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4 Reasons to Avoid a DIY Smart Home Installation

Don’t Settle for a Disjointed System When You Can Have a Custom Solution

4 Reasons to Avoid a DIY Smart Home Installation

Home automation is no longer a niche industry limited to luxury estates. You can now find smart home sections at various retail stores ranging from Best Buy to Lowes. These stores offer a plethora of connected devices including thermostats, door locks, and lights. With the mainstream availability of so many smart devices, many people are opting for DIY smart home installations. 

But a DIY installation can lead to a lot of hassle and a disjointed system that becomes more of a nuisance than an asset. In this blog we'll highlight some reasons that a professional home automation system is still the best option, even if you want to incorporate some of the devices you saw at your local retail store. Keep reading below to learn more.

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Finding the Best Products 

With so many devices and features available, how do you find out which are the right fit? The first step in any professional smart home installation is a personal consultation. The experts at Lelch AV will meet with you to figure out your unique needs and gauge if you need a full home automation system or just some of the basics, like lighting and shade control. Once we figure out which technology you should include, we advise you on the best available products. 

Getting All-In-One Control

Often with a DIY smart home, you end up replacing a clutter of remotes on the coffee table with a clutter of apps on your smartphone. If you install stand-alone connected devices throughout your home, you'll end up with a different app to manage lights, entertainment, security, climate, and more. With a professional Control4 or Crestron system, we let you manage all your technology from a mobile app, dedicated touchpad, or even voice control through Amazon Alexa. 

Get Technology Working Together 

A home automation system can get all your technology working together to make your space more efficient. For that to work, you need to make sure all your devices can communicate with each other. All of our smart homes are custom designed to include our client's favorite products ranging from Sonos speakers to NEST Thermostats. This way you can end up with a unified solution to meet all your needs.

For example, your NEST thermostat can communicate with your QMotion motorized shades to better manage the temperature in your home. As the weather gets cooler in the winter, your thermostat can direct the shades to close during the coldest part of the day to better insulate your home. 

Building a Reliable Network 

One often overlooked aspect of a DIY smart home installation is the most important: your network. Connected devices rely on the Internet of Things to communicate with other technology in your home including the devices (like your smartphone) that you use to control them. 

The more connected devices you add, the bigger the flow of traffic in your home. It's like doubling the population of a city without changing any of its transportation infrastructures. We include brand new network installations with all our home automation systems. This ensures that your system is ready to deal with the added bandwidth and traffic associated with these connected devices.

Don’t settle for a disjointed smart home solution that creates more problems than it solves. Partner with Lelch AV for a custom home automation system which meets all your unique needs. To get started, call us at (612) 353-5087 or fill out our online contact form.