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A Smart Home Welcomes You With Safety, Lighting and Comfort


Imagine pulling up to the driveway of your home after dark, after a long, tiring day at the office, after returning from a vacation break, or after making a run to the local supermarket to replenish food and supplies. You have to stumble out of the car with your briefcase, packages or luggage in order to open the garage door. You jump nervously because you think you heard a noise coming from the bushes but can't determine if someone or something is there because there's not a bit of starlight or moonlight to give you a clue. Lucky for you, it only turns out to be the neighbor's cat and not a burglar!

Interactive Home Security and Automation Installed


Axis EmPower Interactive Home Automation and Security Makes Living Convenient - Installed by Lelch Audio Video

Homeowners whose heads are spinning just remembering all the systems they need to set, adjust or activate every day in order to make their properties as secure and comfortable as possible can trust Lelch AV to build a solid base for home automation that makes life more simple and convenient.

Lelch Audio Video knows just how important the lighting, heating, cooling, entertainment and security systems are to safe and comfortable home living. But by adding just a few basic home automation features, Lelch Audio Video makes it easy for homeowners to sit back and relax and allow home automation to do the heavy lifting of controlling a variety of operational systems.

Lelch Audio Video prides itself on partnering with only the finest quality vendors in the security and interactive home automation industry. That's why we recommend the Axis EmPower System so often to homeowners seeking to install reliable, basic home automation that can easily be expanded as desired at some point in the future. Imagine the ease and convenience of being away from home at any hour of the day or night and being able to monitor and control a variety of energy systems, all from the cell phone in the palm of your hand!

Custom Designed, Installed and Programmed - Just for YOU!

Lelch Audio Video can tailor the EmPower Interaction Home Automation and Security System to suit your current needs and then add additional configurations as your needs change. Basic features include automatically setting heating or cooling thermostats on a morning and evening cycle. In addition, lights throughout a home can be set to turn on and off at optimum times throughout the day or night in order to deter burglars and not arouse suspicion that no one is physically on the property. Controlling door locks and appliances can also be integrated into the Axis EmPower System.

Another basic beneficial home automation feature is the installation of user codes assigned to anyone allowed to access your property. These codes enhance your security by conveniently enabling a homeowner to know who opened a locked door to gain access and exactly when. Whether you want to lock a door or window or change the setting on a thermostat, EmPower alerts you via e-mail or text message whenever a change has been implemented. And best of all, installing even the basic, no-frills Axis EmPower Home Automation System saves homeowners money. By putting your home's energy systems on automatic pilot, energy conservation is automatic whether temperatures soar or dip below zero.

Find Out What Lelch Audio Video Can Do For Your Home Security, Automation and Surveillance

Contact Lelch Audio Video for a no-obligation consultation on how the basic features included in the Axis EmPower Interactive Home Automation and Security System introduces you to a worry-free lifestyle where you can sit back and relax and let your home conveniently do all the work to provide easy living!


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