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Give a Spark to Your Interior Décor With Lutron Lighting Systems

Combining Expert Light Control and Sleek Design

Give a Spark to Your Interior Décor With Lutron Lighting Systems

If you are looking at a lighting control system for your home, you likely have heard about the many benefits in energy efficiency, comfort, and the elegance it can bring to your home, inside and outside.

You may wonder if the controls for your lighting system are going to be pedestrian and ordinary. For many years, interior designers painted light switch wall plates or wrapped them in the wallpaper that was used for wall finishes to make them blend in. In some cases, decorative ones in matching metal or wood were used – and still are.

With some of today’s more minimalist modern décor, switches and controls tend to stand out more. The good news is that Lutron, the leader in lighting systems, recognized that form and function are equally important. Let’s take a quick look at some of Lutron’s style-forward choices in wall-mounted keypads.


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From Simple to Supremely Elegant

Lutron offers a wide range of keypad controls. Not only do they control lights, but some of them can also integrate control for motorized shades and whole home audio systems.

  • Lutron’s Pico RF is one of the lowest cost options, but very versatile. It can function as a handheld remote, a tabletop control, or a wall-mounted keypad, with large buttons that can be programmed for lights, shades, and audio.

  • The GRAFIK T slider is an elegant touch dimmer with a very minimalist modern design. It is available in a variety of matte, metal and glass finishes.

  • The Achitrave keypad is a 7-button programmable keypad available in narrow and door width models and is custom engravable.

  • The Architectural seeTouch and International seeTouch keypads feature illuminated button labels and also can incorporate occupancy sensors for efficient control. They are designed to fit standard US and international electrical backboxes.

  • The Signature Series features backlit buttons and status lights, and custom button configurations. It is available in a broad array of metallic finishes and clear glass as well.

  • For the ultimate Lutron keypad, the Palladiom Series is perhaps the most modern minimalist design, with large, customizable, backlit buttons and the broadest array of finish colors including metallic and glass.


Why Use Keypads?

In this era of controlling everything with a smartphone or the remote that’s always nearby, you may wonder if you need custom keypads at all. The smartphone app – like Lutron’s Connect – is a wonderful way to control lights and shades and custom scenes. But at home, you may just want to put the device down.

A keypad can be programmed for a scene just like an app and offers the wonderful simplicity of walking up to it, pressing one button, and having your lights the way you want. The backlit models are easy to find and hit the right button in a dark room. And guests and help don’t have to wonder how to turn a light on and off.

It also helps that Lutron makes a wide range of control keypads that also fit with your sense of aesthetics. You don’t have to sacrifice smart technology and convenience for looks.


Want to know more about all the beautiful ways to control lights and shades in your home? Reach out to one of our Lutron lighting experts by calling 612-353-5087, chatting with a live representative or clicking the button below.


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