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Are Motorized Shades a Good Addition to Your Home?

Here’s What to Consider as You Browse Your Shading Options

Are Motorized Shades a Good Addition to Your Home?

When examining the shading options for your home, you have plenty to consider.

What function do you want your shades to offer? Do you want cellular blinds or solar shades?

Perhaps the most important decision you might have to make, though, comes down to whether you would prefer motorized shades or manual blinds for your Minnetonka, Minnesota house.

For us at Lelch Audio | Video, we firmly believe motorized window treatments provide the best end-user experience for homeowners throughout Minnesota.

Why? Keep reading to find out.

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One of the best benefits of motorized blinds is that you don’t have to fight with a drawstring to use them.

You can either roll a room’s shades up or down using an in-wall keypad or even from your smartphone or tablet. Instead of only being able to manage your blinds manually, you have multiple options for controlling your window treatments.

The best motorized blind systems also function quietly and instantly after a command, for quick and efficient operability.

Motorized shades even can integrate with photosensors so that they automatically roll down at the detection of direct sunlight – keeping your valuables safe from harmful UV rays and the inconvenience of too much brightness throughout your home.


Far too often, manual shades face durability issues – whether it’s that components break, blinds stick at a strange angle or that parts such as the wand or single slats simply fall off.

Whether you have kids running around your home or your shades are in a high-traffic area, the fact is manual shades likely will face more operability issues compared to motorized window treatments.

This is because a professional shading expert not only can deliver you a higher-quality blind but also can hard-wire your motorized shades for operability.

With no batteries to deal with and a variety of ways to control your sturdy window treatments, you can enjoy a truly durable shading solution.

Improved Security Presence

We touched on this subject in our previous post about motorized blinds, but they actually can help keep your property safe.

Here’s how: Perhaps you add a smart lighting control system to your shading solution. With your lighting and shading now integrated, you can create a “mockupancy” setting for when you’re out of town.

What does that mean?

While you’re away, your lights and motorized blinds can operate while reflecting your normal usage patterns as if you’re actually home – deterring any potential criminals from targeting your property.

You simply cannot achieve that with manual blinds.

If you want to find out more about motorized shades and how they can impact your property in Minnetonka or throughout Minnesota, we can help!

Just reach out to Lelch Audio | Video today by clicking the button below.

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