door can be locked while you’re laying in your bed upstairs. The options are endless! Having this kind of control of your house is not just for the rich and famous either. This is for you.

Many homeowners are having home theater systems installed. With a home automation system, you can start your movie, dim the lights, and turn on your surround sound with the press of a button. It’s like being at the movie theater without the sticky floors and obnoxious patrons over which you have no control. You will have the best seat in the house!

Home Automation Products Set the Perfect Mood

Smart lighting will give you options to set the perfect mood in the house. If you are entertaining, you can adjust your lights according to the vibe you want your party to have. Dim the lights for an intimate setting, or you can even create lighting scenes for other occasions. There are no limits to what this technology can do!

Temperature control is a huge advantage to home automation. There are programmable thermostats out there, but you have to remember to set them before you leave the house. Well, now you can adjust the climate of your home without even being there! With the app, you can make any necessary changes from your smart phone. This can make a huge difference on your energy bills!

Keep Your Family Safe With Home Automation Products

And let’s not forget the security features of a smart home. You can get notifications sent to your phone every time someone comes in or out of the house. Security cameras can be accessed from your phone or computer. Lighting can be scheduled and alternated.

Home automation products are not just for celebrities or the Jetsons. Anyone can make their life a more secure and little easier by having one of these great units installed in their home. The professionals at Lelch Audio Video have all the latest and greatest products available to turn your home into a smart home. Don’t sit in the stone age! Give us a call today for a free consultation!

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Lighting Control Minneapolis

[sc:author ] Lighting Control

Life gets busier every day. You rush out the door every morning to go to work. About halfway there one day, as you’re stuck in traffic, you wonder if you turned off the lights when you left. You have no way to know until you get home. Or do you? If you have lighting control on your home in Minneapolis, you can access your system from your smartphone and turn off any lights you may have left on. This will save you time and money.

Lighting Control

Minneapolis homeowners can save time by having lighting control on their security system. No longer do you have to take time off of work to run home to make sure everything is turned off. From any smartphone or other internet connection, you can check the status of anything in your home. You don’t even have to remember to set a timer to have your lights turn on before you get home. You can do that before you leave work. What if you have a vacation coming up and you don’t know any of your neighbors? Don’t fret! You can turn lights on and off from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Your house will have the appearance of someone at home thus keeping burglars at bay.

Control Your Lighting to Cut Costs

As of January 2014, 75 percent of American adults have a smart phone and would like the option to control things in their house by using the internet or an app.

How can lighting control save you money? That’s a good question. If you do walk out the door in the morning and you have left the lights on, this will burn quite a bit of electricity until you return. Having the ability to turn those lights off without coming home, will save on those energy bills. And let’s not forget the unnecessary expense of gas to drive back to the house. What if you want to have your sidewalk lit up at dark, but you are going to be gone most of the day, and not return until late? Another dilemma resolved with a simple app on your phone.

Peace of Mind with Lighting Control

Homeowners in Minneapolis will find that lighting control will give them so much more freedom and reduce worry. Having the ability to turn lights on and off from any location is incredible. The savings of time and money will enhance anyone’s life. Keep the criminals away from your valuables by giving your home the appearance of someone home, even when you’re away. How do you get such a luxury? By calling the professionals at Lelch Audio Video, that’s how. Call today and request a free quote.

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Minneapolis Smart Home Control Systems

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Your Minneapolis Smart Home

It’s one of those mornings. You’re running late, trying to get everyone fed and out the door, and on your way to work it hits you. “Did I turn off the stove? Is my curling iron still plugged in? Did I lock the front door?”

You could turn around and go back home to check, which would make you even later. Well, now you don’t have to worry! Technology has taken us beyond home computers that take up a large desk, cell phones that you carry in a bag, and VCRs that still blink 12:00. Now you can control your entire house with your cell phone. From anywhere you have service, you can lock doors, turn on lights, adjust your thermostat, and the list goes on. We give you, the smart home.

Complete Home Automation

You can have complete home automation with the help of Control4 and Lelch Audio Video. Integrate lighting, climate control, security systems, video, music, even your hand-held devices, to give your home the specialized touch you need. You can push a button to turn your living room into a home theater. If you go on vacation, you can set your home to function just as if someone was there. You can even check doors and windows from a mobile device. You can unlock the house for children or maintenance people without having to leave work. Control4 gives you the security and peace of mind that every homeowner deserves.

Total Control AND Energy Savings!

You can even save energy with Control4. Set your thermostat to be at a certain temperature when you arrive home from work. Home automation allows you to have your home at just the right climate all day long. You can even receive text alerts when the system detects a problem at home, such as a water leak. This increases the efficiency of your home (and you), thereby reducing your utility bills. Which means money back in your pocket.

Time for Expert Advice?

