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5 Technology Features That Will Enhance Your Next Presentation

Create a Comprehensive Video Conferencing Solution for Your Business

5 Technology Features That Will Enhance Your Next Presentation

Recently Lifesize conducted a study of its users to see just how important video conferencing is for everyday business productivity. The results show that interactive presentation technology can boost employee morale and efficiency in the following ways:

  • 80 percent of employees felt more connected to colleagues through video
  • 82 percent said they were less likely to multitask in video calls compared to audio calls
  • 98 percent said video conferencing helped build relationships inside and outside the company

In additional to the individual benefits of video conferencing, 30 percent of businesses saw a reduction in travel costs and 46 percent of executives expect to increase their presentation tech budget over the coming years. If you want to bring these benefits to your Minnetonka, MN office, we highlight some of the essentials below:

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Enhance Your Collaborative Software

What good is a great presentation if no one is watching? The main reason videoconferencing has become so popular is that businesses are embracing a mobile workforce. Lifesize offers collaborative technology which makes it easy for users to join meetings via laptops, tablets, smartphones or dedicated conference room systems.

With so much information shared with virtual offices throughout the world, it's also important that your collaborative software includes encryption, authentication, and firewalls to protect valuable company information from falling into the wrong hands.

Install Professional Presentation Technology

If you want to have dazzling presentations or meetings, you need to upgrade from your traditional Skype setup. Now that you’ve invested in collaborative software, you also need to set up a comprehensive presentation system. Work with your technology professional to figure out which microphones and cameras would work best in your environment to make sure that your message comes out clearly.

Upgrade to 4K Ultra HD Screens

Get the best images possible in your conference room system by upgrading all your video displays to 4K Ultra HD. Whether you're sharing an interactive whiteboard or streaming a call from across the globe, you can get the most details on the screen by upgrading to a 4K TV or projector-and-screen setup. 4K resolution is especially useful when sharing monthly or quarterly reports, so everyone can get a clear view of the numbers and projections presented.

Opt for Discreet High-Performance Speakers

You also need to enhance your audio so you can hear every word coming from potential clients or mobile employees. Speakers should be installed throughout the room so no one has to deal with audio that is too loud or quiet to keep up with the conversation. Lelch AV's technicians can install in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that blend into the surroundings, so you don't have large equipment ruining your professional presentation.

Combine Everything with Smart Control

If properly designed, your conference room should be one of the most coveted spaces in your office. Create quick turnaround between meetings and presentations by investing in a smart control solution. Control of all your AV equipment, collaborative software, lights, and shades from a dedicated touchpad or tablet. At the press of a button you can prepare the room, so you don't waste valuable time fiddling with the technology.

Make sure you’re ready to compete in the modern workplace with a comprehensive video conferencing system. The experts at Lelch AV can help you figure out which solutions make the most sense for your business. To get started, call us at (612) 353-5087 or schedule an appointment.