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Can I Control Multiple Rooms With One Home Theater System?

Can I Control Multiple Rooms With One Home Theater System?

Q: Can I Control Multiple Rooms With One Home Theater System?

A: Yes, it is definitely possible to set up one central system and have controls to operate and pipe music into other satellite rooms. There are numerous benefits to whole house audio and you'll get more enjoyment and value out of your system when you go this route.

How Can I Maximize Having One Home Theater System By Using It In Several Rooms?

Many homeowners who hire Lelch AV to design and install their home theater system are excited to discover that we can provide them with multi-zone capability.

This means that their main home theater receiver can send signals to speakers or a separate audio system located in another location in the house. This is a very desirable feature to build into a new home theater system or use to upgrade an existing home theater because it offers more versatility to using the system.

One family member, for example, could be enjoying a DVD film night presentation with surround sound in the main home theater room while another family member can insert a music CD into a player in a totally different room at the same time.

The audio visual experts at Lelch AV, with more than two decades of servicing the community in every aspect of home theater design and installation, can help you determine how best to enjoy multi-room audio from a one receiver home theater system.

We recommend receivers with powered outputs in order to power speakers in a second room without having to invest in an additional amplifier. We can also install an in-wall volume control in order to adjust the sound being experienced in the second location.

If your goal is to play two different sources of sound in two different rooms simultaneously, Lelch AV can recommend the best quality dual room/dual source receiver to make this happen.

Multi-Zone Audio Systems add Flexibility, Value and Convenience

You can trust the professional expertise provided by the Lelch AV design team so you can maximize the enjoyment of your home theater experience by incorporating the multi-zone feature into your home theater system.

It's worth considering including multi-zone capability when installing a new home theater system or finding out how Lelch AV can upgrade your current system so that family members with different tastes can enjoy different styles of entertainment in multiple rooms of your home simultaneously.

Expert Multi-Zone Audio System Design and Installation

Let the experts at Lelch AV show you the most simple and affordable way to enjoy multi-room sound controlled by one home theater system.