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Design Your Conference Room for Productivity and Efficiency

This Smart Technology Will Shape Your Company’s Future Meetings

Design Your Conference Room for Productivity and Efficiency

The last thing you want during an important meeting or presentation is for the room’s smart technology to fail you and glitch at an inopportune moment.

When you want to communicate effectively, every moment is crucial.  Now you can take the control of your Wayzata, MN office back into your hands with a top-notch conference room design.

In this blog, we go into how you can avoid these unnecessary tech hiccups and hassles with these commercial automated features.  Read on to see how you can transform the way your company does business and runs smoothly.


Create the Right Environment

As someone is getting ready to present or speak, having an automation system that is already prepared for any type of demonstration is ideal.  You’ll take so many steps out of the process.

Simply push a button to lower the room’s motorized shades, so that they’ll cover all the windows.  You now won’t have to hold meetings at certain hours of the day to make sure the sun’s harsh rays won’t cause glares on the screens.

Once you’ve lowered the shades, you can adjust the lighting to the needed brightness or dimness.  Create the best atmosphere to prep anyone who is about to speak in your conference room.

Get the Show Going

After the room has been set up, now any presentation or speech in the room can begin.  And now the smart technology won’t trip anyone up.

There’s no insane learning curve or complex guide to know how to get everything started.  Push a button to lower and turn on the room’s screen or projector.  It’s that easy to turn the entire system on and to get the ball rolling.

Change the slides or play videos with audio from the same intuitive user interface.  Your automation system guarantees everything runs perfectly.

Use Only One Device

The best part of your conference room’s system is that every feature and component can be controlled using the same smart device.

Whether it’s a remote or tablet, you can manage the entire thing using the same centralized source.  Now you won’t have to scramble to figure out which device is needed to work the screens or have to learn how to operate different systems.

You can elevate every company meeting with a superb conference room design.  Want to learn more about these commercial automation features?

Give us a call or fill out our quick contact form online to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you!