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5 Must-Have Components of a Strong Commercial Security Solution

Invest in a Comprehensive System to Protect Your Business and Employees

5 Must-Have Components of a Strong Commercial Security Solution

What do you envision when you’re thinking of ways to protect your Woodbury, MN business? Do you think of a security guard at your front door, some cameras surrounding the building, or keycards for limited access? A truly comprehensive commercial security system has a lot of parts, all interconnected to provide the ultimate protection for your space. In this blog, we'll highlight five features that will help you create a safe working environment for your employees. 

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Security Cameras: One of the easiest ways to add a level of protection to your property is to install high-resolution cameras by your main entry points and high-risk areas (a POS device, safe or high-priced products). Not only do you have a way to keep an eye on your property, but the cameras themselves serve as an immediate deterrent. Robbers are less likely to target your property and employees are less likely to misbehave if they know someone is watching.

Access Control: The second way to protect your property and employees is to keep track of who’s coming and going at all times. With an access control solution, you can better keep a tab on employees and keep out unauthorized people. You can choose the ideal way to offer access whether it's a dedicated keycard or a personalized code. This way you can monitor employee attendance and know who was on the property if there's ever any theft or emergency.   

Motion Sensors: One way to smarten up your commercial security system is to incorporate motion sensors. These sensors can trigger a variety of responses. When there’s movement on your periphery, you can have spotlights turn on, an alarm go off, and all doors lock automatically. If you don’t want to wade through hours of uneventful security footage, you can also set your cameras to only record when they detect motion in the area. 

Remote Access: Want to have peace of mind even when you’re not physically on your property? Then you need a commercial security system that offers remote access. From a mobile app, you can manage all of your features. Review a log of who’s come in and out of the building. View live surveillance footage to ensure everything’s alright. Did a delivery arrive? Open the door remotely to let the delivery man in then lock the door back up once he leaves. 

Security Alerts: Of course, when you're not in your business, it's likely because you're trying to relax at home with the family. You don't want to waste valuable time on your app. Instead, you can receive alerts on your phone whenever something important happens; that way you're only paying attention when needed. You decide what's important. It could be someone entering a storage area, a fire alarm going off, or your morning-shift employees arriving.

While our commercial security systems all have these components as a foundation, they’re all custom designed for our clients. We choose the ideal camera locations, access control solutions, and personalized alerts according to your business needs.

If you want to learn more about our security and smart control solutions, you can call us at (612) 353-5087, fill out our online contact form, or reach out via our live chat.