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Enhance Your Minneapolis MDU Properties With Control4 Smart Solutions

Make Your Buildings Stand Apart from the Crowd

Enhance Your Minneapolis MDU Properties With Control4 Smart Solutions

As a building owner, property manager, or developer, you look for ways to set apart your projects and give yourself an edge.  You may have a complex with several residences, a high-rise apartment or condominium complex, or a mixed-use development that includes work and office spaces. In a competitive market, you want some points of differentiation.

It’s no secret that today’s dwelling-seekers are interested in smart home technology. The increased peace of mind from using smart cameras and sensors for monitoring and security, as well as the attraction of smart lighting and climate control to save energy and go "greener," make smart technology an attractive draw in a new living space. Most of these developments have common-area amenities like theater rooms, meeting and office space, and fitness facilities to draw prospective tenants.  All of those areas present excellent opportunities to differentiate your property with automation features as well.

In this blog, we will highlight smart solutions for your multiple dwelling unit (MDU) properties from Control4.  Control4 is the leader in smart home automation, and their products and MDU solutions offer a variety of ways to make your development stand out in Minneapolis, from small to very large.  Just keep reading to learn how. 

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Advanced Communication

Most MDU properties have secured lobbies and entrances.  Increase security for tenants by installing Control4 Door Station intercoms.  When lobbies are staffed, the intercoms can be tied into IP based phone systems.  The Door Stations also have video cameras, so a visitor could call a tenant directly, and the tenant could see and hear who is requesting access and let them in through a Contol4 touchscreen or even the Control4 smartphone app.  Why not give everyone in a building the extra security of popular video doorbells?  In fact, with Control4 Intercom Anywhere, you can provide residents and building staff two-way communication for a variety of services, from requesting assistance for needed service to alerting staff about problems with common areas or facilities. 

Smart Common Area Control

With common areas like kitchens, party rooms, and theater rooms, smart control and automation makes those spaces more accessible.  Replace wall switches with clearly labeled and even backlit smart lighting keypads with preset scenes for perfect light control.  When common areas are not in use, occupancy sensors can detect that and turn off unneeded lights for energy savings.

If the property includes a theater room, install a Control4 Touchscreen or smart remote control with presets for watching a movie, tuning to broadcast or cable TV, or even attaching a computer or gaming console to the equipment.  Take the guesswork out of control, giving residents the option to control lighting, temperature, and entertainment sources through a unified, intuitive interface, but also keeping overall control of the environment when it’s not in use. 

Some other ideas to consider is to outfit some common area facilities with speakers and systems for streamed music.  The right setup can support features like Apple Airplay and Google Cast, which would allow residents to easily play music or audio for a gathering through a built-in system expertly tailored to that space.

In-Home Smart Automation

What better way to wow prospective tenants and owners with built-in infrastructure to automating their home?  Consider outfitting units with the right wiring and networking support to run full home automation and connect it to building-wide systems.  If a unit had built-in security cameras, if the resident chose ,they could be accessed by building staff to monitor a home while the resident is away.  Consider offering packages of home automation like smart thermostats, lighting, and AV control based on the resident’s needs, from basic to sophisticated. 

Scalable MDU Solutions from Control4

Control4 MDU solutions begin at very low cost.  For example, they recently introduced the CA-1 automation controller that puts the full power of the Control4 operating system in a $350 device.  With Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and optional Z-Wave communication capabilities, it can monitor, control and automate a wide array of sensors devices, presenting a cost-effective way to put smart automation into MDU residences.  Of course, Control4 also has a line of other controllers that scale to control hundreds of devices, making them adaptable to the needs of large properties.

Lelch Audio-Video has experience working with MDU projects in the Twin Cities from Good Samaritan assisted living facilities to Bigos luxury high-rise buildings.  We have worked alongside some of the biggest developers and builders in the market, including Doran Companies.

Let us work with you to make safer, energy-conscious, and luxurious buildings with Control4 smart solutions.   Reach out to our team today by clicking the button below!

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