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How Displays Help You Boost Sales in Your Restaurant

Professional Audio Visuals Help You Attract and Engage Customers

How Displays Help You Boost Sales in Your Restaurant

Restaurants bring in more than $800 billion in profits annually throughout the United States. Like many restauranteurs throughout Woodbury, MN, you’re always looking for ways to stand out in such a competitive industry. In recent years, we’ve seen a surprising technique to speed past the competition: video displays. Kiosks, menu displays, digital signage, and TV content attract customers, get them to stay longer, and ensure they return. Enhancing your professional audiovisuals can make a huge difference in the following ways.

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No area of your business gets a more immediate boost from high-resolution displays than your menu. Do you often change out items? Every day—or even multiple times a day—adjust your list to promote specials, eliminate out-of-stock items, or include new dishes. There's no need to print out a whole new set of menus each day or deal with angry clients who tried to order something that isn't available. 

Even take it a step further with interactive menus that clients operate themselves. Since they’ll be relaying the information directly, it’s easier to avoid mistakes and let them voice any special dietary restrictions. Let your menu promote popular upsells or cross-sells as they make their way through their ordering process.

Digital Signage

Signage throughout your restaurant lets you highlight specific dishes, upcoming events, and even your social media feed. As you start showcasing social media posts on your displays, you can expect to see an increase in your profiles’ engagement. Now there are even options available to filter out any negative comments, pornographic images, or profanity.

There are other ways to promote your company’s brand through digital signage. Have a video of chefs preparing your food, alternate photos of your most appealing dishes, and showcase testimonials from your loyal customers. Enhance your theme with curated content—like a classic Fellini movie playing in your Italian restaurant.


Most restaurants use video displays primarily for entertainment. Having customers engage with your content means they’ll stick around longer and consume more.

Sports events are the most popular application—and drive massive amounts of traffic for special occasions like fight nights, March Madness or the Super Bowl. Draw customers to your business by concocting special drink or appetizer promotions when the local team plays.

There are also other options when a game isn’t on or if it doesn’t quite fit your restaurant’s vibe. Virtually any type of entertainment can engage customers; just make sure you have the right licenses to share it. Play music videos and news programs, and even use the displays for karaoke or trivia.

Getting the Most Out of Your Displays

Want to take advantage of these strategies in your restaurant? With a professional audio-visual solution from Lelch Audio Video, you'll have an easy way to adjust the content on your displays for optimal results. We can even schedule all your AV equipment to turn off at the end of the day automatically, so these new displays don't become an energy drain.

To get started, schedule a one-on-one consultation where we gauge your business needs and priorities. Call us at (612) 851-8576, fill out our online form, or reach out to a chat representative.