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Business Security System

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You started with a desire in your heart for your own business.

Then that desire turned into a passion and through blood, sweat, and tears you grew that passion into a business. What a tragedy it would be if someone came in and took it all away simply because you lacked a security system! Don’t fall victim to vandalism or theft. The professionals at Lelch Audio Video can find the security solutions perfect for your business.

Business Security

No one likes a thief. You work hard for everything you have, and for someone to come in and take it away, is just inexcusable. From the random theft to the employee that slips money or inventory in their pockets when no one is around, you need to be protected. There are many ways to secure your business and assets, and a security system is one of the best options. Window and door sensors will also sound an alarm if any glass breakage or forcible entry is discovered.

Vandalism is described as an “action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property.” You don’t want anyone coming to your business to destroy everything you’ve worked so hard for in just a matter of minutes. Properly placed lighting with sensors can detect when someone with less than desirable intentions is on your property. Illumination of those dark corners can ward off those intruders. The installation technicians at Lelch can install whatever your office needs.

Business Security Systems Stop Thieves in Their Tracks

Video surveillance is vital for a security system as well, especially for businesses that keep a hefty amount of inventory on hand. Keep an eye on your assets with cameras strategically installed by a Lelch technician. An internet connection will ensure that you are fully aware of what’s happening at work, as you can look in on your business anytime you desire. You can even have alert notifications sent to your phone or other smart device if anything unusual is detected.

Protect Your Livlihood With A Business Security System

Business owners have to be proactive to protect everything they’ve worked for. Sticky-handed employees, thieves, and vandals can ruin years of hard work and take a prosperous company down in very little time. Don’t let this happen to you. Lelch has systems that can be tailor fit to any business, large or small. Our installation experts will get your office secured in no time. Give the professionals at Lelch Audio Video a call today and protect your business.

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Best Home Surveillance and Security

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Minneapolis/St Paul Home Security Systems

video surveillance

Your local Home Owners Association just sent out a notification that some of the homes in your neighborhood have recently been burglarized.

Before you become completely paralyzed in fear, you realize that you have to do something to prevent this from happening to you. What if someone comes in while your family is home? How can you protect them? How would they ever sleep again knowing that an unwanted intruder has been there or could get in?

Homeowners of Minneapolis-St Paul, your answer is here! The home surveillance and security superheroes of Lelch Audio Video are ready and waiting to answer the call of protecting your home and family. Their expert technicians can design and install the perfect security control system for your house and budget. Villains beware! You are no match for the Lelch Audio Video professionals, armed with knowledge and training in the specific systems that they carry.

What Does a Home Surveillance System Have?

Security lights, alarms and sirens, and cameras are just some of the options available. You can even arm your system or check up on things remotely. With internet access or an app on your smartphone, you can lock/unlock a door, turn off a light, close the garage door, or watch your home from anywhere. Parents can keep tabs on kids who might have to stay home alone from time to time. In some cases, your homeowner’s insurance and electricity bills can be reduced because of a security system. Savings on top of safety!

home surveillance security systems

Criminals look for dark areas and easy access. Placing lights in those corners will ward them off. A well lit entryway will ensure safety for family and invited guests. Glass breakage alarms and sirens can not only run off burglars but alert you and neighbors. Cameras at points of entry will let you decide if you want to answer that knock at the door. Often, home security systems can protect many houses. Thieves sometimes make the assumption that if one house is alarmed, others will be as well.

Avoid Becoming a Crime Statistic! Lelch Audio Video Home Surveillance and Security Systems

Don’t become a statistic! You don’t have to be the next target on your block. With a security control system, your house will remain the safe harbor it was meant to be. Residents of Minneapolis have the best installation experts at their disposal. Lelch Audio Video technicians are eager to protect your home and family with the latest technology. Call the superheroes at Lelch, and let them restore peace of mind for you and your family!

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Home Security

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St Paul Home Security - Minneapolis Residential Home Security

home security systems minneapolis

Imagine walking into your home one night and finding things not as you left it. As you look around, you find furniture overturned, drawers emptied, and pictures broken.

