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How to Make Homes More Stylish With Motorized Shades

Enhance Your Client's Interior Decor With Smart Shading Options

How to Make Homes More Stylish With Motorized Shades

Home interior designers have often clashed with custom integrators, fighting with them for important space both in the client’s budget and their home. Realizing that technology could enhance, not impede, a home’s unique style, interior designers have embraced their technology partners in recent years. The relationship has blossomed primarily through the use of motorized window shades. With intuitive control of shades, blinds and drapes, designers can take their projects to entirely new frontiers.

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Embrace Your Favorite Models

With motorized window treatments, homeowners can control shades through remotes, touchpads or smartphones. How can this expand their stylistic choices? In the past, they may have been reluctant to install elegant drapes in the living room because they’d be too difficult to close when the family wanted to watch TV. While wooden blinds might look great in the kitchen, they might find it too cumbersome to adjust the amount of light coming in throughout the day. Now they can do that easily with the press of a button or a swipe on their phone, opening up new possibilities when choosing designs and styles for their window treatments.

Eliminate Unnecessary Clutter

By centralizing control of all the home’s shades onto a dedicated touchpad or mobile app, you can also get rid of some of the clutter that’s involved with manual control. There’s no longer a need for clunky chords or sticks that not only become an eye sore but can also pose safety hazards. You can also choose to group certain shades together, so you don’t need individual remotes for each one—which can create a whole new clutter problem in and of itself.

Create the Perfect Lighting

No interior décor is complete without the right lighting. You can aim light in certain directions to highlight specific features or adjust the color temperature to bring out the color of the walls and furnishings. While much of this light staging is done via artificial light, you can also give your home a cool glow by making it easy to bring in natural light throughout the day. Schedule shades to open when natural light is available and close as soon as it gets dark.

Protect Vulnerable Items

Another constraint that interior designers often face is dealing with vulnerable furnishings or artwork that may be damaged by sunlight. In the past, these items had to be hidden away in corners far from windows for their own protection. Motorized shades let you give them a more prominent setting. Simply link up photo sensors to your shades so that they close as soon as they’re hit by direct sunlight.

Cover Hard-to-Reach Areas

Many modern homes include windows that can pose serious challenges both for designers and end users. For floor to ceiling windows or those that are out of reach due to their placement, manual shades become more of a nuisance than a stylistic accent. By having remote control of these fixtures, you can choose the fabrics and designs you want without having to worry about how you’d manage them on a day-to-day basis.

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