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Call Today (612) 353 5087   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

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Articles in Category: surround-sound

Surround Sound Installer

[sc:author ] Surround_Sound_Installer Surround sound refers to an audio system that “surrounds” the listener completely.At one time, this type of encounter could only be found in a theater. But in recent years, technology has made it such that most homeowners can enjoy this without leaving home. There are also so many packages and options, anyone is sure to find an affordable solution for their home. And while several of these systems are easy to install, hiring a surround sound installer is imperative to getting the maximum home theater experience.

Surround Sound Installer

There are so many different components and options available these days, it can be overwhelming to a novice. A professional can help you determine what parts are essential to your specific needs and home. The layout of your theater room may be more conducive for wall mount speakers as opposed to the floor ones. Positioning each speaker just so will make the listener feel like they’re right in the middle of all the action! Being off even a fraction of a degree can create a serious void of sound. An experienced installer will know exactly what you need and where to set it up for optimal results.

Nothing is Too Difficult For a Surround Sound Installer

If you don’t mind wires stretched across your room from television to DVD player to speaker, installing it yourself is fine. But for those who prefer the wires to be hidden and wall mount speakers to be flush to the wall, professional installation may be necessary. And that doesn’t even begin to account for the frustration that comes with troubleshooting. Experienced installers know precisely how everything works together, and therefore able to avoid most problems. Should any problems arise, a pro will have it resolved in little to no time, as he or she has probably encountered it before.

A Surround Sound Installer Has The Plan for Perfect Sound

Surround sound installation is not as simple as throwing a few speakers around the room. The acoustics in your theater room will affect the quality of your sound. There may be a need to add dampers or amplifiers to get the ideal experience. You don’t want the sound from your system getting lost in the room or bouncing around either. Accurate placement of every speaker, wire, amplifier, acoustical pads, and other components will ensure the best possible results. A professional will also know how to avoid that pesky static interference that is all too frequent with electrical devices.

When you need a surround sound installer that not only knows the industry inside and out but has the best products available, you need Lelch Audio Video. We hire only the most knowledgeable professionals for our team, and we guarantee every project will be done to your ultimate satisfaction. We stand behind our equipment, installations, and team members. For a top rated surround sound installer in Minnesota, give Lelch Audio Video a call!

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Custom Speaker Design, Layout and Installation

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Custom Speaker Installation and Design - Optimize Your Home Surround Sound

There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money to create the perfect home entertainment systems, only to find gaps in the sound quality.

custom speaker design

You can have the best equipment money can buy, but improper installation and haphazard placement of the speakers will deliver poor results. The experts at Lelch Audio Video can help you create the optimal home theater for your family.

Where Would You Like Your Speakers? Lelch Audio Video - Custom Speaker Installation

When it comes to the speakers for the wall and ceiling, there are a couple of fantastic options. You can choose the traditional surface mount speakers or you may opt for the in-wall flush mount installation. The flush mount speakers are actually placed into the wall, making the speaker cover flush mounted on the sheetrock. Many clients prefer this option due to the esthetic value they bring. But either style can deliver beautiful sound quality. Because these speakers are mounted on or in the wall or ceiling, the installation is a little more involved. There will be cutting of wallboard to wire and install. Some clients may not be able to use in-wall speakers in their homes and may choose floor standing speakers or shelf speaker placement.

Custom Speaker Design with Floor Standing and/or Shelf Speakers

Floor standing or bookshelf speakers may be the best option for your home. The floor speakers are typically the largest style of speakers, and offer excellent quality and clarity of sound. They can also be the most efficient of the choices. However, the bookshelf speakers may be the right alternative for your home. They come in a wider variety of sizes and can be placed on a shelf or on a stand. But these may not deliver the low bass tones, and an additional sub woofer may be needed. Both of these free-standing speakers do not usually require change to the structure of the home, and therefore may be right for you.