You also realize that some things are missing. This was not a result of your teenagers looking for their shoes. You have been robbed! How could this happen? More importantly, how could this have been prevented?

Residents of Minneapolis or St. Paul can breathe a sigh of relief. There is no reason to be afraid any longer. Installation of a security control system will keep burglars at bay. There are many brands, styles, and options to choose from. The professionals at Lelch Audio Video offer free consultations to show you a custom fit for your home. Lelch can find a solution for any home and any budget. Their expert design technicians are specially trained to install the perfect alarm unit for you.

Protect your Home and Family with a Home Security System

Security lights, sirens, cameras, and even apps on your phone are some of the options available to homeowners. Can’t remember if you locked the front door? Don’t worry, there’s now an app for that! A few clicks on your smartphone or other internet connection and you can secure your house without even being there. You can even unlock the door for your children or a service technician remotely. Installing security lights in dark corners will help keep unwanted intruders away. Strategically placed illumination along walkways and entryways will also allow safer access for friends and family.

Cameras let homeowners keep an eye on things while they are away. If you are on vacation or just at work, you can check in. This is especially convenient for parents who have children alone at home. The professionals at Lelch will show you where everything should be placed for optimal security and control. You can see who is standing at your front door, and whether they are friend or foe. Safety for your family has never been easier.

Home Security Systems - Custom Design and Installation by Lelch Audio Video

Your home is the one place on this Earth that you should feel completely safe and secure. One way to protect that safety is installing a security system in your house. Your family will rest much easier knowing there is a security control system in place. If you live near Minneapolis, the experts at Lelch Audio Video can help you. Give them a call today, and prevent your home from being the next target of crime.

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Custom Home Lighting Minneapolis

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Automated Landscape and Custom Home Lighting Services

Outdoor lighting is an integral part of any landscape. Some strategically placed lights can create the perfect oasis in your yard.

custom home lighting

Landscape lighting can also provide safety and security for your family. In addition to increased protection, outdoor illumination can add resale value to your home. The professionals at Lelch Audio Video can spotlight all the beautiful features of your home and property.

Increase Security with Home Landscape Lighting

Custom lighting for the landscape of your home is a great way to make your home more secure. Just placing a few lights around the house can make it appear lived in, even when the homeowners are away. Burglars are not attracted to homes that are well lit and look to have people at home. It is important to install the lamps in dark areas of the house in order to deter criminal activity.These outdoors lights have timer features enabling you to have them automatically turn on or off.

Automated Home Landscape Lighting Increases Safety

Not only does custom home lighting increase the security of the home, but they also make it safer. Placing the lamps along walkways and on porches will help prevent trips and falls. Having your stairs or steps well lit is very important as well. Your family members and guests will be able to navigate the property safely and get to the desired entrance without incident. Injuries are the last thing you want when friends come calling!

Light Your Home's Best Features with Custom Home Lighting

Homeowners may also want to illuminate an outdoor living space or a special feature on the property. Fountains come to life at dark with some spotlights around them. You can entertain around the clock with some lights on your deck or common area. Holiday lights are another way homeowners can beautify their house. Professional installation of these lamps is very important.

Lelch Audio Video offers homeowners custom landscape lighting services. Their experts will install high quality, energy efficient lamps that will not only increase the value of your house but can make it safer and more secure. Lelch professionals will spotlight the beautiful features of your yard and provide guests a safe path to your front door, or illuminate your deck or common areas for entertaining after dark. The experts at Lelch Audio Video will create the perfect outdoor sanctuary for your home!

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Minneapolis Home Security Design and Installation

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Home Security Minneapolis - Protecting Your Home

If you have ever had your home broken into, you can confirm that the tangible objects are not the only things that are lost. The violation rips away your sense of security and peace of mind. And for those who were present when the intruder came in, the terror typically takes a lot longer to overcome.

Enjoy this home security video from YouTube

A security system can empower homeowners and enable them to take back their peace and comfort. There are many components of the typical unit, and Lelch Audio Video helps homeowners design and customize the system to fit their home and lifestyle.

