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How Crestron Mercury Helps Collaborative Businesses Succeed

An innovative commercial space lets you brainstorm and develop better products.

How Crestron Mercury Helps Collaborative Businesses Succeed

For some Minneapolis, MN businesses, commercial automation might sound like a “nice-to-have” offering instead of a viable business development tool. For others, including many of the clients that Lelch Audio Video has interacted with, they’ve found Crestron Mercury a priceless feature for bolstering their business offerings and creating more valuable products and services.

Some of the customers we’ve proudly assisted include Colle McVoy, BlueDoor Publishing, Antea Group and Marketing Architects. From the world of marketing to the education industry, our collaboration systems have helped them conceptualize new products and services.

We look forward to identifying other businesses who could use a leg up before Q1 ends. Keep reading to see some ways a commercial automation system could speed up your business operations as it has for some of the area’s most successful companies!

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What Is Crestron Mercury?

Crestron Mercury is, in their words, “the only UC and AV all-in-one tabletop solution that supports any web collaboration application. By combining all the must-have conferencing and collaboration tools in one easy-to-use console, Mercury enables people to work together regardless of location or conferencing application. All others lock you into a single platform.”

Mercury connects everything in your office and conference rooms. You can control the lighting, HVAC, shades, AV equipment and much more -- from the tabletop device, control pads or your smartphone. Because the product is easy to use, no one will waste hours learning how to use your new office setup, and you can start more productive meetings immediately after installation.

Crestron’s Fusion and AirMedia
Crestron Fusion plays a big part in employee collaboration by simplifying your scheduling system. It works with calendars you already use, such as Exchange and Google Calendar. Touchscreens outside the room make it clear if the room’s in use.

Crestron’s AirMedia is Mercury’s wireless collaboration platform that can synch up the room, from the microphones to the projectors. Though latency can haunt wireless users, Crestron’s AirMedia is engineered for zero-lag communication between components and blends effortlessly into the room.

Vehicle for Communication

When you can communicate with people anywhere while saving valuable resources within your office, you’ve reached a more efficient way to create and strategize with colleagues, clients and prospects.

Brainstorm beyond the boardroom with Mercury! You can meet with key stakeholders by powering on your Crestron equipment, which will lower the projector and dim the shades so you can initiate the meeting right away.

Your teleconferences will look and sound pristine due to Mercury’s HD-video and full-range speaker system. Crestron integrates with Skype and Microsoft Teams, so you’ll also waste less time downloading meeting equipment, giving you more time to build essential relationships. 

Your intra-office team will also appreciate the ample tabletop power stations and easy-to-use controls. Anyone can enter the room and start working right away, instead of waiting for your company’s IT support team to arrive, wasting precious labor time. Through Crestron media they can wirelessly share content from their devices to the display without having to fight over any HDMI cables.

More Time for Innovation
When your business is no longer sinking time into preparing for meetings and training employees to use IT equipment, you can reclaim your hours for productive meetings and brainstorming. Creston Mercury’s time-saving features will quickly pay for themselves because you’ll waste less in labor and tech support costs.

Nonstop Access

Your access doesn’t cease when you physically leave the office, either. Whether you forgot to turn lights off or left a confidential presentation up for all to see, you can quickly manage any office application connected to Crestron through your cell phone.

You can also use general room management features to keep track of employees and equipment. Find out which devices are being used most often, and which your team seems to not ever use the rooms. This will make it easy to design future AV solutions for your business.

What’s Next?

We’ve boosted reputable local businesses like yours through technology and can’t wait to modernize your conference rooms. We are proud Crestron partners and can expertly install a Mercury system for your Minneapolis, MN office space. Since we’re truly invested in your success, we also provide product and service support long after installation.

To find out more, call us today at (612) 851-8576 or chat with us by using the box below. We can’t wait to discuss your business goals and help you achieve them.