Engineered Customer Speaker Layout by the Experts at Lelch Audio Video

Lelch Audio Video has expert sound engineers that will design, advise brands, and install the systems. They will work with the floor plan of your home to create the perfect entertainment mecca. Whatever products you choose, you can be assured that Lelch engineers will install them professionally. You just can’t make a better decision than Lelch Audio Video for all your home theater needs.

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Surround Sound System Installation Minneapolis

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Trending Usage of Floorstanding, Sound Bar Speakers

Sound is one of the most important components for enjoying a superior home entertainment center experience.

surround sound system installation  minneapolis

If the sound system being used overwhelms the space dedicated for your home entertainment center, it becomes difficult to distinctly hear all of the nuances of music or dialogue. Likewise, if a sound system doesn't meet high fidelity standards, dialogue can become muffled, making you miss important parts of the action or score. If it's been a while since you evaluated the quality of your current home entertainment sound system, it might be a good time to consult with the experts at Lelch Audio Video to determine if you could benefit from a sound system upgrade.

Lelch Audio Video is seeing a definite trend in having more and more clients transforming the sound quality of their home entertainment centers by switching to floorstanding and sound bar speakers. Although in-wall speakers make sense for small spaces and their ability to hide sound systems within the wall, more and more customers are incorporating the best quality floorstanding and bookshelf speakers into the décor of their entertainment center because these types of speakers simply produce the best and clearest audio. When Lelch designs a sound system upgrade for a client, we often recommend incorporating a digital-to-audio converter in order to fully capture the fine quality of digital music files.

Surround Sound Speaker Options - Minneapolis Residents Trust their Home Audio to Lelch Audio Video

Lelch is also getting more requests about soundbar speakers and we're happy to recommend and install what we consider to be the best brand name soundbars whose performance matches or exceeds other full-range speakers. And as soundbar speaker design has advanced over the past few years, they are no longer limited to being attached to the ceiling or walls of the room you have dedicated as your home entertainment center. They not only look great incorporated into the décor of the room, they also offer you a lot more flexibility in that they can easily be moved or relocated as necessary, something you can't do with the old style fixed, in-wall speakers.

"On real stressful days at work, I'll escape for a couple of hours into my media room. Our surround sound system installation by Lelch Audio Video is a real stress eraser!"
-satisfied Lelch client

The listening pleasure that adds emotional impact to your home entertainment center deserves a sound system that offers you superior performance, an attractive appearance, in addition to flexibility.

Time for a Surround Sound Installation or Upgrade for YOUR Home Audio?

Upgrading your sound system to incorporate the latest model quality floorstanding and sound bar speakers might just be the best investment you could make this year for the room where you spend the most time at home. At Lelch Audio Video, we're always ready to help your home entertainment center keep up with the latest technological trends in sound so that your sound system consistently offers you the best quality performance.

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Reconnecting with Favorite Music Lowers Stress, Improves Mood

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Rediscover the Music you Love - Lelch Audio Video Surround Sound Systems

whole house audio

In these stressful times, one of the best ways to decompress and help improve your mood is listening to your favorite music. Numerous scientific studies have underscored the power of music in our lives to evoke many positive emotions. Listening to our favorite music can transport us back to the most happy times in our lives and each of the significant turning points. Hearing a particular love song can inspire us to feel nostalgic and hopeful. Listening to our favorite music is one of the most beneficial pastimes we can pursue in the privacy of our own home.

Reconnecting with your favorite musical artist or songs that you may have heard for the first time on a transistor radio on the beach or in a car radio while traveling is easier than ever, thanks to the sophisticated home audio systems now available that give more depth and clarity to each nuance of the musical score. Lelch AV can custom design a home audio system that not only fits your budget but also your lifestyle. Installing a home audio system enables you to rediscover favorite music you may have lost for decades, but in a way that sounds fuller and more satisfying than it did when you first heard it on the limited conventional stereo systems of the past.