Lelch Audio Video is an authorized Control4 dealer. The experts at Lelch will help you find the solutions that fit your home and budget. They will guide you with the planning and design of your automated home. It is of utmost importance to have a qualified individual to create the perfect whole house smart home system. Lelch is just the company to call. Our professionals are expertly trained in specialized fields to ensure they are the top of their game. You do not get a “jack of all trades, master of none” at Lelch Audio Video. Each technician is skilled in a particular area and keeps up with all the changes, advancements, and knowledge of his/her respected field. Lelch specialists will give you the home system that will have you resting comfortably. Call Lelch Audio Video today for a consultation to have the Control4 system installed in your home. [sc:insertbutton]

Comfort and Convenience with Home Automation Systems

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The Comfort and Convenience of Home Automation Systems by Lelch Audio Video

home automation system controller

In this age of technology, many people are enjoying the benefits of a having a home automation system capable of monitoring both the interior and exterior of their residence that can be fingertip activated regardless of where they are.

  • Monitor Video Feeds
  • Control Appliances
  • Get Latchkey Alerts
  • Remotely Lock/Unlock Entry Points
  • Automate Lighting and HVAC to Save Money

Home automation systems have the capability of integrating the usage of security and home efficiency units currently in place as well as adding new ones. Just as smart phones and other mobile devices can be used to compartmentalize and organize your personal life, they can do likewise for your home For example, heating and air-conditioning systems can be easily activated from your mobile device via a home app.

State-of-the-art home automation systems can be set to alert you via a text message relative to issues occurring in and around your home. With one of these systems, it is possible to view surveillance camera footage and receive motion detector alerts that enable you to quickly institute appropriate action, including the capacity to activate an emergency assistance call to a neighbor, or family member, and even to law enforcement or local fire and rescue personnel.

Peace of Mind with Home Automation Systems

Wherever you are: in another room; at work; running errands; or on vacation, as long as your mobile device has service, you can be virtually at home in a heartbeat. In terms of personal security and peace of mind, not only can home automation systems allow you to see who is at the door, these systems can unlock the door at your command.

Statistics indicate that approximately 1.5 million homes were equipped with home automation systems in 2012. This figure is anticipated to reach eight million by 2017.

Convenience selections can be initiated at a pre-set time to perform tasks such as turning lights on and off or closing window coverings with no physical effort required on your part. No longer is there a need to return home to ensure that an appliance is off.

Given the number of working parents who are away from home during the day, a home automation system enables them to keep abreast of the activities of children or perhaps senior citizen family members who are at home alone. These latchkey systems can also be set to perform tasks for them in your absence.

Home Automation Systems Save Money

Home automation systems are beneficial because of their ability to conserve energy and reduce utility bills. It is even possible to schedule a home visitation by a repair person, unlock the appropriate entrance and monitor their activity in and around your home via your mobile device.

Contact Your Local Home Automation Systems Expert Today!

[caption id="attachment_2893" align="alignright" width="429"]Authorized Cotrol 4 Dealer Home Automation Lelch Audio Video is proud to be a Control 4 Authorized Dealer[/caption]

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Lelch Audio Video is a highly-recommended whole-house automation system vendor ready to install a system designed to meet your personal preferences. Lelch is also staffed by experts who possess retrofit expertise and experience to service existing homes. A visit to our website offers consultation appointments and discounts for new customers as well as the opportunity to read reviews posted by extremely satisfied clients.


Smart Bloomington Homeowners Insist on Qualified Home Automation Installers


Discerning residents of Bloomington, MN know not to trust just anyone with their Home Automation design and installation. They call Lelch Audio Video, the experts in home systems automation, lighting, and alarm installations.

Making the decision to upgrade your living experience with home automation installation is one of the best investments you can make as a Bloomington homeowner. Among the many benefits of home automation is the convenience of being able to control the lighting, temperature and security systems from one location as well as remotely when you are traveling.

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Home automation systems make your house more energy efficient, saving your household budget money that is better spent elsewhere. A home automation system offers you peace of mind because you no longer have to rely on your memory to adjust the lighting, security, heating and cooling and entry systems located throughout your home and property.

Bloomington homeowners have their choice of home automation installers, but why risk hiring an unlicensed service with minimal expertise and shoddy work provided by subcontrators when you can rely on the experienced professionals at locally owned and operated Lelch Audio Video. Hundreds of homeowners in the Bloomington area have already experienced the quality service provided by our Lelch team of qualified home automation experts.

Home safety and security isn't merely our business, it's our passion. From the initial consultation with you that helps to craft the exact home automation system that will meet your specific needs, our design and installation team ensures that the final result will be one fully integrated system designed to coordinate everything from residential security and lighting to music streaming and home theater viewing.

As our lives in the 21st century get more complicated and complex, it's nice to know that by installing a quality home automation system, you can make your home work smarter rather than having to control every operating system yourself.

When you hire Lelch Audio Video to plan and execute installation of your home automation system, you also receive a number of guarantees from us.

We guarantee that our licensed and insured staff has the requisite amount of expertise to install a professional-grade automation system that will be convenient to use, energy efficient and an enhancement to your security.

We also guarantee we will install a home automation system that even the most technologically challenged person living in your home will be able to understand. We guarantee installing a system that is convenient and easy to use, a one-stop remote control for everything from home theater and music to climate control, motorized shades and curtain, lighting, surveillance and security. And we guarantee the quality of our workmanship and the quality of equipment we use. Our reputation at Lelch Audio Video depends upon your satisfaction.

