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How Can a Smart Home Enhance Your Family’s Health?

The Right Technology Helps You Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle

How Can a Smart Home Enhance Your Family’s Health?

With the dipping weather and kids returning to school, it seems much harder to keep everybody healthy during the second half of the year. So how can you be proactive and embrace a healthier lifestyle? Your smart home can enhance your physical and mental health in a variety of ways. From better ways to regulate your sleep to reducing common health hazards, check out some ways the right technology can transform day-to-day life in your Minnetonka, MN home.

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Intuitive Control Reduces Stress

A lack of control over one’s environment leads to stress. Whether it's at work or home, not being able to control what's going on around you profoundly impacts your mental health and results in elevated heart rates and blood pressure. Something as simple as streamlining control of your technology can improve your day-to-day health. Studies from Rutgers, Yale, and Stanford have shown optimism and motivation improve in situations where a person has immediate control of their surroundings.

Lighting Regulates Your Circadian Rhythm

The links between light, sleep, and mental health are scientifically proven. That’s why companies like Ketra use lighting temperature to regulate people’s circadian rhythms. Cooler, white lights enhance activity while soft, warm lights at night help to encourage sleep. Less exposure to bright lights also reduces the risk of diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure.

The right lighting also limits eyestrain and the headaches associated with it. Add task lighting that's easy to control through your home automation system in your office, kitchen, and bedroom. Bias lights are another cool feature you can add. These are backlighting systems for your TV or computer screens. They make it easier to adjust from the room's general darkness to the bright screen.

Finally, adjusting the color temperature in your smart home even enhances your daily mood. As the days get shorter and darker, it’s common for people to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder and anxiety. An easy way to counter the winter blues is to mimic natural light in your home even as the Minnesota nights get longer and longer.

Improve Your Breathing with Cooler Air

There are a lot of reasons to invest in a smart thermostat. While energy savings and comfort are the main ones, it could also improve your breathing. Inhaling cold air makes it easier to breathe. Your smart home uses your thermostat and shades to keep an ideal temperature between 65 and 72 degrees. This fresh air is especially beneficial to those with allergies or respiratory problems. Keep the air cool during the night as well, as that helps to regulate your sleep cycle.

Eliminate Common Health Hazards

If you have small kids, there are a variety of everyday household items that can become significant health risks. By simplifying the technology in your home, you can quickly eliminate some of these.

Remote batteries are a huge concern for parents. An easy way to reduce those fears is to use wall-mounted touchpads that are harder for kids to reach. Even if they get to them, these devices don't include removable batteries they could ingest.

You can alleviate another risk by getting rid of curtain or shade cords. Whether it’s tripping over the cords or getting them wrapped around their neck, it’s easy for kids to get into trouble around them. Upgrade to motorized shades you manage from a touchpad, remote, or wall switch instead.


Do you want to embrace a healthier lifestyle for your family? Find out the many ways a smart home can help. To learn more or to find out how to upgrade to the latest technology, reach out to one of our experts by calling (612) 353-5087 or filling out our online contact form.