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How Lighting Control Helps You Move Beyond the Wall Switch

Our Custom Solutions Let You Manage Your Lights in Whole New Ways

How Lighting Control Helps You Move Beyond the Wall Switch

Why are you settling for light switches in your house? Not only are you limited to on and off options, but you can only manage a few lights at a time. A smart lighting control system lets you adjust your lights in a variety of new ways. Through the control options we'll outline below, you can change intensity, color, and color temperature. You’ll also get the opportunity to manage multiple fixtures simultaneously at the press of a button or a swipe on your screen. Below we’ll highlight some of our most popular options and show you how they can be great assets in your Wayzata, MN home. 

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Dimmers: The easiest way to upgrade your light switches is to incorporate dimmers.These let you adjust the intensity of your lights from 0-100 percent so you can find the ideal setting for any occasion. These can be flush-mounted on the wall as a more stylistic alternative to traditional wall switches. 

Keypads: One way to reduce the wall clutter produced by light switches is to embrace pre-set “scenes.” Replace your switches with elegant keypads that have buttons corresponding to settings for particular rooms or activities. Instead of having to walk to multiple switches to prepare a room, you can do it all with just one press of a button. These keypads are custom designed so you can engrave them with your favorite scenes.  

Dedicated Touchpad: Want to get rid of wall switches entirely? Embrace the convenience of controlling your lights from a touchpad. This touchpad can sit on your coffee table, bedside counter, or be mounted on the wall. From the touchpad, you can dim lights, adjust color temperature and color, or pull up particular scenes. Get an overview of all your home’s lights from one central location to make sure they aren’t left on in unused rooms. An “All Off” option ensures everything’s turned off at the end of the night. 

Mobile Apps: You can also enjoy the same user interface from your dedicated touchpad on the mobile device of your choice. The biggest perk of these mobile apps is that you can take control of your lights no matter where you are. Did you leave in a hurry in the morning? Pull up your lighting control app at work to see if you left any lights on and turn them off remotely. Turn lights on as you pull into your driveway, so you’re never stuck in the dark. 

Motion Sensors: What better way to move on from the traditional switch than to take a hands-off approach? The number one way to do this is through motion sensors. Have lights turn on as soon as you enter a room and turn off as soon as you leave. When it comes to your outdoor lighting, motion sensors can also serve a security function. Have floodlights turn on if there's suspicious activity outside to let the thief know you're watching and to get better footage on your surveillance cameras.

Voice Control: We can also incorporate Google HomeWorks or Amazon Alexa into your lighting control system so you can manage lights through various voice commands. Many clients love to use this feature in situations where their hands are typically busy, like adjusting lights in the kitchen while they cook or in the foyer when they bring in groceries. 

Why settle for light switches that only offer on and off capabilities? It’s time to upgrade your home lighting control with one of our custom solutions. Get started by calling us at (612) 353-5087 or by filling out our online contact form.