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Are You Making These Shading Mistakes in Your Home?

Enhance Your Home’s Style and Security with These Lutron Features

Are You Making These Shading Mistakes in Your Home?

Your shades serve various roles. We’ve mentioned in the past the benefits of motorized shades ranging from style to security. Because of their versatility, though, it can be easy for things to go wrong every once in a while. With so many options ranging from aesthetics to applications, it can be overwhelming. In this blog, we're going to address four specific issues we encounter with our clients in Edina and throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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An Inconsistent Exterior 

There is sometimes a disconnect between interior and exterior design. That’s not only with shades, but it can be particularly glaring when it comes to them. When planning your shades from room to room, everything looks cohesive. But from the outside, people walking by may see clashing colors and styles. Lutron's SilverScreen shades are a great solution.

Enjoy a variety of color hues that all come with a white lining in the back, so you get one consistent look to your exterior.

Uneven Shading Positions

How many times have you spent minutes trying to make sure open shades are level with each other? It's almost as frustrating as making sure artwork isn’t crooked when you hang it on the wall. This is one of the most underrated benefits of using motorized shades. Lutron uses Intelligent Hembar Alignment to synchronize all motorized shades within a 1/8” when in motion. Using a remote, app or touchpad, you can have every single shade in your house open to the same position in seconds.

Wrong Fabric Openness

There’s always a balance between style and pragmatism when it comes to shades. You may like how sheer shades look with your modern furniture, but they’re a drag when you’re trying to watch TV. Lutron offers a variety of fabric options that vary in their openness factor—the amount of light they let in. For really versatile spaces, you can even use dual shading systems. Have a sheer option you bring down when hosting friends and a blackout one that comes down when you want to watch a movie. It’s all easy to manage from your tablet or smartphone.

Static Window Treatments

It’s pretty common for homeowners to leave shades closed because they don’t’ want to deal with the hassle of opening and closing them throughout the day. This can lead to cluttered interior décor and increased energy bills since you're not harvesting as much natural light as you could. Motorized shades make it easier through centralized control. You can schedule them to open and close at given times, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself every day.

Lutron offers a variety of options when it comes to fabrics, colors, and control, making it easier to avoid common pitfalls through one of their smart shading solutions. To get started reach out by calling (612) 353 5087 or through one of our chat representatives at the bottom right of the screen.