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Call Today (612) 263-9012   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416
Call Today (612) 263-9012   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

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CCTV Installation Minneapolis

[sc:author ] cctv_installation Closed Circuit Television is a fantastic way for business owners to keep an eye on everything, even when they are away.

CCTV Installation

Many don’t realize how important security is to the future of a business.You just never know when you might be the victim of a crime. This doesn’t always refer to a break-in or vandalism. You may have an employee that is stealing supplies or money. With CCTV installation, you can watch over your inventory or registers. Often without anyone even knowing it!

A CCTV surveillance system is a high-tech digital unit which utilizes camera technology placed in strategic places to watch over a building. These cameras can be placed anywhere, and can even be hidden. Hiding the cameras is useful if you want to catch the crooks red-handed. However, maybe you want to prevent anything from happening. If this is the case, you may want to have your cameras installed in such a way that people are aware that anything they do is being monitored.

Protect Your Stock with CCTV

The best places to have these cameras installed are in warehouses, storerooms, and anywhere money or inventory is stored or changing hands. Then you will have monitors to keep a watchful eye on your business. The 24/7 surveillance gives business owners the peace of mind they need so they can focus on the daily aspects of keeping things running. You don’t want to be so consumed with issues of security that it takes away from your work. These cameras and monitors work around the clock without ever getting tired or missing a beat!

CCTV Can Provide Off Site Video Backup

There’s also another benefit to having CCTV installed at your business. What if there is a fire or water leak? If you have a surveillance system, there is usually a video backup located off site. This can be useful for insurance claims or investigators to determine the cause of the incident. Therefore, even if the cameras and/or monitors are destroyed at the store, you can view what happened at another location.

Minneapolis business owners want to be able to provide a service or industry for their consumers without worrying about sticky handed employees or thieves. The best way for them to put their attention on their customers is by providing them with a 24/7 surveillance system that will capture footage should anything go wrong. The best solution for business owners is CCTV installation, and the only company to call is Lelch Audio Video. They are waiting to give you a free estimate and will have the perfect fit for your business and budget.

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