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The Professional Art of TV Placement in Home Theaters

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Professional Television Mounting and Installation

Mounting a TV on a wall is not always as straightforward as it sounds. It takes experience and training as well as an extra set of strong hands!

TV Installation Professionals

Homeowners who want to get the most viewing enjoyment out of the television screen that serves as the focal point of their designated home theater space know that proper placement of the TV screen and speakers is an art form. Do it yourself TV placement can result not only in eye and muscle strain for viewers but also create safety issues if the television screen isn't securely fastened to resist falling or tilting.

Since TV placement is an art form best practiced by professionals, why not invest in hiring the most experienced television installers available in the Minneapolis metropolitan area? The technicians at Lelch Audio Video have more than two decades experience as home TV installation experts, ensuring that customers will get full enjoyment out of the television system they have selected for watching videos, television programming, musical performances, sports competitions and much more.

Professional Installation for the Best Performing System

There are numerous benefits that homeowners enjoy when they rely on Lelch Audio Video to handle the installation of their home TV. First, our technicians are sticklers for details and handle the project all the way from the initial assessment of exactly what position in the room is ideal for screen placement, through the careful unpacking and set-up of the flat screen TV, finishing up with the expert connection of all accessories and components such as DVD and Blu-Ray players, Cable Box, XBOX and Wii.

But Lelch Audio Video doesn't consider a TV installation project finished once we secure all the connections. We also ensure that all connecting wires are securely positioned to be as well-hidden as possible to avoid trips and falls in addition to providing orientation to our customer to help them understand the proper operation of their newly installed TV system.

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Our TV installation services are very versatile. We have experience in correctly positioning wall-mounted TV units with the ultimate safety in mind. Our technicians are experts at insuring that wall mounted TVs are properly anchored so that such features as tilting or swiveling can be accomplished without compromising viewer safety.

TV Installations of all Types and Locations

If your television requires installation atop a table or inside a cabinet, we have proven expertise in connecting all cables and wires so they are the properly specified sizes in addition to keeping everything untangled and as unobtrusive as possible. We also handle installation of any auxiliary speaker placement in a variety of positions, from wall or surface mount to ceiling mount or flush against the wall. Because our technicians are all CEDIA certified, the result is a professional, clean TV installation that includes the proper routing of all speaker wires.

We know you are excited about getting your new home TV installed, but leave the heavy lifting to the professionals at Lelch Audio Video. Our professional Home TV Installation Service gives you peace of mind that your screen will be securely mounted, properly positioned for maximum eye level comfort, and include all of the necessary speaker connections and secure wiring to provide you with countless hours of home theater entertainment.

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Why Opt for Comprehensive Home Entertainment System Design Services

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A Comprehensive Design makes a world of difference in Home Entertainment Systems. An analysis of how you'll use it; what you'll be watching; game systems integration; audio. All important considerations when designing your home entertainment system.

How Will You Use Your Home Entertainment System?

Home Entertainment Systems

How often has a friend or relative bragged about their home entertainment system, only to have it turn out to be a do-it-yourself installed wide screen television set accompanied by massive speakers. Not very impressive, or versatile. If your dreams for having a home theater system are bigger than merely watching movies on a wide-screen with improved sound capability, you owe it to yourself to consult with the experts at Lelch Audio Video about designing a complete entertainment system for the entire family's full enjoyment.

Lelch Audio Video is the most trusted resource for the professional design and installation of comprehensive home entertainment systems throughout the Minneapolis metropolitan area. And we know that making a decision to design and install the perfect home theater to meet your family's expectations represents a major investment. But every member of your family is guaranteed a higher return on this investment when you hire Lelch Audio Video's trained and experienced technicians to deliver an entertainment system that is so much more than simply a home movie theater.

How Do You Know Who To Trust in Home Entertainment?

Lelch Audio Video is famous for taking your home theater design beyond the pleasure of superior video viewing. We design and install a comprehensive home theater system to suit your budget, your needs and your space configuration so that your system also delivers the versatility of entertaining you with many additional features. These include home gaming, high definition music that can be connected to other rooms in your house, and the fun of such options as karaoke systems perfect for party entertainment.

From the initial consultation, our design staff makes sure that Lelch Audio Video makes you a partner in the design of your new home entertainment system by taking your dreams, needs and priorities into consideration. We help you make the right decisions in every step of the design process, from choosing the right space in your home to transform into a complete entertainment center to selecting the optimal sound speakers, the best layout to accommodate both viewing and listening pleasure, along with programming such amenities as remote control systems. We also instruct you in how to use every aspect of your new comprehensive home entertainment system in order to enjoy the many aspects it offers beyond viewing videos or TV programming.

