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Embrace these Home Safety Tips With a Smart Security System

Keep Your Family Protected At All Times With these Technology Features

Embrace these Home Safety Tips With a Smart Security System

When it comes to burglars, they’re looking for a quick cash grab. They go out of their way to find homes that look like easy targets. They want homes that are unoccupied, have easy access, don’t leave them exposed, and have a fast escape route. In this blog, we go over some ways you can use your smart security system to dissuade robbers from targeting your Edina, MN home.

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Always Lock Doors When Leaving the House

Even if you're just going for a quick jog or taking out the dog before bed, it's safest to lock all your doors every time. We know this can be a hassle in big homes with multiple entry points, which is where a smart security system can help. With smart locks installed throughout your home, you can press a "Lockdown" scene on your smartphone on the way out of the house instead of having to walk from door to door to make sure everything is secure.

Avoid Any Dark Entryways in Your Home 

Install motion sensors along your main walkways and entryways to avoid any unlit areas. For one, it'll help to eliminate tripping hazards on a day-to-day basis. Intruders are also less likely to break into homes that are well lit. Finally, if they do decide to attempt a break in, you can get better surveillance footage from your cameras.

Don’t Give Away Your Keys to Just Anyone 

If you have a housekeeper, babysitter or dog walker coming over while you're away, don't provide them with a physical key. Even if you know them well, the best bet is to use personalized access codes instead. This way you can limit them so they’re only accessible at certain hours and revoke them as soon as those people are no longer working for you.

 Always Make Your Home Look Occupied 

We mentioned this in on our blog about vacation security tips, but the same goes even if you’re only leaving your house for a few hours. Use an ‘away’ scene in your smart security system to have lights turn on and off and shades open and close so your home looks occupied at all times. 

Report Any Suspicious Activity Immediately 

Since burglars scope out properties before they attack, you might be able to spot them early in some cases. For this reason, you should try and keep an eye on your home at all times. With a smart security system you can view live surveillance footage from a mobile app, so you can check in regularly to see if suspicious people are lingering around your property.

Deter Robbers with a Noticeable Security System 

Robbers will go out of their way to look for homes that are unprotected. Do yourself and them a favor by making it clear that your home is monitored. Have motion sensors on your perimeter and have lights flash and alarms go off if there is suspicious activity. Once intruders know they’ve been spotted, most likely they’ll just leave. You should also include visible security cameras; if they can see the cameras,they know the cameras can see them. 

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