Whole House Audio and Surround Sound Systems - Wake up your Music!

A new home audio system enables you to broaden your enjoyment of your favorite musical performances that up until now had only been available on old-fashioned vinyl which is no longer playable or has serious distortion issues. Digital downloads make it easy for you to enjoy a never ending library of your favorite music albums and artists with superior, high fidelity sound. Powerful surround sound systems not only enhance the music listening experience, it allows you to notice subtle nuances in the music that enhance your listening pleasure.

Related Post: Custom Home Audio Systems

Lelch Audio Video can outfit your home so that you can reconnect with your favorite music in any room of the house rather than being limited to your home entertainment center. We can position speakers in a strategic fashion so that they disappear into the background and the music seems to stream magically right out of thin air. Our home audio systems can even connect to outdoor areas so that reconnecting to your favorite music is possible while relaxing or partying on patios, at poolside or other outdoor entertainment areas.

Custom Designed and Installed Home Audio System

We can design and install a home audio system complete with portable or wall-built remotes that make it easy and convenient to access as well as change your musical selections. It's also possible to program different music at different volume levels for every room in your house. Music is often the best prescription for whatever ails you. Lelch Audio Video can help you reconnect with the favorite music, the tunes that evoke good memories and recaptures the joy about the most special times of your life, with a custom designed audio system.

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Whole House Audio

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Full Home Audio System Provides Luxury of Music in Every Room

whole house audio

Why settle for enjoying music in only one room of your house when it is actually more cost efficient than ever before to install a full home audio system that enables every room in your home to be alive with the sounds of music.

  • Controlled and powered by your main system
  • Flush ceiling or wall mount speakers
  • Remote Control
  • Bookshelf or floor standing speakers

As a specialist in custom design and installation of whole house multi-room audio systems, Lelch Audio Video is finding an increasing number of customers adding full home audio systems to new construction, or opting for upgrading their current home environment by installing a full home audio system as one of the ultimate entertainment luxuries.

There's no reason to confine the enjoyment of high quality musical performances to just the one room in your home where you have your home entertainment center located. A full home audio system enables you to add music to the list of amenities that make your life at home much more comfortable and enjoyable. Imagine moving from room to room throughout your day and being able to hear your favorite tunes wafting gently through the atmosphere no matter where in the house you are located. There is a growing amount of scientific evidence that proves that exposure to music not only can improve your mood but also improves your health by strengthening the immune system.

With Whole House Audio You Can Dance In Any Room!

I don't know about you but, when I'm working on a home project or cleaning house I want to rock out! I don't want to have to blast the home system to 20 just to hear it throughout the house though. Adding speakers in every room made Whole House Audio a reality for me. -Chuck, Plymouth, MN.

Lelch Audio Video has years of experience creating custom designed and installed full home audio systems that cater to the specific needs of individual homeowners. We can provide you with wired systems that carefully conceal the speakers and wires in every room within ceilings and walls for a seamless musical experience. A wireless system is often the best bet for an existing home because it requires no remodeling to any of the existing walls or other structures. We can also provide you a hybrid system that is a combination of concealed wires and speakers accompanied by other wireless components.

Take the "Chore" out of your Housework with Whole House Audio

We challenge you to remember the last day you went without hearing at least one piece of music that lightened your mood or gave you a boost of energy. Now imagine how delightful it would be to live in a home where every room of the house had the option of enjoying the highest quality sound capabilities, delivering a daily diet of favorite show tunes, soundtracks, rock, pop or classical music. Isn't it time that you treated yourself to the luxury of having music in every room, controlled effortlessly from the panel of a full home audio system. Get the party started with a full home audio system expertly crafted by Lelch Audio Video.

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Selecting Home Audio System Receivers

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What Do You Look For in Home Audio System Receiver Features?

When selecting home audio equipment, look beyond what you currently use your home system for. Selecting a system with more versatility should be the goal.

