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Your home networking strength impacts how well your whole smart home functions. Make sure your system is robust and secure. Click here to learn more!

A Smart Home Network Installation is Key for Reliable & Fast Internet

Improve Your Home Networking Connection with Wi-Fi 6

A Smart Home Network Installation is Key for Reliable & Fast Internet

A slow, undependable internet connection is a common frustration that can completely derail your day. Whether you’re trying to submit something for work, loading a recipe webpage, or dealing with a glitchy video call with family and friends, a faulty connection can truly ruin a moment.

That’s why a professional home networking installation with Wi-Fi 6 is crucial for your Stillwater, MN, property. Keep reading below to see how a reliable and rapid network connection can benefit you – and how Lelch Audio Video can help.

Bring Your Work Anywhere with Multiple Access Points

A Robust Home Network Makes Every Last Corner of Your Property a Productivity Zone

Bring Your Work Anywhere with Multiple Access Points

Working from home brings new challenges you might not have anticipated. While there are definite pros to bringing your work to your Wayzata, MN home, you might find that staying in your home office setup isn’t always possible. If you’re juggling childcare, schoolwork, and daily responsibilities around the house, then toting your laptop to your next viable mini-setup becomes the ideal choice.

However, when you have a spotty network connection, then you’re likely to deal with dropped or glitchy video conference callsand an inconsistent internet. Lelch Audio Video provides professional home networking installations or upgrades to ensure your work-from-home lifestyle is never interrupted – even as you might be on the go from one end of the house to the other.

Read more below to learn how you can have a robust home network. 

High-End Network Connection Right at Home!

Take Your Home Networking Setup Up to a New Professional Level

High-End Network Connection Right at Home!

Your home network is the foundation for your entire smart home; if it isn’t up to par, you’ll definitely start to notice! Endless loading screens, buffering symbols, lagging videos, and glitchy smart devices are only the beginning of a daily struggle with a poor network connection. Not to mention, when your internet isn’t connecting on your smartphone or laptop, your whole day could be ruined!

But with professional home networking services from our team at Lelch Audio Video, you can benefit from an enterprise-grade network in your own Lakeville, MN, residence. You’ll no longer worry about your home’s smart features and solutions failing you – your smart home network will have you covered!

Find out how our professional installation and setup can improve your network connection by reading on below.

Secure and Support Your Smart Home Network

How Lelch Audio Video can Keep Your Home Networking System Running

Secure and Support Your Smart Home Network

Your home network’s optimum connection speed and functioning are crucial for many reasons at this time. As you find yourself inside more, you need your internet to support all your at-home endeavors, which might include now remotely working from home, setting up a weekly family movie night, or letting the kids entertain themselves with multiple AV technologies.

But the more smart devices you have running at once, and the more you utilize your smart network, the greater risk you have of overrunning its bandwidth limit. And if you have a vulnerable network connection? You could run into an even bigger problem.

But when your network meets an issue of any kind, having our team of experts on your side is key. With our remote support and services, we’re here to ensure your home networking system stays on track in your Edina, MN living space.

Want to find out more? Keep on reading below!

Strengthen Your Home Networking to Simplify Staying at Home

Work at Home with a System Connection that is Robust and Secure

Strengthen Your Home Networking to Simplify Staying at Home

You’ve more than likely found yourself stuck at home more than ever before lately. Whether you’re working from home or trying to find a new Netflix show to binge to stay entertained, you need a smart home that functions and works for you during this time.

But if the whole household is home and using various smart devices and technologies all at once, you might start to notice more never-ending loading screens and garbled, glitchy audio. So, how can you avoid this?

A professional home networking installation or upgrade can make your Bloomington, MN home run smoothly and as it should throughout your stay at home and for the long term.

In this blog, we’ll dive into why a smart home network is ideal and why right now is the perfect time to upgrade yours! Keep reading on below to find out more.


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