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The Real Value Of Lelch Audio Video is Our Service!

The home theater system that Lelch Audio Video designs and installs for your family is guaranteed to include a full range of comprehensive features and capabilities for the best return on your entertainment investment.

Award-winning movies and documentaries, musical theater performances, and the fun of home gaming competition and karaoke party entertainment are all part of the full home theater experience when you trust Lelch Audio Video to custom design and install a comprehensive home entertainment system delivering the most versatility.

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Marantz Home AV Receiver - Custom System Installation

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Over 50 Years in the Audio Industry! Designed by and for Audiophiles

When you are looking for a high quality, clean sounding home audio video system, it helps to start with quality at the AV Receiver level. One highly respected brand that we like at Lelch Audio Video is the Marantz line. Marantz is a company that has been around over 50 years and was founded by Saul Marantz. Mr. Marantz was very passionate about music and played classical guitar himself. Being dissatisfied with the quality of current hi-fi offerings, Saul decided to design and build his first system in his basement. Today, Marantz has a full line of modern high quality equipment from separate components, wireless music controllers, Blue-Ray players and AV Receivers. For Example, for top of the line 9 channel surround sound systems, you could start with the SR7008. This system can be connected to your home network to stream audio and video from the internet. It's also ready for 1080P and the 4K Ultra formats. For power, the SR7008 has 9 channels of 8ohm 125 watts that when paired with the right speakers, creates a phenomenal sound system with powerful front soundstage. Here's a link to the specifications for the SR7008 so you can see what this system can do. Of course, there are other Marantz Audio Video Receivers that you could base your new sound system off of.

Custom, Personalized Sound System for your Minnesota Home

Lelch AV can visit your home and design a system specifically for the room and for the way that you will use your system. With so many options available in home audio, it's actually easy to make a mistake and choose something that does not pair well with the other components. That's why we recommend that you leverage our expertise and discuss your needs with us first.

Professional Installation - All around the Minneapolis Area

When it comes to connecting a well designed system the experience and training that the Lelch professionals have comes into play. We know cable connections, cable size capacities and how to professionally route wiring so that your system looks custom. The last thing you want is loose connections or unnecessarily exposed wires and cables. Call today for your free consultation. [sc:insertbutton ]

Homeowners Trust Lelch AV as Eagan Home Theater Surround Sound Experts

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Lelch AV is Eagan's Home Theater Surround Sound Experts

Eagan MN Surround Sound InstallersSound adds so much pleasure and enjoyment to the lives of Eagan area homeowners, but never more so than when family and friends are enjoying an evening of entertainment together in their own home theater. With a higher than average income and education level compared with other cities in Minnesota, residents in this charming community know where to turn when they want an Eagan home theater designed and installed to make their lifestyle even more enjoyable.

Need a Complete Design and Installation of a Custom Theater System

Lelch AV is the Minneapolis area's expert on all facets of home theater design and installation, and in particular, the type of high quality Eagan surround sound system that the expert technicians at Lelch have been providing to this community of nearly 65,000 residents for more than two decades. When homeowners here decide to transform their den, recreational room or basement into an Eagan home theater, they trust the professional expertise they receive from Lelch AV. Nothing compares to the sophistication of Eagan surround sound to enhance their listening experience whether watching a classic film, rock concert or the heavyweight championship bout live from Las Vegas.

Is Quality Home Theater a DIY System?

Of course, homeowners can opt to install regular speaker systems themselves in their own Eagan home theater, but that's not the smartest move a discriminating homeowner can make if he wants superior sound to accompany his favorite mode of on screen entertainment. When Lelch AV becomes involved in setting up a homeowners Eagan surround sound system, family members are guaranteed a much higher clarity of sound in the dialogue, music and sound effects that accompany the films, games, sporting and concert events enjoyed in a home theater atmosphere. Many Lelch AV customers who have opted to invest in having professionally designed and installed surround sound systems installed into their home theaters tell us they can't ever imagine going back to settling for regular sound systems. Surround sound enhances the viewing and listening experience to such a great extent that people feel more emotionally involved in the action they see on the screen in addition to experiencing the sensation of actually being transported elsewhere, all from the comfort and privacy of their very own home theater.

