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How Does the Right Lighting Improve Your Fitness Space?

Create an Optimal Workout Space for Clients

How Does the Right Lighting Improve Your Fitness Space?

Very few clients make lighting a primary focus when incorporating technology into their fitness centers. Entertainment is usually the priority. Next, gym owners often turn to climate control features. How lighting affects the gym’s performance is usually an afterthought.

During a recent installation at a local ALTR Fitness, though, lighting took center stage. Not only was it about finding the ideal fixtures for the space but implementing a Lutron lighting control solution that made it easy to adjust them.

You’d be surprised to find just how much the right lighting impacts your client’s fitness goals and your Crosslake, MN gym’s overall success. Here we outline some of the most significant benefits and how the right control solution helps you enjoy them all.

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Get Clients Into an Energized Head-Space

Getting clients engaged, no matter the time, can be difficult. Either they’re groggy from just getting out of bed or worn down after a long day at work. Bright, cool lights are a great way to encourage alertness. Alert clients are more likely to have increased muscle strength and more intense workouts.

Help Clients to Cool Down Safely

Lights in the cooler blue/green spectrum are a great way to kick off a class and get participants moving and engaged. Lights in the warmer red/orange range encourage relaxation and help clients slow down for a smarter cool-down period towards the end of class. Once it's time to tone it down, change the lights for an end-of-workout stretch, meditation, or light yoga session.

Harvest the Power of Natural Light

Encourage a healthier lifestyle for your clients by helping to regulate their circadian rhythm through natural light. Make sure there are a lot of large windows in your gym to let in natural light while clients are working out. If you can’t do that, take advantage of Ketra fixtures in your Lutron lighting control system. These fixtures change color temperature throughout the day to mimic natural light and create a healthier workout environment.

Hype Up Your In-Class Entertainment

Fitness classes rely a lot on intervals and changes of intensity throughout the session. Often instructors use music and videos to motivate participants during high-intensity portions of the course. Why not ramp things up even more? Use flashing lights, multi-colored lights, neon lights or even disco balls. The goal is to create a more exciting mood that will keep even the most reluctant of athletes engaged.

Create a Safe Workout Environment

Keeping your gym well-lit is extremely important in areas with a lot of equipment to avoid any accidents. Every room should have lights automatically turn on when someone walks in, and it should be easy for instructors to brighten lights in the middle of a session if someone needs to leave.

How to Bring it All Together

Realizing the full potential of your fitness center's lights comes down to two things: your fixtures and control solution. Every gym should be using LED lighting fixtures that won't heat up the space, and that stay close to the ceiling, so they won't get in the way of workouts.

Then you need a lighting control system that makes it easy to adjust them as needed. Not only does Lutron let you manage color temperature and intensity from dedicated touchpads or mobile apps, but you can schedule changes to happen automatically. Activate lighting scenes according to your class schedule, so you always have the right illumination for any activity.

How can you improve the lighting design in your fitness center? Reach out for a free consultation by calling (612) 851-8576, filling out our online contact form or chatting with us on the bottom right.