Individual Security Components - What Makes Up a Typical System

One category of components are the input devices. This would include window and door sensors, glass break sensors, and motion detectors. The sensors and detectors trigger the alarm system when a break in occurs. There are also 24 hour input devices that will work whether the security unit is activated or not. These such devices would be fire/smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and water leak sensors.

Next is your output devices. Sirens and strobe indicators would be the typical output devices. These components scare off intruders as well as alerting the homeowners, neighbors, and first responders that something is wrong. The strobe lights are particularly important for the hearing impaired, while the horns and sirens can warn those with vision challenges.

Arming and Disarming Your Security System

The alarm panel and the keypad cannot be forgotten. The alarm panel is the brains of the operation. It contains the main circuit board, the power supply and battery backup, the phone line connection, (wireless/cellular monitoring also available) all packed neatly inside a secure metal box. The keypad is used to arm/disarm the unit, perform diagnostic and programming tasks, and it will advise you where the alarm was tripped.

A home security system will not only make your family more secure inside your house, but it can also buy you valuable time when an escape is necessary. Having an early warning of a fire or other problem, will enable you to gather the family and pets and make a safe departure. This is possibly the most important component of the entire unit!

Secure Your Stuff and More Importantly, Your Pets and Family Members

The safety of your family is something that should not be compromised. Possessions can be replaced, even the priceless heirlooms and pictures, but people cannot. Having a home security system can protect those you love and even the treasures inside your house. Peace of mind is easy to obtain, however once stolen it is difficult to recover. Get an alarm system on your home before you need it. You will be glad you did.

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St Paul Home Security Design and Installation Professionals

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St. Paul Home Security - Professional Design and Installation

Your home should be a place of safety and refuge. Your place of residence should be the one place in the world where nothing bad can ever happen. Sadly, that is not a reality and one must take measures to ensure the protection of your home and all that resides within. A security system is one way to maintain your family’s peace of mind. Most units are customizable to exactly what you need and can afford.

Please enjoy these security tips from State Farm

Early Warning of Impending Disaster

The first alert of a smoke alarm or water leak indicator can mean the world to a homeowner. Having a smoke alert will give you extra time to gather your family and pets and escape safely. Just a few more minutes could be lifesaving! Early indicators can also save you money. Imagine coming home and discovering your home completely flooded because your water heater broke. A water leak sensor could have saved you from costly repair bills, as it would have let you know that there was a malfunction in the home thereby allowing you to get the water shut off quickly.

Burglars and Prowlers Don't Want to be Announced!

Homes should also have a siren or strobe light as part of the security unit. Most intruders won’t stick around with a lot of noise and lights calling unusual attention to a residence. Most families will sleep sounder knowing that measures have been taken to keep them safe inside, and also because they will be alerted should anything or anyone tamper with the house.

Possessions can be replaced, but the lives of your family members cannot. However, there are some tangible treasures that you don’t want to have to replace. Antiques, pictures, jewelry, and other priceless memorabilia should be protected as well. It doesn’t diminish the value of the people around you, but these things shouldn’t be overlooked. Having a security system can protect everything from family heirlooms to the family goldfish.

Modern Alarm Systems have many Integrated Components

There are many components of the typical alarm unit. Some previously mentioned are smoke/fire detectors, water leak indicators, sirens, and strobe lights. Other devices you might want to consider are door and window sensors, glass break sensors, motion detectors, main panel, and the keypad. Some of the features will work even if the unit is not activated, such as the fire detectors and water leak alerts.

Call Lelch Audio Video - We'll Help Increase Safety and Security of your Home

The safety and welfare of your home and family is something that just cannot be taken lightly. A high quality burglar alarm system will help homeowners sleep a little easier each night. You can rest assured that a home security system will protect everything within or around your residence.

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Home Security and Surveillance Systems

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Residential Security and Surveillance

home security systems minneapolis

With crime and vandalism increasing, many homeowners are safeguarding their homes. Arming their houses with the latest advancements in home security and alarm systems is one way families are feeling safer.

