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4 Things You Need to Know About Using TVs in Your Restaurant

Attract New Loyal Customers by Incorporating the Right Content

4 Things You Need to Know About Using TVs in Your Restaurant

When looking for ways to enhance revenue in your Wayzata, MN restaurant, televisions can be a great tool to bring in new diners. They also help you engage with your customers to both promote your brand and get them to stick around a bit longer. Whether you want to become a sports destination or just bring in a little traffic during seasonal lows, televisions can be a great asset. With our commercial audio video installations, we can bring in high-definition screens throughout your property and make them easy for you to manage them, so you're always showcasing the best content possible.

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Enhance Your Entertainment with Satellite

If you're going to invest in televisions for your business, you need to make sure that you provide engaging content without putting your business at risk. It's important to note that you cannot use residential packages in your restaurant. Companies like DISH and DirecTV offer specific business packages depending on the number of televisions you'll be using. With our commercial AV solutions, we make it easy to adjust the channel on each screen so you can put access news, sports, or even music channels through a satellite subscription.

Become a Destination for Sports Fans

One of the biggest benefits of having a satellite subscription is being able to appeal to loyal sports fans. Why is this so valuable? That loyalty can extend to your place of business. By creating the right viewing environment, you’ll know that fans will come back every time a game is on. Make your restaurant a destination for major events like UFC fights or the Super Bowl with large screens that you use just for special occasions.

Through specialty sports packages, you may be the only option for people to watch their home team if they're not on national TV. While NFL and college football are the driving force in this area, MLB and NBA games offer a great way to bring people to your business on typically slow weekdays. Encourage attendance by having special promotions when certain teams or leagues are playing.

Use Televisions for Interactive Entertainment

If there’s no big sporting event on a particular night, there’s no reason to turn off your televisions or leave them on a channel with talking heads. You can sign up for a bar entertainment system that showcases trivia and games on your televisions. Patrons can join in through tabletop tablets. You can also have a weekly karaoke night and use your TVs to show song lyrics and announce who’s up next on the stage.

Fit Your Television Content to Your Audience

With a commercial audio video system, it’s easy for you to pick out exactly what you want to show on your televisions and make changes throughout the day. Make sure that the content matches your brand. If you're an Indian restaurant, then maybe latest NFL game isn't quite on brand. Instead, you can play Bollywood movies to set the right ambiance.

Even in a more traditional sports bar, you might want change out the content. During the lunch rush, opt for the top news and business networks instead of showing repeats of the previous nights' games. For the late-night crowd, you might want to appeal to a younger, hipper crowd with a music-video channel. During hectic days—like brunch specials on Sunday—you may want to swap out programming entirely to keep people from lingering so you can swap out tables quickly.

Want to learn more about how to bring high-quality programming to your restaurant? Reach out through our online contact form to set up a consultation.