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How Can Your Smart Home Prepare You for the Cold Weather?

Get Ready for the Dipping Temperatures with these Smart Home Solutions

How Can Your Smart Home Prepare You for the Cold Weather?

As September ends, the cooler and chillier months begin to follow.  With the seasons changing, you could be scrambling to find various ways of staying warm.  Besides grabbing a hot chocolate and bundling up in layers of coats, you need a more permanent solution.  Your smart home can help you manage the cold, and make living through the fall and winter seasons that much easier.  Read below to learn how smart home control in your Minnetonka, MN house is just what the upcoming chilly days call for.

Heating Needs

There’s nothing as aggravating as coming home to find a frigid abode waiting for you.  By installing a smart thermostat, you can ensure the heat will turn on automatically as soon as sensors notice a dip in temperature.  As the degrees begin to drop rapidly, you won’t have to worry that returning home means returning to a stifling cold house.  While you’re gone, you can set the thermostat to revert to an energy saving mode.  Have it set to your own schedule, or simply with one push of a button, turn on the “Away” setting.  Now, your home will be heated and comfortable as soon as you walk in, but saving you energy and money whenever you walk out.


Stay Comfy

Cold weather means staying indoors and under lots of blankets.  Once you’ve found your comfortable spot on the sofa or in your favorite recliner, you won’t want to move.  With smart home automation, your home does all the work for you.  If you left a light on upstairs, you can use your phone or tablet to turn it off.  Change the temperature from the same smart device, and then decide to turn on a new movie to watch – all without moving an inch.  Low temperatures are the perfect setting for curling up and staying warm, and your smart home ensures that is all you’ll have to do.

Light the Darkness

As the year comes to its last leg, the days get shorter and the nights get colder.  With dark nights arriving sooner, you can adjust your photo sensors to have lights turn on at a certain hour, or simply when the sun goes down.  Have them turn on automatically, or create your own schedule.   You can then guarantee no one will slip on ice or snow in the dark.  Bring safety and visual appeal to your home with landscape lighting.  Have a safe and lit path up to the house, or set lights to turn on as you pull into the driveway.  Controlled lighting means the dark nights become manageable – and under your command.

Insulate your Home

Keep the home chill-free with honeycomb shades.  The specially designed shades give great insulation for the house and are programmable to lower themselves when the temperature drops.  Set a schedule for them, or have them go down at a specific time of day.  They will not only keep the house nice and toasty but also save you energy.   Lower the heat bills, and raise the warmth in your home with convenient and decorative motorized shades.

The frosty months ahead don’t have to mean shivering inside your home.  With smart home technology, you can stay warm and relaxed, and let your home do the heating for you.  Learn more by contacting us at (612) 353-5087 or online.