Custom In-Home Design Consultation - Free of Charge

For the ultimate in home theater listening pleasure, Lelch AV is the expert to count on for designing the right surround sound system to match the requirements of your home theater based on such factors as the size and location of the room. We can work with you on delivering a high quality audio system ranging from speakers amplified with powerful subwoofers to state of the art 7.1 surround sound speaker systems. [sc:insertbutton ]

Can I Control Multiple Rooms With One Home Theater System?

Can I Control Multiple Rooms With One Home Theater System?

Q: Can I Control Multiple Rooms With One Home Theater System?

A: Yes, it is definitely possible to set up one central system and have controls to operate and pipe music into other satellite rooms. There are numerous benefits to whole house audio and you'll get more enjoyment and value out of your system when you go this route.

How Can I Maximize Having One Home Theater System By Using It In Several Rooms?

Many homeowners who hire Lelch AV to design and install their home theater system are excited to discover that we can provide them with multi-zone capability.

This means that their main home theater receiver can send signals to speakers or a separate audio system located in another location in the house. This is a very desirable feature to build into a new home theater system or use to upgrade an existing home theater because it offers more versatility to using the system.

One family member, for example, could be enjoying a DVD film night presentation with surround sound in the main home theater room while another family member can insert a music CD into a player in a totally different room at the same time.

The audio visual experts at Lelch AV, with more than two decades of servicing the community in every aspect of home theater design and installation, can help you determine how best to enjoy multi-room audio from a one receiver home theater system.

We recommend receivers with powered outputs in order to power speakers in a second room without having to invest in an additional amplifier. We can also install an in-wall volume control in order to adjust the sound being experienced in the second location.

If your goal is to play two different sources of sound in two different rooms simultaneously, Lelch AV can recommend the best quality dual room/dual source receiver to make this happen.

Multi-Zone Audio Systems add Flexibility, Value and Convenience

You can trust the professional expertise provided by the Lelch AV design team so you can maximize the enjoyment of your home theater experience by incorporating the multi-zone feature into your home theater system.

It's worth considering including multi-zone capability when installing a new home theater system or finding out how Lelch AV can upgrade your current system so that family members with different tastes can enjoy different styles of entertainment in multiple rooms of your home simultaneously.

Expert Multi-Zone Audio System Design and Installation

Let the experts at Lelch AV show you the most simple and affordable way to enjoy multi-room sound controlled by one home theater system. 

How Many Watts Should My Home Theater Have?

Find Out What it Really Takes to Get High-Performance Surround Sound

How Many Watts Should My Home Theater Have?

Q: How Many Watts Should My Home Theater Have?

A: Higher wattage output, when matched with the appropriate speakers generally mean more sound clarity and the capability for more volume while remaining clear. Lelch Audio Video experts can help design your system for optimal performance.

Why The Right Number of Watts in Your Home Theater is Important to the Quality of Sound You Experience

One of the advantages of hiring the professionals at Lelch AV to design and install a complete home theater system for you is that we understand the importance of selecting just the right amount of watts that will deliver optimum performance of high quality sound from the audio system. But the experts at Lelch AV understand that the right number of speaker watts isn't one magic number that suits all situations in order to deliver high quality audio without distortion. We also take the sensitivity of the speakers selected for the theater in addition to something called THD, or total harmonic distortion. Our years of experience add up all three in order to guarantee that your sound system delivers when it comes to loudness, power as well as sensitivity.

Recommendations Derived from Many Years Experience and Training

When Lelch AV recommends a sound system designed to suit the size and space of your home theater, we take the power of watts, the measure of electrical power, into consideration so that the output of your amplifier does not exceed the maximum that can be handled by your loudspeakers. We recommend and install an amplifier that delivers just the right amount of power over long periods as it does in short bursts called peak periods. Our technicians also guarantee that we will install a loudspeaker featuring sufficient nominal power over both the long range as well as peak periods without incurring any damage to the speaker system itself or to your hearing.

Some Technical Details About Speaker and Amplification...

Lelch AV also takes the measure of loudness in decibels that your speakers can deliver into consideration when recommending the number of watts optimum for your home theater, because this can impact your listening pleasure, especially at very high volumes. We usually recommend that home theater customers invest in speakers with a sensitivity range between 85 and 91 decibels rather than anything under 85 which results in sub-standard sound performance. The more efficient the speaker, the less watts needed to enjoy big volume, so more watts isn't necessarily the most desirable option. Investing in quality speakers that can deliver the best sound without using too much power is more important.

Trust Lelch AV to choose quality equipment using the proper amount of watts to deliver home theater sound that blows you away rather than blow out your hearing! Reach out to us by calling (612) 353-5087 or fill out our online contact form. 


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