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5 Upgrades That Will Improve Your Smart Home's Functionality

Expand Your Home’s Control Capabilities Beyond Your Current Technology

5 Upgrades That Will Improve Your Smart Home's Functionality

The holidays are approaching, and it’s time to begin brainstorming gift ideas for your family.

Here’s one: Consider a gift for your home that each member of your household can use every day.

Smart home automationSmart home automation upgrades not only serve as the perfect present, but they also benefit your residence long after the holidays.

Below are just a few gift ideas you can take advantage of to enhance and expand your Wayzata, MN, smart home control system.

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1) Amazon Alexa

If you want to add voice control capabilities to your smart home, using Amazon Alexa is as simple as speaking a command.

Amazon Alexa can integrate with any existing Control4 system, meaning you can dim the lights or adjust your thermostat just by asking.

You also can use Alexa for other tasks, including placing online orders, finding restaurants to eat at or hearing the latest world news.

2) QMotion Shading Solutions

With winter quickly approaching, motorized shades can help keep your Wayzata home warm amid the harsh Minnesota cold.

We recommend QMotion shading solutions, which also can integrate onto your Control4 system.

When the sun rises, the shades automatically can roll down. Sunlight can still enter the room, but heat will remain within your home instead of escaping through the windows.

A QMotion motorized shading system also can help protect your artwork and other displays from direct sunlight and harmful UV rays, especially during the longer days of summer.

3) Media-Streaming Device

Consider buying a media-streaming device such as an Apple TV or a Roku, an inexpensive gift that everyone in your home can enjoy.

When you plug your streaming device into a Control4 or Crestron audio video distribution system, you can access your new content from many different rooms throughout your home.

Best of all, you can manage your new device directly from your smart home control user interface.

4) Upgrade Your Network

It’s not as exciting of a gift as some of the above products, but you can improve your control system’s capabilities through expanding your home’s network.

You can buy a new router with high-bandwidth and dual-band capabilities that can support high amounts of internet usage, or purchase a wireless access point so that you can spread your home’s Wi-Fi signal to areas previously unreachable, like a backyard or basement.

As the devices within your control system gain more infrastructure support, they will begin to perform better within your smart home.

5) Add New Areas To Your Control System (IE Sonance Outdoor Speakers)

Smart home control systems are scalable, so why not add new areas of your property to your existing arrangement?

For example, you can expand your home’s music presence with Sonance outdoor speakers for a patio or backyard area, or you can add automation control to a basement or garage.

No matter what you add to your smart home, you can manage any new system through your existing control application.


If you want additional smart home control gift ideas for the holidays or you want to begin a more extensive project for your Wayzata, MN home, we can help you.

You can get in touch with us either by calling (612) 353-508, or by filling out a form by clicking on the button below. We look forward to assisting you!

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