Making Sense of the Jargon

3D TV Explained

Should you go with a 5 channel or 7 channel theater receiver? How many watts? Those are the basic questions that come to mind first. Look beyond these to really open up the possibilities.

What’s available? Well, if you like internet radio for example, does the system have wifi or does it have a network cable port. The answer should be: Both. Wifi will give you the bandwidth you need for most options. You can stream Pandora, Rdio or Spotify easily over wireless. Wireless also works fine for most Netflix or Hulu movies. You may want to use a network cable though for connections between components like a hard disk movie library of if you plan on streaming 3D or 4K high definition movies. Bandwidth beyond what current wireless specs are capable of are better suited for some of these options.

Since the technology offerings for media are moving so quickly (think vinyl to 8 track to cassette to cd on audio), you don’t want to get too embedded with one technology and especially if that technology has been around for awhile. Saying, for example, that all you want is the DVD or Blueray playing feature will eventually limit what you can do with your system. The format media comes on is moving forward always. Buy the latest 4K and 3D capabilities and you’re assured that you’ll be safe for several years. Something else will come out over the next 3 years. You can bet on it.

Look For Maximum Versatility

Look for systems with plenty of HDMI inputs. You’ll need those for connecting devices. Google’s Chromecast, for example, is an HDMI Wireless connection device that opens up streaming from other devices like tablets, smartphones and other compatible entertainment appliances. Consider if the system has built in Apple AirPlay as well if your family is more Apple product centric. Some of the latest Android smart phones may also support MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) that uses a micro USB to HDMI cable to a special port labeled MHL allowing you to stream media to the TV and offers control of the phone from your remote control as well as keeps the phone charged and awake.

Keep in mind that all theater systems do not offer support for phonographs as a standard option. If you have a collection of vinyl that you want to play, you’ll want to ask about support for playing records. You may need a phono pre-amp component if the system does not support it natively. You don’t want to find out too late that you’ll need another piece of equipment.

What Does Lelch Audio Video Recommend?

The receivers we recommend at Lelch Audio Video are always the latest equipment available from the top tier vendors. Manufacturers like Yamaha, Marantz, Denon and Sony, to name a few. We lead with full compatibility with 3D, 4K video technologies as well as wireless, Bluetooth, Airplay, etc. You can count on us to know the latest technology and recommend equipment that you’ll be satisfied with for years to come.

For a no charge, no obligation in-home meeting with one of our professional home audio consultants, give us a call or click the quote button to complete a request form.

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Professional Sound System Installation

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Enhance Entertainment Enjoyment with Professional Sound System Installation Service

Sound adds so much enjoyment to life, whether it's the purr of your favorite cat, hearing your favorite Broadway Show score or hearing the voice of an old friend over the phone. But on the flip side, poor quality sounds can leave us feeling empty and disappointed. This can be especially true when it comes to the quality of sound delivered by the home entertainment system you have in your Eden Prairie home. To get the ultimate in enjoyment from your favorite movies, games, sports events and musical performances, it's important to have a quality sound system that consistently delivers. That's why it's smart to invest in a professionally designed and installed Home Theater System, complimented by a professionally designed and installed Home Sound System, delivered by the most experienced AV company in the Eden Prairie area, Lelch Audio Video.

Professional Design and Installation makes the difference in Home Audio

Professionally installed Home Sound Systems are increasingly appearing at the top of homeowners' wish lists, according to a recent interview with Lelch AV president Alex Lelchuk in Southwest Metro Magazine. One of the reasons more homeowners in Eden Prairie are opting for professional Sound System installation, notes Lelchuk, is the rising popularity of home entertainment centers as one of the key components of an overall Home Automation System. Lelchuk says that investing in a professional sound system is also one of the easiest ways to upgrade your current movie and television viewing options.
Check out this presentation by Marantz, one of our well respected vendors

