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4 Reasons to Include a Home Theater in Your New Construction

Work With an Integrator to Optimize Your Setup While Reducing Costs

4 Reasons to Include a Home Theater in Your New Construction

Starting from scratch is the ideal way to have a home theater setup that offers the best audio and video possible while maintaining a streamlined design. For this reason, many builders have started incorporating them into their new constructions. Having properties with built-in entertainment spaces can put builders ahead of the competition. Installing the foundation for a home theater during construction takes little effort on the builders' part as long as they're working with a trusted custom integrator. Below we highlight the reasons to include a theater in your next Woodbury, MN project:

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Enhance Your Property Value

Many new constructions now include home theater systems since they’re a popular feature for luxury buyers the same way a gym or pool would be. According to a study by the Consumer Electronics Association, eight out of ten builders now include home theater technology to stand out from their competition. Within the same study, 35 percent of builders reported that installing these systems boosted their profits.

Find the Ideal Theater Environment

One of the reasons potential buyers want homes with built-in theaters is that they know the space has been optimized for the technology. For one, the proper material is used to insulate the sound within the room. The theater is typically placed in a room without windows to eliminate any ambient lighting that may affect video images. There are smaller design details that can be taken care off during construction as well. For example, a small niche can be built in the back of the room to place the projector. Acoustic panels can be installed to balance the sound by either absorbing it, reflecting it or diffusing it. Ample space is made available within the walls and ceiling to add speakers and subwoofers for a discreet decor.

Finish the Theater in a One-Time Installation

By working with technology experts from the start, there’s no need to tear out walls or floors to install the necessary theater components. You work hand-in-hand with Lelch’s expert technicians to do the construction and installation simultaneously to make sure everything is finished on time and under budget. Without having to undo any of your hard work, wiring and speakers are hidden from view, so all potential buyers see is a stylish entertainment space.

Create a Cohesive Design Solution

The technicians at Lelch AV have vast experience working with builders and architects for home theater setups. We can take your construction blueprints and place our wiring and hardware plans directly on top of them, so it's clear to everyone involved where everything will go. By working with a custom integrator, you can take care of all your technology needs at once. We also offer pre-wiring packages for lighting, shading, automation and even central vacuums.

Want to make your next construction stand out by offering built-in technology solutions? Schedule an appointment or call us at 612-353-507 to see how we can be your technology partners on your upcoming project.