Discover why so many Bloomington homeowners in the past have experienced satisfying results by hiring Lelch Audio Video to design and install a custom home automation system.


Smartphone Home Control and Monitoring

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Run Your Home More Efficiently Right from Your Smartphone

Until scientists figure out a way that we can physically be in two places at once, the best solution for running your home more easily, efficiently and securely, is to do it from your smartphone from any location.

Smartphone Remote Control Automation

Lelch Audio Video is seeing the popularity of security and surveillance systems run from smartphones skyrocket because not only does it offer homeowners tremendous peace of mind, it's also the easiest way to monitor home activity, decrease your energy costs and change the settings for your home's operating systems at a moment's notice.

  • Control Lights
  • Control HVAC
  • Monitor Security System
  • Lock and Unlock Doors Remotely

Imagine the power and the peace of mind that you would feel by being able to manage your home's security and operational systems with a simple touch of your smartphone. Custom designed home automation systems that can be operated from any smartphone from any location is the smart and cost efficient solution for being able to control such things as HVAC settings, lighting controls, security system activation and even the operation of major appliances in your absence.

Lelch Audio Video knows it's not an easy job to run a household in these stress-filled times, but running your home from your smartphone is the best solution for monitoring the activity in your home and operating a variety of controls, whether you are at your place of employment, are on vacation, or have experienced a change of plans that means you won't be arriving home as early as you had anticipated.

Wouldn't it feel great to put your mind at ease by accessing your home's security network and operational controls through your smartphone within seconds. Homeowners have so much on their minds these days, it's easy to forget whether or not you set the timers on the lights or locked both the front and back doors prior to leaving the house. It's easy to check that all of your security controls are properly set and working as you expect when your security network is connected to your smartphone for simple and easy touch-control.

Smart Phone Monitoring: Easy, Convenient, Efficient...Always With You!

You never have to worry about whether or not your home is secure when you can make a quick audio-visual check of your home using your smartphone. You never have to miss out on important opportunities or stress out because weather conditions or travel plans delay your home arrival because you can control or change settings remotely on everything from thermostats and door locks to lighting timers with smartphone control.

Convenience and Control in the Palm of your Hand

Running your home right from your smartphone saves you time, money and needless worry, making it possible to change settings and guarantee the highest levels of security with just one touch on your smartphone monitor.

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Home Automation Service

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Home Automation Service Grants Easy Living to Eden Prairie Homeowners

  "Living the life of Riley," a term that originated in the early 20th century, referred to living an easy and pleasant life. Lelch AV makes that life possible for homeowners in the 21st century, thanks to their extensive expertise in designing and installing Home Automation Systems custom tailored to the needs of Eden Prairie homes. In a recent interview with Southwest Metro Magazine, Lelch AV owner Alex Lelchuk explained how technology is changing the way that each of us interacts with the many systems in place in our homes today that are essential to living a comfortable and secure life. And he dispels the notion that Home Automation Systems require expensive budgets, over-sized hardware and plenty of storage space. Today's family can enjoy a more harmonious home, says Lelchuk, because "the systems are fully controlled by your smartphone, tablet or computer", without the need to spend a lot of money or devote a lot of space. Everything can be controlled from the same control panel, even remotely, from the entertainment center that forms the hub of the house to its heating and cooling system, the indoor and outdoor lighting and the security cameras allowing you to monitor action in every space.
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Expert Home Automation Design

Lelch Audio Video is an expert at creating the fully digital home of the 21st century, designed for comfort, ease of use and most of all, convenience. With many formerly safe suburban communities now exposed to the same level of crime as inner-cities, Home Automation takes the security system to new levels, guaranteeing that proper lighting and camera usage can capture any and all activities going on in addition to deterring criminals from even considering an illicit break in.

See CBSLocal Home Invasion Category Lelch Security Systems


Home Automation for You - Custom to your Needs!

Centralized lighting control is another benefit of installing Home Automation that doesn't require an owner's presence to turn lights on and off to enhance security throughout a residential property. Home Automation also makes it possible to turn any room in the home into a high quality home theater where just the flick of one switch brings you high quality music and video performances. And one of the biggest benefits to having a Home Automation System professionally designed and installed by Lelch AV is the savings you will realize by being able to control your heating, cooling and lighting systems. Home Automation means the greatest amount of energy efficiency possible, so you don't waste using heating, lighting or air conditioning when it isn't required, which can mean significant savings on your monthly energy costs.

Not Home? Home Automation to the Rescue!

Another very important benefit is that every home system coordinated by installing a Home Automation system can be remotely controlled from a third location, whether homeowners are traveling, out shopping or at their work location. It's simple and easy to change any electronic setting without having to physically be on site. Mr. Lelchuk says more homeowners are discovering how to enjoy the easy living that comes with the ability to log into their home automation app and accomplish anything from changing room temperature settings to arming an alarm system or ensuring the front porch light is on by the time you arrive home. [sc:insertbutton ]  
Cedia video on structured wiring and home automation wiring planning. Lelch follows CEDIA best practices.

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