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4 Benefits of Installing Commercial Lighting Control in Your Office

Reduce Costs While Enhancing Employee Productivity with Smart Lighting

4 Benefits of Installing Commercial Lighting Control in Your Office

There are two main factors managers need to consider when designing a lighting solution for their office space. On the one hand, they want to offer appropriate lighting to encourage productivity and, in a meeting environment, impress clients and partners. On the other hand, as with any business, they need to consider the bottom line. What kind of commercial lighting control systems use the least amount of energy? What practices can be implemented to reduce waste?

In this blog, we're going to highlight some important office lighting tips that address both topics. Our solutions make it easy for managers to offer the ideal lighting for employees without having to reach deep into their pocketbooks. Keep reading to learn how to optimize light in your Woodbury, MN space. 

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Find the Ideal Lighting Intensity

One way to reduce strain on the eyes for employees that spend hours in front of a computer is to have the right offsetting light. If your office is too dark, computer screens can become especially damaging for your employees. Having lights that are too bright, though, can result in glare which will only cause employees to strain further. You'll also reduce your monthly energy bills by not having lights at full intensity when it's not needed. Use your commercial lighting control to find and save the ideal levels for your office, then quickly pull them up at a later time at the press of a button. 

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Researchers at Northwestern University found that working in a windowless environment can have a detrimental impact on employees. According to the study, access to daylight in the workplace not only enhances productivity but employees' overall quality of life. Working in a dark environment can mess with people's circadian rhythms. Thankfully, this is one place where productivity and savings go hand-in-hand. As part of your smart lighting system, schedule motorized window shades to open and artificial lights to dim when sunlight is available.  

Speed Up Meetings and Presentations

 Use your conference rooms more efficiently by saving ‘lighting scenes' for all of their primary purposes: video conferences, team huddles, quarterly presentations, and more. For example, a “Video Conference” scene dims overhead lights and closes the shades for a better view of the screen. A “Meeting” scene raises lights to encourage a more collaborative environment. You’ll take up less valuable time setting up the room while making sure that you’re not wasting light when it’s not needed.

Address Employee Needs Directly 

The biggest benefit of a commercial lighting control system is that it’s easy to manage the fixtures throughout your office. You also get to decide how to make those changes. Reach out to employees to find out what would work best for them. Find out if lights are too bright, too dark, or if there's not enough sunlight in the office.

For the lights used on a day-to-day basis, find out which control options would work best for your team. Would they like to adjust lights from a mobile app or touchpad? Do they think the office could benefit from having motion sensors or timers? We offer solutions for both new construction and retrofit installations so we can help you upgrade your existing lighting solution to better match your employees’ feedback.

If you want to learn more about our commercial lighting systems and the best way to incorporate them in your Minnesota office, call us at (612) 353-5087 or contact us online.