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Call Today (612) 263-9012   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416
Call Today (612) 263-9012   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

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Home Security and Surveillance Systems featuring NUUO Products


Why Lelch Audio Video Installs NUUO Home Surveillance and Security Products

It's a dilemma facing an increasing number of homeowners today. Although they feel more in control of securing their property when they are physically at home, financial pressures usually demand that both partners in families today have to spend more time away from their homes either at their jobs or traveling for work commitments.

With an increasing number of families becoming single parent households, children often come home to an empty household without supervision. Homes where there is no sign of activity for extended periods of time or where children are alone for periods without adult supervision often become targets of criminal activity. Homeowners have a need to keep their properties and family members safe and secure without being physically present in the home at all hours of the day or night, but hiring a security staff is a cost prohibitive measure for most.

Lelch Audio Video offers the perfect solution to give conscientious homeowners more peace of mind and keep their properties better secured on a round the clock basis through the design and installation of custom-tailored home surveillance and security systems. Lelch Audio Video has become a leader in the security industry by not only successfully partnering with homeowners to find the right security systems to eliminate their anxieties and frustrations, but they are also backed by a network of vendors who produce and distribute some of the finest high-tech surveillance and security systems in the world.

Quality Home Security Systems Installed

Lelch Audio Video proudly recommends the reliable, exciting and innovative security product brands from NUUO Inc. when fashioning home surveillance and security systems for their residential customers. NUUO products help to greatly reduce the risk of theft and damage from criminal intruders, in addition to greatly improving a homeowner's ability to access knowledge about exactly what activity is going on around his property even when he must be several blocks or even hundreds of miles away due to work commitments or social engagements. Lelch Audio Video can install a range of NUUO security and surveillance products when outfitting a homeowner's property for maximum safety and security, each of which solves a problem or targets a specific security area.

The NUUO Smart Electronic Housekeeper is fast becoming one of our most popular security options because of its ability to detect and report events as they happen. This Intelligkent Video Surveillance (IVS) system not only automatically contacts the contracted security company, it also automatically relays video feedback to the homeowner. NUUO Mainconsole IVS offers homeowners the option of installing a visual fence that doesn't detract from the natural beauty of the property yet offers all of the necessary security of physical fencing. NUUO Smart House Automation enables homeowners to remotely control all home electronic devices when away from home. And with NUUO NVRSolo, monitoring the homefront is as easy as logging onto the computer or mobile device.

Complete Planning, Design and Installation of Home Security Systems

Just as Lelch Audio Video partners with homeowners who want their properties to be as safe and secure as possible, Lelch Audio Video teams up with NUUO products to provide their clients with the most effective and innovative home surveillance and security products. The combined efforts of Lelch Audio Video and NUUO provides homeowners with an excellent return on their investment whenever they hire Lelch Audio Video to design and install custom-tailored home surveillance and security systems using NUUO products.


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