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Call Today (612) 263-9012   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416
Call Today (612) 263-9012   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

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A Smart Home Welcomes You With Safety, Lighting and Comfort


Imagine pulling up to the driveway of your home after dark, after a long, tiring day at the office, after returning from a vacation break, or after making a run to the local supermarket to replenish food and supplies. You have to stumble out of the car with your briefcase, packages or luggage in order to open the garage door. You jump nervously because you think you heard a noise coming from the bushes but can't determine if someone or something is there because there's not a bit of starlight or moonlight to give you a clue. Lucky for you, it only turns out to be the neighbor's cat and not a burglar!

You finally make your way up the darkened walkway, stumbling over a copy of the morning newspaper that was never picked up. You put the key in the lock of the front door, then flail around searching for the light switch before you enter your chilly, dark house. The air smells a bit stale because all of the doors and windows have been closed since you left. But before you can stretch out with a beverage and a bite to eat and finally enjoy some time to relax, you have to adjust the heating and air conditioning unit to make the place feel more comfortable. Is this any way to be welcomed home?


Homeowners who care about their safety and comfort know the value of investing in security, lighting control and home automation systems. Rather than being confronted by a darkened house that smells stuffy and has an interior temperature that is too hot or too cold, owners of smart homes are welcomed back to houses that are appropriately lighted both inside and out in addition to having pre-set controls so that heating and air conditioning is automatically adjusted. Upon your return, you can simply sit down and relax rather than running throughout the house turning switches on and off.

Statistics have proven that homes whose entry ways and walkways are lighted and whose interiors look occupied are much less likely to become victims of crime. Homes outfitted with security, lighting and home automation systems not only have owners who experience more satisfaction in living there, their properties enjoy higher resale values in addition to receiving much better home insurance rates because their risk of being a crime victim is dramatically lessened.


Why settle for the depressing and possibly dangerous situation that accompanies arriving home to a cold, dreary and darkened house when the experts at Lelch AV can professionally design and install security, lighting and home automation systems that activate automatically and can even be controlled by the homeowner from remote locations. Hardworking homeowners deserve to be welcomed back home to a well-lighted and inviting, climate-controlled environment. Talk to Lelch AV about custom designing a smart automated home to suit your specific needs so you can breath a sigh of relief rather than exasperation every time you arrive home.