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5 Fantastic Audio Video Upgrades to Boost Sales

From Speakers to Control, It’s Time for a Professional AV Solution

5 Fantastic Audio Video Upgrades to Boost Sales

Audiovisuals are an excellent way to engage with customers whether you're trying to promote a product in a retail store or attract sports fans to your restaurant. Despite this, many companies throughout Minnetonka are still using AV technology that looks, and performs, like it's from the 1990's. Not only does this limit your sales potential, but it can also be an active turn-off for customers. In this blog, we're going to highlight five commercial audio video solutions that could immediately benefit your business.

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4K Ultra HD Displays

If you plan on using displays on your property to promote products or show sports games, you need to make sure your screens have the latest video technology. If all goes well, customers will be engaging with these screens directly, so they'll notice if anything is out of place. If you have a box TV from the 1990s, they'll think you don't care enough about your business to invest in it. 

We can advise you on the ideal screens for your company depending on your needs. Ultimately we recommend going with the latest 4K Ultra HD technology to stand out from your competition. We'll also help you find the right size, so you don't end up with screens that are too small for all your customers to enjoy or so big that they interfere with your decor. 

Commercial Speakers 

While they may not be as noticeable as your TV, having speakers that are not made for commercial use--or having them placed in the wrong layout--can leave a bad impression with customers. Using speakers that are not powerful enough to fit your space will result in weak, ineffective sound. Paradoxically, it'll be unbearably loud for anyone standing near them.

Instead, you want to install professional speakers that are loud enough to fill the space. They should be distributed evenly throughout your ceilings for the most consistent sound. This will make it easy for customers to hear your latest promotions or keep up with the Vikings game on Sundays.

Centralized Control 

Once you've invested in the best speakers and televisions for your space, you need a good way to manage them. The best way to do this is to go with a commercial audio video solution that offers centralized control from a dedicated touchpad or remote. This will make it easier to adjust the volume according to crowd noise or customer complaints.

This tool is especially valuable in a sports bar where you may have to deal with multiple displays. From a touchpad, it's easy to choose a TV and find the channel you want. If a customer would like to watch the Twins game, they shouldn't have to miss the first inning while you flip the channels manually or scour the TV guide trying to find the right channel. 

Digital Signage 

In a retail setting, audiovisuals can help you promote your brand and products. Upgrade from static signage to dynamic displays. Not only are these more impressive and likely to engage customers, but they're also easier to update. Instead of having to design and print out new signs for each new promotion, you can just make changes at the press of a button. 

Hidden Technology 

In some business environments, you don't want large AV equipment ruining your decor. That doesn't mean you can't take advantage of AV solutions. Instead, you can invest in products which camouflage with your space. High-quality speakers can stay hidden within your ceilings, while displays only drop down when you're ready to use them.

Want to find out more about the best commercial AV upgrades for your space? Call us at (612) 353-5087 or fill out our online contact form for a consultation. We can design a custom solution with your unique needs in mind.