The GE Simon XTi Wireless Security Kit is the perfect solution for many homes, and Lelch Audio Video is currently offering a special on the installation of this unit. Their Smart Touch package is $299, and is the best value for many families.

The Simon XTi kit is the leading wireless system in the industry. This coupled with the state of the art monitoring service from NextAlarm, and you will sleep easier at night. This system is not only uncomplicated to install, but it is very uncomplicated. The unit can also be accessed from anywhere. Simply log on to your account from your computer or smartphone, and you have access to the entire system, including arming or disarming, alerts, and so much more.

Simple, Wireless Security Systems

GE’s Simon XTi system offers burglary and fire protection, carbon monoxide warnings, water leak detection, and temperature freeze alerts. There is a back up power supply to keep things secure should there be a power failure. The display contains a microphone for live communication with personnel at the monitoring station. Knowing that they can speak with a live person in real time in an emergency is one of the top features for many homeowners. The unit is also ABN compatible, thus eliminating the need for a home phone line. Complete protection can be achieved with a broadband connection.

Having a home security system will increase the value of your home as well. Potential buyers appreciate these units as a feature on prospective homes. Alarm systems can also save you money. Many insurance companies offer discounts on homeowners’ policies for those having security units. Check with your insurance company to see if some of these savings may be applicable to you. The savings offered may just offset the cost of the unit.

Should You Risk DIY or Have A Pro Install?

Homeowners are choosing the Simon XTi Wireless Kit because it offers premier security features, and Lelch Audio Video is the leading installation company in the Minneapolis area. Their technicians will design, install, and even test your unit. They will also make sure you know how to arm and disarm your system, as well as educate you on all the features available.

When you are ready to secure your home, family, and future, call Lelch Audio Video and choose the Smart Touch package. Your peace of mind depends on it.

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Golden Valley MN Automated Home Lighting Systems

[sc:buttonstyle] Increase Safety and Security of your Golden Valley home with Custom Automated Home Lighting Systems from Lelch Audio Video!

Golden Valley is a great place to raise a family or enjoy retirement, offering you a blend of urban style with suburban tranquility, along with plenty of community spirit. An increasing number of Golden Valley homeowners who want to sleep well at night are upgrading their security systems by adding an automated home lighting system designed and installed by Lelch Audio Video.

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Smart Golden Valley homeowners turn to Lelch Audio Video because we are experienced professionals at designing the kind of automated home lighting systems that are responsible for not only deterring trespassers and intruders from accessing your home or surrounding property, but also making your home more attractive and safe. While door and window locks, sensors and alarms are all great security features, effective lighting that turns on and off automatically as needed is one of the most effective and affordable ways to secure your home and protect your loved ones and valuables.

After the sun goes down, burglars go on the prowl for homes that look dark and un-lived in so that their criminal activity can go unnoticed. The automated home lighting systems that Lelch Audio Video designs and installs can be seamlessly integrated into your existing home automation system. In addition to providing an extremely effective security feature, automated home lighting provides added safety both inside and outside your home. Well lighted pathways, walkways and stairwells prevent slips, falls and accidents, especially for senior members of the family. And you can avoid costly lawsuits that result from visitors or delivery men slipping and falling over obstacles they can't see in their path simply because your home lighting system is inadequate or worse yet, non-existant.

Automation Provides Peace of Mind

Automated home lighting systems take the pressure off of you to remember whether or not exterior lighting goes on after the sun goes down or interior lights are turned on and off in the homeowner's absence. How many times has your schedule changed and you got home later than you normally would to an uninviting and darkened house? With a custom automated home lighting system, your safety and security is always assured because both interior and exterior lights turn on automatically at their appointed time.

A professionally installed automated home lighting system also increases the value of your home. Automated lighting systems provide very cost efficient ways to light your home using the least amount of energy, so your household saves money. A home that is well lighted is not only a more comfortable place to live and spend time, it also is among the most cost effective ways to deter crime, ensure your safety and offer you the convenience of knowing you don't have to be present to control when and where the lighting is activated in and around your home.


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