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Automated Shades Enhance Every Aspect of Your Home

Bring Elegance and Efficiency to Your Space with this Smart Feature

Automated Shades Enhance Every Aspect of Your Home

Are you looking to bring motorized shades to your Lakeville, MN home?  You’re in luck – automated window treatments are the ideal smart solution for your living space.

But how exactly does this smart feature elevate your property?  In this blog, we go through the variety of reasons that installing shades is not only beneficial to your home, but also enhances every part of it.

Make daily life a breeze.  Keep reading below to see how these smart shades can transform your place.




Optimize Natural Lighting

In order to adjust your room’s lighting, you don’t need to depend on just your lighting control system.  Instead, you can utilize the natural sun rays that spill into your room.

Simply set your motorized shades to lower and raise up at specific moments of the day.  Installing photo sensors will also detect when the sun is shining too intensely throughout the day, and keep the shades lowered.

This will keep your screens glare-free, but can also help prevent solar heat gain and will protect your valuables and interiors.

Then when the sun’s rays aren’t directly shining through your windows, such as early in the morning or late in the day, your shades will then automatically raise up so you can enjoy the natural warmth and glow.


Amp Up Your Style

Many homeowners don’t believe smart technology meshes well with their interior designs.  But this couldn’t be farther from the truth; automation and style can blend seamlessly.

With your smart shades, you can add convenience and luxury to your space – but also give it a touch of your personal taste and design.

Do you have floor-to-ceiling windows that you were always afraid to put drapes or shades on due to the fact you would never be able to reach them easily?  This is where your automated window treatments save the day.

Spruce up those windows with the shades, and then with just a press of a button, you can manage them at any time.  It’s that simple.

You can choose from an endless array of fabrics, styles, and patterns for the shades, as well as have dual shading.  This means you can pick blackout shades that can make any room the optimal space for a movie night even during the day.  Then pair these with more colorful or sheer shades that can go well with your décor, and even let you still see your window’s view.


Go Green and Save Energy

Whether it’s for cooling down or heating up your house, you’re of course using energy.  So during the cold or warmer months of the year, you might see your bills rise and your energy consumption skyrocket.

Your automated shades can help with this as well.

As we already mentioned, your shades help prevent solar heat gain when that sun is shining directly through your windows.

So when your HVAC system begins to work to cool your home when this problem arises, now your shades can minimize this energy usage by lowering themselves and keeping the house cooler.

During any season, your shades can also provide excellent insulation for your home.  Honeycomb shades are designed specifically for this; they have built-in pockets to insulate and keep a house warm or cool.

However, by strategically placing any shades, you can create a small gap between the shade and window.  This space is the ideal insulation for your home.

You don’t have to compromise style for convenience, or design for energy efficiency in your home.  Want to learn more how motorized shades can elevate every part of your space?


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