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Did You Know Your Smart Home Could Do This?

As Control4 Platinum Dealers, We Help You Get More Out of Your Technology

Did You Know Your Smart Home Could Do This?

Even though most people invest in smart home technology for convenience, families end up using it in widely different ways. Some stick to pragmatic approaches like using voice control in the kitchen while others go all out and use lighting control for elaborate Christmas displays. In our time as Control4 Platinum Dealers in Minneapolis, MN we’ve seen all sort of smart home scopes and uses.

How you decide to use yours is up to you. Our job is to give you the best tools and support to make sure you can execute all your unique ideas. Now with the When à Then feature from Control4, it's easier than ever for you to add new settings and scenes to your system as inspiration hits. To get you started, we've compiled some interesting uses and requests we've seen from previous clients. 

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Have a Dedicated All Off Button

As you prepare to call it a day, it's likely you go on a tour of the house to make sure every light, TV, even video game console is off. This can take more than 15 minutes in some larger homes. In your smart home, create an “All Off” setting that turns off all unessential electronics and lights at the press of a button. Set it from your mobile app or a keypad in your bedroom. The setting can be on a 30-second delay to give you time to get back to bed.

Add Some Personalized Audio

Have each member of the family create dedicated audio settings that pull up their favorite streaming services, volume level, and even change the color of your LED lights. From on-wall keypads, quickly access audio scenes for each family member in the areas where you most listen to music like a bedroom, family room, or den. When you get home from work and settle into the family room, at the press of a button a relaxing playlist starts playing, and the lights turn blue to let everyone know you're there. 

Create Your Own Music Hall  

Expand the reach of your grand piano by connecting it to your multi-room audio system. The audio then reaches every corner of your home including your outdoor spaces. Have friends and family over for a dinner party and impress them with an unforgettable live performance. Are you a bit more of a rock enthusiast? The same is possible with your electric guitar so you can showcase your next solo.

Side note: We do recommend checking with the family before starting your concert. You can choose which rooms to broadcast to so that you don't disrupt anybody in bedrooms or home offices.

Automate Your Home Security

Every time your doorbell rings, an exterior door opens, or there is a security breach it triggers a dedicated response. Next time someone is at the front door, your living room touchpad automatically shows video of who’s there and lets you lock or unlock the door from the same screen. Create easy ways to alert the family when someone opens an exterior door by having lights flash throughout the house and a message or alarm play through your in-ceiling speakers. When there is a breach, the alarm goes off, as do strobe lights. All TVs show surveillance footage to spot any intruders quickly. 

Overall, there are thousands of unique ways to use your smart home to enhance your entertainment, interior design, security, and day-to-day lifestyle -- including many more ideas beyond the handful we showcased here. Part of our job as your local Control4 Platinum Dealer is to meet with you one-on-one to help you identify these opportunities, as well as the best devices, features, and uses for your smart home.

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