Eliminate Mistakes - Hire Professional Home Audio Installers

One of the biggest benefits of having an experienced Sound System installer such as Lelch AV handle the design and installation of a professional Home Sound System is our ability to provide you with the highest grade and most sophisticated level of components and equipment from a wide range of respected manufacturers and suppliers. Lelch AV works with each customer to build their Sound System from the ground up, so that it suits your individual needs. Lelch sound technicians never recommend equipment that doesn't enhance your listening pleasure or pressure you into installing a Sound System that is way beyond your budget. Our goal is to provide you with the best professional high quality sound capabilities at a reasonable cost. Another important benefit to opting for professional Sound System installation is that our technicians understand the technical requirements for all components of the system so that the whole package is compatible. We also work with you to explain the operation of your new Sound System so you can enjoy optimum listening pleasure for your home entertainment system. Professional installation also ensures a Sound System that meets all local electrical codes and is safe to use, preventing dangerous overloads of your home's wiring.

In-Home Design Consultation Without the High Pressure!

Lelch Audio Video also guarantees your satisfaction with the professional Sound System we install in your home, ensuring that your listening pleasure for movies, sports events, television or your favorite music collection makes your home a fun and relaxing place to spend time.   [sc:insertbutton ]  
See this video on Bose Lifestyle Systems, another one of our respected brands we install.

How Many Speakers Should My Home Theater Have?

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Q: How Many Speakers Should My Home Theater Have?

Multi Speaker Surround Sound SystemsThis is a matter of individual taste and the experience you want to achieve from your system. Generally, the systems are classified by the total count of speakers plus the sub woofer. For example a 5.1 system will have two multi purpose speakers for the front channel and 2 for the back channel. Then a center channel is added and finally the sub woofer. 4 speakers, plus 1 center channel equals 5. Add the subwoofer and it becomes 5.1 channels.

What Number of Speakers Will Provide Optimum Sound Performance in My Home Theater?

In more than two decades of designing and installing high quality home theater systems, Lelch AV understands it's not necessarily the number of speakers that improves your sound performance as it is the home theater speaker placement and the quality of the speaker itself. A homeowner can invest in multiple expensive speakers without enjoying optimum sound performance if they are not compatible with the size and configuration of the home theater space in addition to not being strategically positioned within that space. One of the main reasons why homeowners who want to invest in a home theater system or want to upgrade their current home theater space using new and improved speakers choose Lelch AV is to enjoy their expert guidance and professional installation and avoid running the risk of wasting their time and money with an amateur do-it-yourself job. Speakers can vary widely by style and price and it's only after a professional consultation that Lelch AV technicians can recommend not only the right number of speakers but also the right speaker style and the best placement to enhance the homeowner's listening pleasure.

What Makes Up a Surround Sound System?

A classic positioning of five speakers positioned in the home theater at left, center and right, supported by two surround speakers and a subwoofer works well for many home theater situations. Some theater configurations can accommodate an upgrade to 7.1 channels incorporating two additional surround speakers if there is space available behind the seating location. Recent industry advancements have also introduced nine and 11-channel systems to fill the room with high quality sound. For some customers, a single speaker sound bar is the right solution.

Designing your Sound System for your Room - Acoustics and Size

When designing home theater systems, Lelch AV always takes into account the quality and performance of the speakers being used rather than simply increasing the number of speakers to make the theater seem more impressive. We always advise our clients that it's much better to invest in two high quality speakers rather than 5 economical units which will offer disappointing sound quality. In addition to advising customers on the right number of speakers needed to deliver the sound performance they deserve, the Lelch AV technical team can recommend the best category of speaker style, ranging from on-wall speakers, satellite speakers designed to sit on a bookshelf, or more elaborate speakers designed to be hidden in recessed walls or ceilings. Don't forget that Lelch serves the entire Minneapolis MN Metro Area with an array of theater, lighting, home automation and security design and installation services. We offer free consultations. Call today. [sc:insertbutton ]