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Call Today (612) 263-9012   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

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How to Get the Perfect Lighting for Every Room in Your Home

A Lighting Control System Makes It Easy to Get More Out of Your Favorite Spaces

How to Get the Perfect Lighting for Every Room in Your Home


As you go about your day, try to be more conscious about how you use your lights throughout your Woodbury, MN home. You’ll realize that no two rooms are the same. Due to different stylistic or pragmatic needs, you use your lights differently everywhere. With a lighting control system, it’s easy to create the ideal settings and control solutions for every corner of your home. Below we showcase how smart lighting can enhance your kitchen, media room and outdoor spaces.


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Your kitchen has one of the most layered lighting designs in your home. You have the lighting over your general work area, your ambient lighting, and the fixtures corresponding to individual cabinets or appliances. With your lighting control system, you can set the ideal settings for each and pull them up at the press of a button. Your smart solution also helps you overcome some common control challenges. If you're in the middle of cooking, you don't want to leave your work space to adjust the lights from a wall switch, especially since your hands are probably full. Instead, take advantage of voice control to tell the lights to turn on, off, or dim as needed. With voice commands or through an elegant touchpad, you can also seamlessly switch out your task lighting as you move through the kitchen. Once you’re done, use an all-off button to make sure you don’t leave the light over the oven or sink on for the rest of the day.

Media Room

Your media room is one of the most versatile spaces in your home, and it can benefit greatly from pre-set scenes. Save your favorite settings for a variety of activities and pull them up when needed from a smartphone, touchpad, or smart remote. Below are some typical scenes you could use in this space:

  • Movies: Dim all the lights and close the shades to eliminate ambient lighting so you can get better quality images from your screen.
  • Video Games: Dim the lights to get better video quality while still having enough lighting to see your remote and manual.
  • Parties: Create bright lighting scenes for when you’re hosting friends and family. You can even incorporate specific color patterns according to the occasion –like green on St. Patrick’s Day.

Outdoor Spaces

The right lighting solution can make your outdoor areas more fun, beautiful and safe. Work with your technician to figure out where you should be placing your fixtures and the best way to manage each of them. For example, there should be LED lights in your pool and along the perimeter, not only to highlight your home's architectural features, but also to avoid any bad falls in the dark.

Scheduled scenes are a great way to manage these outdoor light fixtures. As soon as the sun sets, your lights are programmed to come on, so you're never left in the dark. This way you can keep the party going while making sure that you’re showing off your home properly every night. For safety purposes, you also want to incorporate motion sensors. Have walkways automatically light up when people walk on them and have floodlights turn on when there’s unwanted activity on your property’s perimeter.

It’s time to upgrade to a lighting solution that makes sense for your entire home. Contact Lelch AV to upgrade to a custom-designed lighting control system.

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