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Everything You Need to Know About Lutron Battery Shades

Are Motorized Shades Right for Your Home or Office? Let’s Look at the Benefits.

Everything You Need to Know About Lutron Battery Shades

At Lelch Audio Video, we work with Lutron’s wide range of wired and battery-operated products to install the perfect motorized shades for your Woodbury, MN home. The quality of their versatile, motorized shades highlights their dedication to improving customer’s lives through design and science.

We’ve explored the benefits of motorized shades before. They can save on energy by harvesting light and regulating temperature, they can streamline control, and even enhance your home’s security. But how do you know whether you should opt for wired or battery-operated shades when reviewing their catalog?


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How to Select your Ideal Shading Solution

Lutron introduced a new web-based Performance Shading Advisor that guides you online as you try on a variety of colors, patterns and styles. All of Lutron’s offerings are crafted with energy-efficient products. Sheer, wooden, pleated, honeycomb, roller and horizontal -- Lutron engineers designs to meet your shading needs.

While design will play a big role, there’s also the installation to consider. And that’s when the decision between battery-operated or wired solutions needs to be made.  


Should You Go Wired or Wireless?

For most of our motorized shades solutions, we often use a mixed of wired and battery-powered shades. Which option we us will usually come down to the client’s stylistic and budgetary limitations. While wired will offer more stability and greater fabric, model and control options, there are certainly some situations in which battery-operated shades are the best solution.

Battery operated shades are simple, affordable, and convenient. They’re much easier to install since there’s no wiring framework needed. They’re easy to maintain since shades don’t have to be taken down to replace batteries—which have extensive lifespans to begin with.

Most importantly, they retain many of the benefits associated with wired shades. You can control them through your favorite smart device and get rid of those unsightly and often dangerous cords. Though there’s less models available, you still get Lutron’s two most popular ones: roller shades and honeycomb shades.


Lutron’s Battery-Operated Lines

Sivoia QS Triathlon Shades

According to Lutron’s website, “Sivoia QS Triathlon shades are the only battery-powered shades available today that integrate seamlessly into a whole-home control system such as Caseta, RA2 Select, RadioRA2 or Homeworks QS.”

Sivoia QS shades fall at the higher end of Lutron’s offerings, but worth the splurge if you value the high-tech approach and seamless-integration. Triathlon Shades have gained popularity for their affordability, incredible battery life and superior function. You can purchase them as either a standalone solution or as part of a comprehensive lighting control system.  

Serena Shades

For entry-level battery-operated shades, you can go with Lutron’s Serena Shades. They are also available in honeycomb and roller shade models but will not incorporate into a greater Lutron system. Instead, they’re ideal for one-room solutions where you want easy one-touch control through Pico Wireless remotes or the Lutron App.


Ready to take advantage of Lutron motorized shades in your home? Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our shading experts by calling 612-851-8576 or chatting with one of our live reps below.