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Articles in Category: Home Security System

How to Choose the Ideal Security System for Your Space

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Reaching Out to a Security Company

How to Choose the Ideal Security System for Your Space

Home security systems are a significant investment when it comes to protecting your family. Every detail needs to be considered to make sure you have a solution that directly addresses the needs for your Woodbury, MN home. Especially now that smart technology components are regularly part of the mix, it can be challenging to figure out exactly which features you need to include.

As experts in both security and smart home control, we are glad to help you through the process. Though a one-on-one consultation is the best way to design a custom solution, there are a few questions you should have in mind before scheduling your initial meeting. Having a general idea of the things you may discuss during the call will help you prepare for optimal results.

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How You Can Embrace a Smarter Home Security

Can Your Security Do These Things?

How You Can Embrace a Smarter Home Security

If your house was built over five years ago, and you have a security system in place, chances are its missing out on the latest technology. Sure, your system provides some peace of mind in that that something is monitoring your house when you’re away.  You likely have sensors attached to windows and doors, and a control system that can be armed and disarmed.  When armed, your system can notify a monitoring center about a door or window that has been unexpectedly opened or broken.

If you have one of these systems, they are not very smart by today’s standards. And they can be fairly cryptic.  Does your system illuminate a red light on a panel that corresponds to one of your doors when it’s opened?  If you have multiple outside doors in a large house, you need a cheat sheet to know which one – typically not what you have on you when the monitoring company calls you to say the number 6 door has been opened with the system armed while you are away.

Thankfully, the combination of today’s electronics, smart sensors, software, and cloud connectivity pack current security systems with far more intelligence than ever before.  Let’s explore the latest in home security system features that you will want for your Minnetonka MN home.

Here’s What You Should Want in a Modern Security Camera

Keep Your Home Safe With an Updated Monitoring System

Here’s What You Should Want in a Modern Security Camera

With 2018 just around the corner, there happens to be good news that you should know about:

Home surveillance technology is more advanced than ever – meaning you can ensure your family’s safety, this winter and beyond.

At the leading edge of surveillance innovation are home security cameras. Not only are they physical deterrents to any potential intruders, they also provide several useful features for your Wayzata, MN property.

Whether you already have a home security system or you’re only interested in one, it’s essential you know what modern security cameras can do for you.

Below, we share three of the best features found in today’s best security cameras.

Are You Hurting Your Projects By Not Including Security Solutions?

Here Are Some Ways a Home Security System Can Boost Your Next Construction

Are You Hurting Your Projects By Not Including Security Solutions?

What do your clients mean when they say they want a live-in ready home? For construction workers, this needs to be decided as early as possible to satisfy the client, while still staying on schedule and within budget. The problem: homeowners don’t often know what they want.

During the initial consultation, it may be your role to help them figure it out. Should they include home entertainment or just basic electric wiring? One component that's often not considered is a home security system.

Here we highlight some reasons both homeowners and builders should consider this early in the process and how to best incorporate these systems.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe During Vacation Season

Let Your Security System Give You Peace of Mind While You’re Away

5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe During Vacation Season

With summer vacation just around the corner, you’ve probably got all your trip essentials organized. You’ve booked the flight, reserved a hotel and scheduled daily activities for the family. But have you put any thought into how you’ll keep your Edina, MN home safe while you’re away? Below we showcase how your home security system ensures your property is safe so you can focus on your relaxing destination instead of what’s going on back home.