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Are You Hurting Your Projects By Not Including Security Solutions?

Here Are Some Ways a Home Security System Can Boost Your Next Construction

Are You Hurting Your Projects By Not Including Security Solutions?

What do your clients mean when they say they want a live-in ready home? For construction workers, this needs to be decided as early as possible to satisfy the client, while still staying on schedule and within budget. The problem: homeowners don’t often know what they want.

During the initial consultation, it may be your role to help them figure it out. Should they include home entertainment or just basic electric wiring? One component that's often not considered is a home security system.

Here we highlight some reasons both homeowners and builders should consider this early in the process and how to best incorporate these systems.

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Low-Voltage Wiring

Many aspects of a smart security system—including lighting control and wi-fi connectivity—require a different infrastructure than typical electrical work.

It's best to lay the groundwork for these systems during construction, so there's no need for an intrusive installation down the line. By installing the wiring from the start, all systems are ready to go when the family moves in.

Common Targets

Recently completed homes or those under construction are easy targets for thieves. That's because they meet a couple of qualifications thieves often look for. The main one: an empty home.

About 60 percent of burglaries happen during the daytime when thieves expect people to be at work. The time between completion and move-in is the ideal moment for thieves to strike.

Thieves also like to target houses with curb appeal; the newer and better kept your home looks, the higher payday they expect to find inside. A brand new luxury home is eye candy to them.

An added perk of a newly constructed home is that thieves expect to get a lot of brand new equipment. Most people decide to invest in new TVs, speakers, and appliances to kick off their new house.

It’s the same reason thieves will often burglarize houses multiple times – to get all the brand new items the family bought to replace the stolen ones.

 How Can You Help?

Let your clients know they'll be moving into a space that is as safe as it is beautiful, without having to become security experts. To create a seamless move-in experience for your clients, you need to find the right technology partner that can take care of your security installation.

We’ll work with you hand-in-hand to lay the right wiring framework for a smart security system. As part of our installation, we include sensors and cameras to protect the space both during and after construction.

Want to learn about how to build a technology partnership for your next project? Click the button on the bottom right to speak with us through our live chat or fill out our online contact form.  Our team would love to hear from you!